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Language: English (65)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1American King James Version [AKJV]1.75.215 June 2009
2American Standard Version [ASV]1.85.527 December 2016
3American King James Version [AKJV]1.75.215 June 2009
4Authorized King James Version Pure Cambridge Edition [AKJV/PCE]2.48.416 October 2018
5The Holy Bible, Berean Study Bible - courtesy of Bible Hub ( [BSB]1.85.221 September 2018
All editions of the Berean Bible, Courtesy of Bible Hub (,
6The Holy Bible, Berean Literal Bible - courtesy of Bible Hub ( [BLB]0.51.49 March 2017
7Bishops' Bible (1568) [Bishops]1.759 January 2016
8Catholic Public Domain Version [CPDV]2.47.631 May 2016
9Coverdale Bible of 1535 [Coverdale]1.74.99 January 2016
10Darby translation 1890 [Darby]1.75.315 June 2009
11Douay-Rheims Bible, Challoner Revision [DRC]1.75.230 November 2010
12Easy English Bible - Recommended for beginners in English [EasyEnglish]2.815.36 October 2015
Courtesy of Wycliffe Associates (UK)
13Emphasized Bible [EBR]1.85.317 July 2011
14English Majority Text Version 2011 Edition - Courtesy of Paul Esposito ( [EMTV]0.51.319 April 2012
15English Revised Version [ERV]1.659 October 2014
16English Septuagint (Brenton’s) [LXXE]1.3413 May 2016
17Geneva Bible (1560) [Geneva]1.659 January 2016
18Great Bible (1539) [Great]1.759 January 2016
19International Standard Version Bible (ISV) - Courtesy of The ISV Foundation ( [ISV]1.95.86 October 2015
The ISV Foundation website:
20Jewish Publication Society Tanakh - 1917 [Tanakh-1917]1.34.122 September 2014
21Jonathan Mitchell New Testament [JMNT]13.225 October 2013
Courtesy of Jonathan Mitchell:
22King James 2000 Version [KJ2000]1.75.48 October 2011
23King James Version with Strong's numbers [KJV]2.48.316 October 2018
24King James Version without Strong's numbers [KJVLite]1.85.418 May 2016
25Lexham English Bible [LEB]26.816 June 2012
26Lighthouse Bible [LHB]1.64.98 January 2012
27The Logos Bible - Courtesy of Paul Esposito ( [LOGOS]1.75.128 June 2014
28LXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012 [LXX2012]1.3425 August 2016
29LXX2012: Septuagint in British/International English 2012 [LXX2012UK]1.3425 August 2016
30Matthew Bible (1537) [Matthew]1.759 January 2016
31Modern King James Version [MKJV1962]1.75.231 May 2011
32Modern Literal Version - Courtesy of [MLV]4.521.35 December 2018
33New English Translation - Courtesy of Biblical Studies Press, L.L.C. [NET]1.75.119 April 2012
34New Heart English Bible [NHEB]1.85.513 December 2018
All editions of New Heart English Bible, Courtesy of Public Domain Bibles:
35New Heart English Bible: Aramaic Names New Testament Edition [NHEB-AN]1.75.121 September 2018
Replaces the New Testament only, New Heart English Bible (NHEB) New Testament: Aramaic Names Edition (NHEB-NT-AN)
36New Heart English Bible Messianic Edition [NHEB-ME]1.85.310 December 2018
37New Heart English Bible Special Edition (Jehovah) [NHEB-JE]1.85.321 September 2018
38New Heart English Bible Special Edition (Jesus Messiah) [NHEB-JM]1.75.121 September 2018
39New Heart English Bible Special Edition (YHWH) [NHEB-YHWH]1.95.513 December 2018
40Open English Bible (Commonwealth Spellings) [OEBcw]0.71.93 August 2016
41Open English Bible (US Spellings) [OEBus]0.71.93 August 2016
42Restored Name King James Version [RNKJV]1.65.130 July 2014
43Smith's Literal Translation [SLT]1.64.811 August 2014
44The Scriptures 2009 - Courtesy of Institute for Scripture Research ( - please download a font (required) [TS2009]4.65.415 March 2016
Institute for Scripture Research website:
45The Twentieth Century New Testament [20cNT]0.51.419 April 2011
46Translation for Translators [T4T]2.37.39 March 2017
47Tyndale Bible of 1534 [Tyndale]0.72.29 January 2016
48Unlocked Dynamic Bible - courtesy of unfoldingWord ( [UDB]26.17 December 2017
49Unlocked Literal Bible - courtesy of unfoldingWord ( [ULB]1.757 December 2017
50Updated King James Version [UKJV]1.75.420 June 2011
51Voice in the Wilderness - 2008, A [VW]1.75.215 June 2009
52Webster Bible Translation [Webster]1.85.515 June 2009
53Wesley's New Testament 1755 [Wesley]0.61.815 June 2009
54Weymouth NT [WMTH]0.51.424 October 2013
55New Weymouth New Testament Jesus Messiah Edition, with NHEB OT [WMTH-JM]1.75.115 December 2018
56New Weymouth New Testament Messianic Edition, with NHEB-ME Tanakh [WMTH-ME]1.75.115 December 2018
57Wilbur Pickering’s New Testament - Courtesy of the author [WPNT]0.82.212 March 2012
58World English Bible [WEB]1.75.124 March 2018
59World English Bible: British Edition [WEBBE]1.75.124 March 2018
60World English Bible: British Messianic Edition [WEBBME]1.75.124 March 2018
61World English Bible: Messianic Edition [WEBME]1.75.124 March 2018
62World English Bible: Messianic Edition (The Hebrew Names Version) [HNV]1.75.124 March 2018
The Messianic Edition is initially called Hebrew Names Version (HNV). This module is exactly the same as the WEBME and is retained for those who liked the abbreviation HNV
63Wycliffe's Bible (1382) [Wycliffe]1.659 January 2016
64Wycliffe's Bible with Modern Spelling - courtesy of Terence Noble [Wycliffe-Modern]2.88.62 May 2018
65Young's Literal Translation [YLT]1.6513 May 2016

