MySword for Android version 2.4 is now ready for download. Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features are:

  1. Added Move to SD Card for Android 2.2 and up.
    • Note that only the APK is moved to SD Card when you move MySword to SD Card. The current APK size is 646 KB. The settings, highlights, bookmarks, Personal Notes and user Journals are stored in the internal memory (that is why they need to be backed up regularly using Menu->More->Backup data).
    • The modules are normally already installed into the SD Card.
  2. Officially included both the Compare and Parallel in the Editor's Mini Bible View (Premium version only).
    • But the Parallel view translations selection cannot be changed and must be changed in the Main View.
  3. Added Delete Notes button to the far right (you may need to scroll the Personal Notes buttons).
    • Formerly, the only way to delete notes is to go to the editor, delete all text (long press to open menu and select Cut All), then save.
  4. Select highlight screen improvements:
    • Added a Range button to Highlight Screen to allow the user to select the range of verses to highlight (or remove highlight).
    • Added Hide/Show button to hide or show all highlights (this is a session only setting and is not saved in the Preferences).
  5. Share content (Bible verse, verse range, notes, journal entry and other content as well) via Email and SMS (Premium version only).
  6. Added swipe left column for brightness adjustment and pinch-zoom for font-size adjustment (Premium version only). Please go to the Preferences to enable these.
  7. Added Bookmark capabilities for all other module types: Notes, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Journals/Books (Premium version only). Except for Notes, the bookmark is per module (per commentary, dictionary, journal/book). Also, the scroll position is saved as percentage. Currently, the current position is only saved in History Stack but not in Settings when you exit, but now you can save your current position via bookmarks.

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. WEB displays the Translators' notes in line with the text which should be in a link and a popup. This was caused by TheWord tag Red words embedding Notes tag.
  2. Visual Theme Editor sometimes corrupts the CSS style for bold, italic and underlined causing them not to work. For example: copy Default as new theme, Edit theme, select Verse Number, check italic, save then test - the italic is not working.
  3. When in parallel view, open any editor (Personal Notes or Journal), going to Mini Bible View (using the Premium button) will cause a Forced Close.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!

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