MySword App Change Log

This list changes in MySword versions from the recent to the oldest. To download the latest version, please go to the Download MySword page.

Release History

VersionRelease dateHighlights
15.3 21 June 2024 Improvement in Search by using Regexp SQLite function
15.2 20 May 2024 New Notes Preferences: Notes icon and Notes icon size
15.1 19 April 2024 New Share Settings for Bible verse range with text similar to Copy Settings
15.0 15 March 2024 Current verse highlight customization, Highlight improvements and Reader's Edition (no verse numbers and other annotations)
14.8 16 February 2024 Compare/Parallel option to Use full name or title instead of abbreviation
14.7 19 January 2024 Option to exclude date in the Notes and Journal content
14.6 8 December 2023 Material icons in the Editor and Tags
14.5 20 October 2023 Bible Maps and Format improvements
14.4 29 September 2023 Detect verse support for European non-English format/punctuation like Polish and French verse references and improved Parallel view verse mode autoresize columns
14.3.1 17 August 2023 Bugfix: Download update doesn't work if port 4443 is blocked by ISP so default port should be used
14.3 29 July 2023 New Bible Search option available for Deluxe: Search range type
14.2 23 June 2023 Customize the colors of the Verse Selector books
14.1 19 May 2023 Compare/Parallel and Merged Cross-references popup option to show annotations
14.0 10 March 2023 Bible Animals, Plants and Objects (similar to Maps) and Multiple notes files
13.5 8 December 2022 New Other Look and Feel preference: Tap word selects verse
13.4 3 October 2022 Bible Map improvement: Updated locations to the 2021 GitHub data of which included some missing locations.
13.3 26 August 2022 Verse List and Bookmarks improvement: option to show complete verse text
13.2.1 21 July 2022 Bugfix: Standard Verse selector OT and NT shortcuts cause crash
13.2 16 July 2022 Bible book order option
13.1 1 June 2022 Sync Backup improvements: Support for Dropbox, option for Overwrite existing files even if newer
13.0 11 April 2022 Google Drive, OneDrive or local folder backup synchronization
13.0 RC 1 18 March 2022
12.3 13 December 2021 Text-to-speech current verse is now in the notification drawer; Better support for Apostolic Bible Polyglot (ABP) Strong extensions
12.2 7 September 2021 Import Notes and Journal entries; Module selection autocomplete improvements
12.1 10 June 2021 Better positioning of the long tap popup menu when text near the center is selected
12.0.3 13 April 2021 Bugfix: Copy verse range is not working in some devices
12.0.2 10 April 2021 Bugfix: Exiting or restarting MySword while Text-to-speech is playing crashes MySword when you play again
12.0.1 27 March 2021 Bugfix: Text to speech continue to play even while there is incoming call; others
12.0 17 March 2021 Strong popup with Morphology, alternate headings/titles
11.3.1 26 December 2020 Bugfix: Main Bible view Compare Strong/Morph link as popup not working
11.3 18 December 2020 Strong/Morphology popup navigation; #Number search for Deluxe
11.2 5 August 2020 Support for ESword 9 and up Maps (.mapx); support for RVF entries of The Word dictionary, commentary and book; Verse List improvement: Import menu item for importing verse lists from ESword .lstx and The Word .vsls.twm.
11.1 12 June 2020 Support for non-encrypted ESword, MyBible, The Word and USFM modules
11.0 11 March 2020 Strong's, morphology and lexeme search improvements; and Floating List Navigator for search results, bookmark or verse list, and popup verse list
10.5 3 December 2019 Export/Import Modules List for ease of downloading all modules selected in old device for the new one
10.4.1 17 October 2019 Bugfix: Popups don't work when Large is selected in the Button size preference
10.4 3 October 2019 Popup dialog improvements: toggle full screen and draggable
10.3 15 August 2019 Show paragraph marker - shows pilcrow ¶ at the beginning of the verse in non-paragraph mode
10.2 20 June 2019 Improved Copy verse range and journal entry as Scratch pad
10.1 16 May 2019 Editor Paste Special for HTML content, Replacement of Choose folder using ES File Explorer
10.0 14 March 2019 People relationship/ancestry tree/diagram
10.0 RC 1 7 March 2019
9.5 13 December 2018 Styling of the scroll bar/indicator
9.4 11 October 2018 Search/filter to easily find a preference
9.3 11 September 2018 Named selections for Compare and Parallel; Single column Parallel view
9.2 12 July 2018 Text-to-speech improvements: New Repeat modes and Support for multiple languages for Bible
9.1.2 2 June 2018 Bugfix: Compare and Parallel Arrangement crash; Dark Material Theme in Marshmallow and higher color issues
9.1.1 24 May 2018 Bugfix: Tapping Strong link displays Processing failed with error; Nougat or higher display issues