Language: Interlinear (7)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Apostolic Bible Polyglot Greek-English Interlinear - Courtesy of The Apostolic Press ( [ABP]12.41310 April 2013
Website: Printed edition is available from their website.
2The Holy Bible, Berean Interlinear Bible - courtesy of Bible Hub ( [BIB]1.67.19 March 2017
3BHSE; Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Enhanced) - Courtesy of SHEBANQ (; enhanced by Eliran Wong [BHSE]94.3831.95 May 2016
4ETCBC [Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia; 5th ed.; KJV versification] - Courtesy of SHEBANQ (; enhanced by Eliran Wong ( [ETCBC]8.156.62 February 2017
Contains a custom Strong dictionary (ETCBC) and a modified version of RMAC that included Hebrew morphology.
5HiSB: Hebrew interpolated Study Bible (with Strong's numbers, English gloss, Transliteration, Morpheme indicators) - Courtesy of [HiSB]12.117.410 October 2014
6Open Greek New Testament Bible ( [OGNT]47.2363.327 October 2018
Contains a custom Strong dictionary (OGNT) and a modified version of RMAC (OGNTRMAC).
See release notes.
7Open Hebrew Bible ( [OHB]95.9795.615 December 2018
Contains Unabridged BDB dictionary (OGNT) and a custom Hebrew Morphology (ETCBCMorph).
See release notes.

Language: Afrikaans (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Die Pad van Waarheid tot die Lewe Afrikaanse vertaling vanuit Aramees en Hebreeus. [PWL]1.75.326 May 2014

Language: Albanian (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Albanian Bible [Alb]1.85.526 September 2009

Language: Arabic (العَرَبِية) (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Arabic Bible Updated [AB-Updated]28.34 December 2017
2الكتاب المقدس باللغة العربية، فان دايك Arabic Van Dyck translation of the Holy Bible [Arb-VD]28.217 April 2017

Language: Armenian (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Western Armenian New Testament of 1853 [WestArmNT]0.72.626 September 2009

Language: Bulgarian (български) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Bulgarian Bible (Revision Veren) - Courtesy of VEREN Ltd. ( [BULVEREN]1.87.118 May 2016

Language: Catalan (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1La Bíblia del 2000 - Courtesy of Institució Bíblica Evangèlica De Catalunya ( and pedrAngular ( [BEC]1.85.28 October 2011
IBEC website:
pedrAngular website:

Language: Cebuano (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Cebuano Ang Biblia, Bugna Version [CebBugna]1.86.326 September 2009

