June 14, 2024 Update: Windows 11's Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) was recently deprecated or discontinued by Microsoft (March 2024). Support for WSA will end on March 5, 2025, but Amazon has already stopped downloads of the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store. Some users of MySword also encountered issues about installing MySword on WSA but existing users who had installed it before the announcement can still use MySword but then again the support is no longer available so it's advisable to use other emulators. To use other emulators please see: Running MySword on Windows via Emulators (alternatives to the deprecated Windows 11 Windows Subsystem for Android).


Through Windows 11's Windows Subsystem for Android™ it's now possible to run MySword or any Android applications on Windows 11 without using third party Emulators or Virtual Machines like Bluestacks, Android Studio's Emulator, Virtual Box, VM Ware, etc. If you are using Windows 11 Professional and higher (non-Home version) and the installation of the Amazon Appstore is enabled in your country then the sideloading of the recent MySword app is the only issue (an older version of MySword 7.4 is available on the Amazon Appstore). However, it's also possible to install the Windows Subsystem for Android™ as well as the Amazon Appstore even if you are using Windows Home and are residing in a country where the Amazon Appstore is not available. The following steps will discuss how to do that. If you already have the Amazon Appstore then just skip the first two major steps and proceed to the third and fourth for Sideloading the latest version of MySword.

The following are the general steps:

  1. Prepare to install Windows Subsystem for Android™ with Amazon Appstore
  2. Install Windows Subsystem for Android™ with Amazon Appstore
  3. Install WSATools via Microsoft Store
  4. Install/Sideload MySword via WSATools

1. Prepare to install Windows Subsystem for Android™ with Amazon Appstore

  • If Virtualization is already enabled on your Windows 11 system then you can proceed to step #2. To check if virtualization is already enabled, you can right click the Windows Start icon at the Task bar (the bottom), click Task Manager, go to the Performance tab (second one on the left, not counting the top left hamburger icon), click CPU, and check Virtualization at the bottom left just above L1 cache if it's Enabled.

    Task Manager Virtualization

    If not then follow the succeeding steps.

  • Follow the steps in https://www.androidauthority.com/how-to-run-android-apps-on-windows-11-3048569/
  • Make sure Microsoft Store is updated to the latest version (including some apps) that's why it's always a good idea to tap Library tab (the icon on the bottom left just above the Help icon) and tap Get updates. You can verify the version by tapping the Profile icon on the top right just to the left of the Minimize button then tap Settings and check the version. Make sure it is 22110.1402.6.0 or higher.

    Microsoft Store Settings version

  • Make sure the Virtualization is enabled in BIOS and both Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform are enabled in the Turn Windows features on or off. Some articles said both but some only Virtual Machine Platform is required. In our test, disabling the Windows Hypervisor Platform is fine.

    Turn Windows features on or off

  • Make sure also that Hyper-V is enabled in the Windows Features (this might be required, but in our further test disabling it still made MySword worked). If you are using Windows 11 Home then you will have to manually do that using scripts, see Home section in https://pureinfotech.com/install-hyperv-home-windows-11/ (or https://www.makeuseof.com/install-hyper-v-windows-11-home/)

2. Install Windows Subsystem for Android™ with Amazon Appstore

3. Install WSATools via Microsoft Store

4. Install/Sideload MySword via WSATools

  • Run Windows Subsystem for Android Settings via the Search icon on Windows 11 Task bar, click Developer tab and make sure to turn on Developer Mode. This is needed by WSATools in doing the installation of any Android app.

    Windows Subsystem for Android Settings

  • Download the latest version of MySword APK from MySword website: www.mysword.info/download-mysword.
  • Run WSATools.


  • Click Install an APK and locate and select MySword APK file downloaded from our website. For first time install it will ask for ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to be installed so select a destination folder. If you are saving it on Download or Documents folder, make sure you create a new folder, e.g. ADB, so that your files will not be cluttered unnecessarily by ADB files. After the installation of ADB, MySword APK installation should proceed, if not then try again to Click Install an APK.
  • If there is an error message indicating a failure to communicate with WSA, open Windows Subsystem for Android Settings, click Developer tab and turn on Developer Mode.
  • If there are no problems after the installation you should see MySword starting and as usual you will be prompted for Modules path, default settings and Download of default modules. After that, you can now configure MySword to your own liking.
  • Here is a screenshot of MySword with narrow width similar to smartphone's or tablet's portrait. You can resize the width just like any regular window in Windows. The screenshot below is originally landscape when started then resized so that reading a line will no be difficult.

    MySword portrait

  • Here is a screenshot of MySword Deluxe with wide width similar to tablet's landscape with 3 columns (or split panes).

    MySword Deluxe landscape

  • Note that files can be synced using MySword's Sync Backup but Google Drive will not be available so you will have to use OneDrive (tested to work) or Dropbox (not yet tested if it will work but the authentication is properly opened unlike Google Drive).
  • When you close the window you can run it again by searching for MySword on the Search bar of the Task bar. Also note that fresh start takes time as Windows is initializing the Subsystem similar to your Android device booting but faster 

 Enjoy using MySword on Windows 11!

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