9.1 17 May 2018 Map improvements
9.0.1 8 March 2018 Bugfix: Embedded Bible Commentary does not revert to None but to Personal Notes in the Preferences
9.0 6 March 2018 Bible embedded commentary, notes and pictures; verses with geo-location linked to maps overlaid on modern map
9.0 RC 1 15 February 2018
8.4 14 December 2017 Search results can now show highlights and tags
8.3 19 October 2017 Preview exported file (Premium)
8.2 23 August 2017 Notes and Journal Editor improvement: Extract keywords save as tags
8.1 25 May 2017 Bookmark, Verse List and other improvements
8.0.1 9 March 2017 Bugfix: Some download module problems in Honeycomb and higher
8.0 7 March 2017 Format (highlight/tag/annotation) for non-Bible views (Deluxe)
7.4 6 December 2016 Text-to-speech, editor and Popup improvements
7.3.1 13 October 2016 Bugfix: Popups do not work properly or crash in Large Button size setting
7.3 11 October 2016 Support for Lemma lookups
7.2 10 August 2016 Find in page for all views in the main screen
7.1.1 26 May 2016 Bugfix: Failed to initialize UI after InitializeUI Books - happens if Button size is set to Larger in non-Compact mode
7.1 25 May 2016 Personal Notes improvement: multiple notes per verse or verse range
7.0 14 March 2016 Reading Plan / Own Pace Progress Tracking (Deluxe)
7.0 RC 1 5 March 2016
6.6 15 December 2015 Print, Similar search and Summary sentences (Deluxe)
6.5 25 September 2015 Frequent word sets and phrases (Deluxe)
6.4 30 July 2015 Several improvements
6.3.1 13 June 2015 Bug fixes
6.3 12 June 2015 Compact mode and WYSIWYG Editor improvements
6.2 14 May 2015 Search and Compact mode improvements
6.1 28 March 2015 Compact mode improvement
6.0 18 March 2015 New Compact mode for ICS, Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop and higher: one Action bar on the top and no bottom bar.
6.0 RC 2 11 March 2015
6.0 RC 1 28 February 2015
5.7 23 January 2015 WYSIWYG Editor and Popup improvements
5.6 19 December 2014 Popup verse with Compare; Verse list extract verses from Clipboard
5.5.1 9 December 2014 Bugfix: MySword crashes in Lollipop when using Default theme
5.5 3 December 2014 Verse list with range capability; Lollipop Material Theme support
5.5 RC 1 18 November 2014
5.4 2 October 2014 Set Font in WYSIWYG Editor (Free) and Visual Color Theme Editor (Premium); Resizeable split windows (Deluxe)
5.4 RC1 23 September 2014
5.3 21 August 2014 Link to MySword - open MySword from other apps via HTML link
5.3 RC1 5 August 2014
5.2 24 June 2014 WYSIWYG Editor improvements; Horizontal scrolling (ICS, Jellybean, Kitkat and higher) (Deluxe)
5.2 RC1 17 June 2014
5.1 13 May 2014 Split Modules path for Kitkat: Internal storage for user files, and External SD card for downloadable modules
5.1 RC2 8 May 2014
5.1 RC1 1 May 2014
5.0.1 17 March 2014 Bugfixes (crash on some Kitkat devices; notes editor not working on Froyo/Eclair)
5.0 14 March 2014 Modern UI, New Verse Selectors and WYSIWYG (Rich text) Editor for Kit kat (Jellybean also but with some limitations)
5.0 RC3 8 March 2014
5.0 RC2 25 February 2014
5.0 RC1 18 February 2014
4.4 7 December 2013 Kit kat support; Regular Expression search; place picture in the Bible via Adhoc notes tag (Deluxe)
4.3 8 October 2013 Custom inline cross-references; Format Bible verse words with bold, italic, underlined, highlight, color and box (Deluxe)
4.2 15 August 2013 Links as popups in search and editor; multiple fonts in Bible view
4.1.1 18 June 2013 Bug fixes
4.1 4 June 2013 Separation of Books from Journals; other links as popup
4.0 11 April 2013 Personal Notes support for Images; Bible link as popup; Interlinear view; Tags (Deluxe)
3.5.1 22 January 2013 Bug fixes
3.5 19 January 2013 Better modules' download manager
3.4 15 December 2012 Text-to-speech support for Bibles (talking Bibles)
3.3 16 October 2012 Standard, Alternate Greek, Hebrew and Extended Latin Fonts; Accent-insensitive search and Exact search (Deluxe)
3.2 27 July 2012 Tiled image background Themes, Group Bookmarks (Deluxe)
3.1.1 17 May 2012 Bug fixes
3.1 16 May 2012 User Interface Localization
3.0 19 March 2012 * Better tablet support (Deluxe) and folder reorganization for easy cloud server backup and sync
2.4 6 December 2011 Move to SD Card, Share content
2.3.1 25 October 2011 Parallel Bible view
2.2 3 October 2011 Color Theme management
2.1 3 September 2011 Paragraph mode
2.0 26 July 2011 Journal (topical notes), Full-text search
1.6.2 9 June 2011  
1.6.1 4 June 2011  
1.6 3 June 2011  
1.5 27 May 2011 * Initial Android Market release
1.4 14 May 2011 Color theme
1.3 21 April 2011 Improved Wiki in Personal Notes
1.2 7 April 2011 Better history navigation
1.1 26 March 2011 Full screen mode
1.0 19 March 2011 * Website and app launch