Language: Chinese (中文) (12)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Chinese Union Version - Classical Chinese 文言文和合本 [CUV/C]1.33.415 October 2011
2Chinese Union Version - Simplified Enhanced (简体中文和合本圣经增强版) by Ben Zheng [CUV-e]1.54.125 February 2018
3Chinese Union Version Simplified Updated/Revised 2016 中国协和版(简体)更新(修订) [Cuv/S-Revised]1.64.24 December 2017
4Chinese Union Version 和合本 - Simplified with Strong's numbers 简体中文版连史特朗经文滙篇 [Cuv/S]2.16.517 March 2014
5Chinese Union Version 和合本 - Simplified without Strong's numbers 简体中文版无史特朗经文滙篇 [Cuv/S-Lite]1.5427 May 2015
6Chinese Union Version 和合本 - Traditional with Strong's numbers 繁體中文版連史特朗經文滙篇 [Cuv/T]2.16.517 March 2014
7Chinese Union Version 和合本 - Traditional without Strong's numbers 繁體中文版無史特朗經文滙篇 [Cuv/T-Lite]1.5427 May 2015
8Romanized Chinese 拼音和合本 (Pinyin) [Pinyin]1.65.117 March 2014
9中文英皇欽定本上帝版 Chinese King James Version Shang-Di 繁體中文 (Traditional) [CKJVSD/T]1.54.115 February 2014
10中文英皇欽定本神版 Chinese King James Version God 繁體中文 (Traditional) [CKJVG/T]1.54.115 February 2014
11中文英皇钦定本上帝版 Chinese King James Version Shang-Di 简体中文 (Simplified) [CKJVSD/S]1.54.115 February 2014
12中文英皇钦定本神版 Chinese King James Version God 简体中文 (Simplified) [CKJVG/S]1.54.115 February 2014

Language: Croatian (Hrvatski) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Croatian translation [Croatian]1.74.515 June 2009

Language: Czech (Čeština) (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Czech Bible 21 [CzeB21]1.84.715 June 2009
2Czech Bible Kralicka [CzeBKR]1.84.75 November 2014

Language: Dutch (Nederlands) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Dutch Statenvertaling [SV]2610 October 2010

Language: Finnish (Suomi) (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Kirkkoraamattu 1776 [KR1776]1.85.55 August 2010
2Kirkkoraamattu 1933/38 [KR33/38]1.85.416 November 2009

Language: French (Français) (5)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1French J.N.Darby translation [DarbyFR]1.75.128 April 2014
2French J.N.Darby translation 2013 [DarbyFR2]26.23 September 2015
3French Martin 1744 [Martin]1.95.715 June 2009
4La Bible Augustin Crampon 1923 [Crampon]1.85.113 March 2014
5Louis Segond 1910 [LSG]1.85.415 June 2009

Language: Gangte (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Gangte Bible [Gangte]4.34.912 May 2015
Courtesy of Bible Society of India

Language: German (Deutsch) (11)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Bengel NT 1974 [Bengel]0.6215 June 2009
2Elberfelder Übersetzung von 1871 [Elb1871]1.85.515 June 2009
3German Darby Unrevidierte Elberfelder 1905 [Elb]1.85.615 June 2009
4Hermann Menge (1841-1939) Translation [Menge]25.718 February 2015
5Leonberger Bibel (NA28) - courtesy of verlag causa mundi [Leo-NA28]0.61.516 December 2017
6Leonberger Bibel (RP05) - courtesy of verlag causa mundi [Leo-RP05]0.61.616 December 2017
7Luther translation 1545 [Luther 1545]1.74.931 January 2018
8Luther translation 1912 [Luther 1912]1.752 May 2014
9Neue evangelistische Übersetzung (NeÜ) [NeÜ-bibel.heute]2.15.630 November 2018
10Schlachter Bibel (1951) [Schlachterbibel 1951]1.95.515 June 2009
11Textbibel des Alten und Neuen Testaments [Textbibel]25.715 November 2010

Language: Greek (Ancient) Αρχαία Ελληνικά (15)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1The Analytic Septuagint [ALXX]2.213.228 April 2015
2Beza, Greek New Testament [Beza]0.73.62 January 2015
3New Testament in the Original Greek – Byzantine Textform 2005 - Courtesy of Chilton Book Publishing [Byz2005+]0.95.520 December 2014
4The New Testament in the original Greek — Byzantine textform 2005 with breathings, punctuation, capitalization, Strong's numbers, parsing data, lemmas, Byzantine variants and Nestle-Aland variants - Courtesy of Chilton Book Publishing [Byz2005++]1.37.927 April 2017
5Greek New Testament with Variants [GRV]1.27.425 May 2015
6Greek New Testament with variants and parsing info (Enhanced edition) [GRVx]1.27.524 July 2017
7SBL Greek New Testament - please download a font (required) [SBLGNT]0.62.521 March 2012
8Septuagint Old Testament [LXX]1.56.715 June 2009
9Septuagint Old Testament with accents [LXXA]1.57.110 February 2017
10Textus Receptus - Editio Regia Greek NT with variants, Strong's numbers, parsing info and lemmas (no Accents) [TR]16.625 May 2015
11Textus Receptus - Editio Regia Greek NT with variants, Strong's numbers, parsing info and lemmas (w/Accents) [TRa]1.2716 October 2017
12Greek Testament by Henry Alford with Strong's numbers, The [Alford]0.84.520 December 2017
13Tischendorf Greek NT 1872, 8th edition - with Strong's Numbers and parsing info [Tischendorf]15.728 January 2010
14Westcott-Hort Greek NT with accents [WH]0.52.115 June 2009
15Westcott-Hort with NA27/UBS4 variants (1881) Greek NT with Strong's Numbers and parsing info [WHNU]0.84.214 March 2017

Language: Greek (Modern) Νέα Ελληνικά (4)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1The Holy Bible, Berean Greek Bible - courtesy of Bible Hub ( [BGB]0.62.19 March 2017
2Μεταγλώττιση Σπύρου Καραλή - Έκδοση 3η [Μεταγλώττιση]1.51.87 June 2017
3Μετάφραση Νεόφυτου Βάμβα [Βάμβας]2.29.610 November 2011
4Μετάφραση Νεόφυτου Βάμβα - Πολυτονικό [Βάμβας Πολ.]2.197 May 2017

Language: Hebrew (for Honeycomb and up) (7)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Aleppo Codex [Aleppo]1.24.28 January 2010
2Hebrew Bible: Tanakh and Brit Hadasha with nikud [HB]1.97.412 December 2018
3Hebrew Bible with nikud - Public Domain [HBPD]1.97.412 December 2018
4Modern Hebrew Bible [HEBm]1.44.815 June 2009
5Tanakh with Niqud and T'amim [Tanakh]1.661 February 2017
6Tanakh with Niqud, T'amim and Strong's numbers [Tanakh+]2.310.11 February 2017
7Westminster Leningrad Codex [WLC]1.46.23 October 2012

Language: Hungarian (Magyar) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Hungarian Vizsoly (Karoli) Biblia of 1590 [HunKar]1.95.425 September 2009

Language: Indonesian Bahasa (4)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Indonesian Bahasa Seharihari [ISH]1.85.715 June 2009
2Indonesian Modern Bible - courtesy of Yayasan Anugerah Kebenaran Indonesia [IMB]1.75.522 December 2016
3Indonesian Terjemahan Baru [ITB]1.85.915 June 2009
4Indonesian Terjemahan Lama [ITL]1.96.515 June 2009

Language: Italian (Italiano) (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Italian Giovanni Diodati Bibbia 1649 [IDB]1.85.522 June 2009
2Italian Riveduta Bibbia 1927 [IRB]1.85.415 June 2009

Language: Japanese (日本語) (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Bungo-yaku: Taisho-kaiyaku (NT) (1950), Meiji-yaku (OT) (1953) [Bungo]1.75.17 July 2010
2Kougo-yaku (OT and NT) (1954/1955) [Kougo]1.86.128 August 2010

Language: Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Kannada KJV - courtesy of Word of God Ministries ( [KannadaKJV]210.93 December 2016

Language: Korean (한국어) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Holy Bible: Korean Translation [Kor]1.75.626 September 2009

Language: Koulango (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Bible Koulango [BK]1.65.311 January 2015
Courtesy of Lonnie Palmer

Language: Latin (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Jerome's A.D. 405 Biblia Sacra Vulgata Latina (Latin Vulgate) [Vulgate]1.54.315 June 2009
2Vulgate Clementine - "Biblia Sacra Vulgatæ editionis, Sixti V Pontificis Maximi jussu recognita et edita" [VulgClem]1.74.64 November 2014