Change Log

  1. What's new in Version 15.3
  2. What's new in Version 15.2
  3. Bugs Fixed in Version 15.2
  4. What's new in Version 15.1
  5. Bugs Fixed in Version 15.1
  6. What's new in Version 15.0
  7. What's new in Version 14.8
  8. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.8
  9. What's new in Version 14.7
  10. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.7
  11. What's new in Version 14.6
  12. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.6
  13. What's new in Version 14.5
  14. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.5
  15. What's new in Version 14.4
  16. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.4
  17. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.3.1
  18. What's new in Version 14.3
  19. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.3
  20. What's new in Version 14.2
  21. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.2
  22. What's new in Version 14.1
  23. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.1
  24. What's new in Version 14.0
  25. Bugs Fixed in Version 14.0
  26. What's new in Version 13.5
  27. Bugs Fixed in Version 13.5
  28. What's new in Version 13.4
  29. Bugs Fixed in Version 13.4
  30. What's new in Version 13.3
  31. Bugs Fixed in Version 13.3
  32. Bugs Fixed in Version 13.2.1
  33. What's new in Version 13.2
  34. Bugs Fixed in Version 13.2
  35. What's new in Version 13.1
  36. Bugs Fixed in Version 13.1
  37. What's new in Version 13.0
  38. Bugs Fixed in Version 13.0
  39. What's new in Version 12.3
  40. Bugs Fixed in Version 12.3
  41. What's new in Version 12.2
  42. Bugs Fixed in Version 12.2
  43. What's new in Version 12.1
  44. Bugs Fixed in Version 12.1
  45. Bugs Fixed in Version 12.0.3
  46. Bugs Fixed in Version 12.0.2
  47. Bugs Fixed in Version 12.0.1
  48. What's new in Version 12.0
  49. Bugs Fixed in Version 12.0
  50. Bugs Fixed in Version 11.3.1
  51. What's new in Version 11.3
  52. What's new in Version 11.2
  53. Bugs Fixed in Version 11.2
  54. What's new in Version 11.1
  55. Bugs Fixed in Version 11.1
  56. What's new in Version 11.0
  57. Bugs Fixed in Version 11.0
  58. What's new in Version 10.5
  59. Bugs Fixed in Version 10.5
  60. Bugs Fixed in Version 10.4.1
  61. What's new in Version 10.4
  62. Bugs Fixed in Version 10.4
  63. What's new in Version 10.3
  64. Bugs Fixed in Version 10.3
  65. What's new in Version 10.2
  66. Bugs Fixed in Version 10.2
  67. What's new in Version 10.1
  68. Bugs Fixed in Version 10.1
  69. What's new in Version 10.0
  70. Bugs Fixed in Version 10.0
  71. What's new in Version 9.5
  72. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.5
  73. What's new in Version 9.4
  74. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.4
  75. What's new in Version 9.3
  76. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.3
  77. What's new in Version 9.2
  78. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.2
  79. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1.2
  80. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1.1
  81. What's new in Version 9.1
  82. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1
  83. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.0.1
  84. What's new in Version 9.0
  85. Bugs Fixed in Version 9.0
  86. What's new in Version 8.4
  87. Bugs Fixed in Version 8.4
  88. What's new in Version 8.3
  89. Bugs Fixed in Version 8.3
  90. What's new in Version 8.2
  91. Bugs Fixed in Version 8.2
  92. What's new in Version 8.1
  93. Bugs Fixed in Version 8.1
  94. Bugs Fixed in Version 8.0.1
  95. What's new in Version 8.0
  96. Bugs Fixed in Version 8.0
  97. What's new in Version 7.4
  98. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.4
  99. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.3.1
  100. What's new in Version 7.3
  101. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.3
  102. What's new in Version 7.2
  103. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.2
  104. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.1.1
  105. What's new in Version 7.1
  106. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.1
  107. What's new in Version 7.0
  108. Bugs Fixed in Version 7.0
  109. What's new in Version 6.6
  110. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.6
  111. What's new in Version 6.5
  112. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.5
  113. What's new in Version 6.4
  114. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.4
  115. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.3.1
  116. What's new in Version 6.3
  117. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.3
  118. What's new in Version 6.2
  119. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.2
  120. What's new in Version 6.1
  121. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.1
  122. What's new in Version 6.0
  123. Bugs Fixed in Version 6.0
  124. What's new in Version 5.7
  125. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.7
  126. What's new in Version 5.6
  127. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.6
  128. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.5.1
  129. What's new in Version 5.5
  130. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.5
  131. What's new in Version 5.4
  132. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.4
  133. What's new in Version 5.3
  134. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.3
  135. What's new in Version 5.2
  136. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.2
  137. What's new in Version 5.1
  138. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.1
  139. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.0.1
  140. What's new in Version 5.0
  141. Bugs Fixed in Version 5.0
  142. What's new in Version 4.4
  143. Bugs Fixed in Version 4.4
  144. What's new in Version 4.3
  145. Bugs Fixed in Version 4.3
  146. What's new in Version 4.2
  147. Bugs Fixed in Version 4.2
  148. Bugs Fixed in Version 4.1.1
  149. What's new in Version 4.1
  150. Bugs Fixed in Version 4.1
  151. What's new in Version 4.0
  152. Bugs Fixed in Version 4.0
  153. Bugs Fixed in Version 3.5.1
  154. What's new in Version 3.5
  155. Bugs Fixed in Version 3.5
  156. What's new in Version 3.4
  157. Bugs Fixed in Version 3.4
  158. What's new in Version 3.3
  159. Bugs Fixed in Version 3.3
  160. What's new in Version 3.2
  161. Bugs Fixed in Version 3.2
  162. Bugs Fixed in Version 3.1.1
  163. What's new in Version 3.1
  164. Bugs Fixed in Version 3.1
  165. What's new in Version 3.0
  166. What's new in Version 2.4
  167. What's new in Version 2.3/2.3.1
  168. What's new in Version 2.2
  169. What's new in Version 2.1
  170. What's new in Version 2.0
  171. ...

What's new in Version 15.3

  1. Improvement in Search by using Regexp SQLite function:
    1. Option to use SQLite Regexp in Regular expression (no accents) search type instead of the slower Java. SQLite engine based regex is faster than retrieving all records and filtering on the app. The option is on the Preferences menu item of search accessible via the 3 dots icon on the top right.
    2. Option to use SQLite Regexp in Standard search type. The option is available below the Type selector.

    Note: Regexp in Regular expression (no accents) search type mimics the old behavior so spaces are considered search key separator and each search key as Regexp expression and ANDed (all expressions must be satisfied). On the other hand, in the Standard search type, the entire search text including embedded spaces is considered one Regexp expression (leading and trailing spaces are always trimmed out). See Help in the Search screen and the following about Regex expressions:

  2. Improved initial load time of Preferences in case there are too many books, commentaries and dictionaries by lazy loading Bible pictures, maps and things.