Language: Lithuanian (Lietuvių) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Lietuviška Biblija: Senasis ir Naujasis Testamentas - Courtesy of The Word of Faith Christian Fellowship, Lithuania ( [LT-BTZ]1.53.813 June 2014

Language: Malagasy (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Malagasy Bible of 1865 [Malagasy]1.75.625 September 2009

Language: Maori (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Maori Bible [Maori]1.75.725 September 2009

Language: Matu Chin (Myanmar) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Matupi Chin Standard Bible (With Strong's Numbers) [MCSB+]2.18.715 March 2017

Language: Norwegian (Norsk) (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Norwegian: Det Norsk Bibelselskap (1930) [DNB1930]1.64.713 September 2018
2Studentmållagsbibelen frå 1921 [NORSMB]1.74.613 September 2018

Language: Persian (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Persian Standard Bible of 1895 (Old Persian) [OPV]1.76.526 May 2010
2Persian Standard Bible of 1895 (Old Persian; Colored version) [OPV_C]1.76.54 November 2015

Language: Pohnpeian (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Bible in Pohnpeian language (old) [Pon]0.51.427 February 2014

Language: Polish (Polski) (4)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1NBG Polish Bible - Courtesy of Slaskie Towarzystwo Biblijne ( [NBG]1.84.919 April 2012
2Polska Biblia Gdańska 1881 [PBG]1.85.115 June 2009
3Przekład Toruński Nowego Przymierza [TNP]0.7215 August 2018
4Uwspółcześniona Biblia Gdańska - Courtesy of Gate of Hope Foundation [PUBG]1.74.813 Arpil 2017

Language: Portuguese (Português) (5)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Almeida Revisada de acordo com os Melhores Textos em Hebraico e Grego - 1967 [ARM1967]1.74.827 December 2011
2Bíblia LTT - Bíblia Literal do Texto Tradicional, sem as notas mais longas. Português brasileiro [LTT]2617 February 2016
3Bíblia Livre - Uma tradução das Sagradas Escrituras sob uma licença de uso livre [BLivre]1.74.819 October 2016
4Tradução de João Ferreira de Almeida (Versão Revista e Atualizada, grafia usada na Europa) [JFA-RA(Pt)]1.75.115 June 2009
5Tradução de João Ferreira de Almeida Revista e Corrigida [JFA-RC(Pt)]1.75.115 June 2009

Language: Romanian (limba română) (4)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1FIDELA Biblia în limba română - Courtesy of Dr. Brian J. Nibbe, Sr. ( [Fidela]1.85.322 December 2017
2Romanian Cornilescu [Cornilescu]1.85.411 August 2010
3Romanian Corrected Cornilescu Version [RCCV]1.7511 August 2010
4Romanian Orthodox Bible [ROB]1.85.423 October 2009

Language: Sanskrit - English Scripts - courtesy of (6)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1satyavedaḥ| | Sanskrit Bible in IAST script [San-IAST]0.51.421 November 2018
2satyavedaḥ| | Sanskrit Bible in ISO script [San-ISO]0.51.521 November 2018
3satyavedaH| | Sanskrit Bible in ITRANS script [San-ITRANS]0.51.321 November 2018
4satyavedaH| | Sanskrit Bible in Harvard-Kyoto script [San-Harvard-Kyoto]0.51.221 November 2018
5satyaveda.h| | Sanskrit Bible in Velthuis script [San-Velthuis]0.51.421 November 2018
6satyavEdaH| | Sanskrit Bible in Cologne script [San-Cologne]0.51.221 November 2018

Language: Sanskrit - Indian Scripts - courtesy of (10)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1সত্যৱেদঃ| | Sanskrit Bible in Assamese script [San-Assamese]0.6321 November 2018
2সত্যৱেদঃ| | Sanskrit Bible in Bengali script [San-Bengali]0.6321 November 2018
3सत्यवेदः। | Sanskrit Bible in Devanagari script [San-Devanagari]0.6321 November 2018
4સત્યવેદઃ| | Sanskrit Bible in Gujarati script [San-Gujarati]0.6321 November 2018
5ಸತ್ಯವೇದಃ| | Sanskrit Bible in Kannada script [San-Kannada]0.6321 November 2018
6സത്യവേദഃ| | Sanskrit Bible in Malayalam script [San-Malayalam]0.62.921 November 2018
7ସତ୍ୟୱେଦଃ| | Sanskrit Bible in Oriya script [San-Oriya]0.6321 November 2018
8ਸਤ੍ਯਵੇਦਃ| | Sanskrit Bible in Punjabi script [San-Punjabi]0.63.121 November 2018
9ஸத்யவேத³​:| | Sanskrit Bible in Tamil script [San-Tamil]0.63.421 November 2018
10సత్యవేదః| | Sanskrit Bible in Telugu script [San-Telugu]0.6321 November 2018

Language: Sanskrit - Oriental Scripts - courtesy of (6)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1သတျဝေဒး၊ | Sanskrit Bible in Burmese script [San-Burmese]0.62.921 November 2018
2សត្យវេទះ។ | Sanskrit Bible in Khmer script [San-Khmer]0.6321 November 2018
3සත්‍යවේදඃ| | Sanskrit Bible in Sinhala script [San-Sinhala]0.63.121 November 2018
4สตฺยเวท:ฯ | Sanskrit Bible in Thai script [San-Thai]0.6321 November 2018
5སཏྱཝེདཿ། | Sanskrit Bible in Tibetan script [San-Tibetan]0.62.721 November 2018
6سَتْیَویدَح۔ | Sanskrit Bible in Urdu script [San-Urdu]0.62.521 November 2018

Language: Russian (Русский) (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Old Church Slavonic Bible [OCS]1.86.61 December 2012
2Russian Synodal Text 1876 [RST]1.96.84 October 2014

Language: Serbian (српски/srpski) (2)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Serbian Bible translated by Danicic (OT) and Karadzic (NT) in ekavian dialect, Latin script [SRL-DK]1.64.219 April 2012
2Serbian NT translated by D. Stefanovic, Latin script [SRL-DS]0.72.119 April 2012

Language: Slovak (Slovenčina) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Slovak Ecumenical Translation 2008 - courtesy of Slovak Bible Society ( [SEB]2.77.417 January 2012
Slovenský ekumenický preklad © 2008
Nešírit bez povolenia.

Language: Spanish (Español) (5)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1La Santa Biblia Reina-Valera (1865) con arreglos ortográficos [SpaRV1865]1.74.811 May 2018
2Reina Valera Gómez (palabras de Cristo en rojo) [RVG]1.75.220 May 2009
3Spanish Reina-Valera - 1909 [R-Valera]1.75.115 June 2009
4Spanish Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua 1569 [SSEE]1.85.215 June 2009
5Spanish Valera New Testament (1858) [Valera NT]0.61.815 June 2009

Language: Swedish (Svenska) (3)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Svenska Folkbibeln 1998 - courtesy of Stiftelsen Svenska Folkbibeln ( [SFB]1.85.23 December 2014
2Svenska Folkbibeln 2015 - courtesy of Stiftelsen Svenska Folkbibeln ( [SFB15]2.36.54 September 2017
Replaces Svenska Folkbibeln 2014 (SFB14)
3Swedish Bible 1917 [Swedish]1.95.43 December 2014

Language: Tagalog (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Tagalog Ang Biblia [TAB]1.86.15 August 2009

Language: Tamil (தமிழ்) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Tamil Bible - courtesy of Word of God Ministries ( [Tamil]2.314.13 August 2016

Language: Thai (ไทย) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Thai Catholic Bible [ThCB]5.231.211 August 2015

Language: Tibetan (ལྷ་སའི་སྐད་) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Tibetan Bible courtesy of STT Perjanjian-Nya Kabanjahe, Indonesia [Tibetan]2.26.323 May 2015

Language: Tongan (lea faka-Tonga) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Tongan-KJV [TKJV]1.76.16 November 2014

Language: Ukrainian (Українська) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Ivan Ogienko Ukrainian Bible of 1930 [UkrIO]27.725 September 2009

Language: Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Vietnamese Cadman 1934 Version [Viet]1.96.415 June 2009

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After giving your donation, please wait for MySword Technical Support to prepare your activation code within 24 hours (our time zone is GMT+800). You will be receiving an email using the email you used in PayPal with instructions on how to activate.

If you were not able to receive your activation code, please email us using your alternative and reliable email address (Gmail or Yahoo).