What's new in Version 15.2

  1. New Notes Preferences:
    1. Notes icon: select from 7 SVG notes icons, Emoji, pick File, or option to enter Custom URL. You can change the emoji by selecting it first then choosing Custom icon. You can also use Custom icon to embed SVG or Base64 data.
    2. Notes icon size (default is 32px).

      Notes Icons selection Notes Icon Emoji

Bugs Fixed in Version 15.2

  1. Bible View Preferences Reset Hidden in large buttons: multi lines are cropped.

What's new in Version 15.1

  1. New Notes Preference: Title then date in selector (instead of the default date then title).
  2. New Share Settings (Premium) for Bible verse range with text similar to Copy Settings:
    1. Place verse ref at the end
    2. Complete book name
    3. Verse per line
    4. No verse numbers (formerly placed at the bottom of the verse range selector)

    Bible Share Settings

  3. Tag (Deluxe) Custom placement is now supported for Strong's links on text. Previously, tags were placed at the end or the default.

    Note that if a text tag has notes and it's placed between words inside a phrase in Strong's link, the box of the text will be badly formatted because of overlapping links.

Bugs Fixed in Version 15.1

  1. Cannot create Exact, No accents or Prefix/Exact index (Deluxe) for Barnes.

What's new in Version 15.0

  1. Current verse highlight customization under Other Look and Feel:
    1. Option: none, highlight (default), underline, box, left bar, right bar, top bar, bottom bar, left text.
    2. Verse bar size (px) default to 7.
    3. Verse left text default to ★ but can be changed to emoji. The text is placed before the verse number so when the left text option is selected the underline on the link is removed.
    4. Option also to change line or box color via Color Theme (Current verse alternate, .currentx in CSS).

    It's now possible to have both the current verse highlight and user highlight on the same verse provided they are not the same background highlight. The left screenshot shows Left bar while the right one Box.
    Current Highlight Left barCurrent Highlight Box

  2. New Display Preference: option to use icon for Navigation links. It's also available in Bible View Preferences.
  3. Editor improvements:
    1. Long tap Copy verse from split pane and Paste verse range with text (from Hyperlink or Search) will now show Range dialog even if it's the last verse so that Copy settings will be used like formatting.
    2. New journal entry change date from the current date will now automatically change the Id as well.
  4. Show notes date unchecked will now also hide dates in other notes in case of multiple notes but those with similar verse (range) will now have the Bible reference shown as a separator.
  5. Reader's Edition view where verse numbers are not shown aside from annotations. Can be enabled in the Bible View Preferences (Bible with Gear button).

    The left screenshot shows paragraph mode (Premium/Deluxe) while the right one verse mode.
    Readers Edition Paragraph modeReaders Edition Verse mode

  6. Highlight improvement for Deluxe:
    1. Added Bold, Italic and Underlined.
    2. Option to add Color for text or bar available via the Menu.
      1. Show colors to show the color selection to the right of highlight colors.
      2. Color mode: text color (default), left bar, right bar, top bar, bottom bar.
      3. Color bar size (px) default to 7.

    Note that old MySword can't display highlights with bold, italic, underline and color. Also, Current verse highlight will take precedence in case of conflict.

    The left screenshot shows color mode as text color while the right one right bar. Both also shows verse 6 in bold. (The magenta left bar in verse 1 is current highlight as left bar.)
    Highlight ColorHighlight Right bar

  7. New preference for Popup in Split windows (Deluxe): Popup select current window (use current or active split window).

What's new in Version 14.8

  1. Compare/Parallel option to Use full name or title instead of abbreviation.

    Bible Compare

  2. Notes and Journal popup: option for Edit.
  3. Visual Color Theme Editor (Premium) improvement: Commentary (embedded) and Tag text/link font style can now be changed.
  4. Tag (Deluxe) improvement: added Edit date useful for Own Pace Reading Plan notes stats.

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.8

  1. EasyEnglish has a new abbreviation in Compare, EEB, but can't be tapped to open the EasyEnglish in whole chapter mode. (This may also be experienced with WEBME and WEBBME if the latest updates on the Bibles were not downloaded.) Reverted to old EasyEnglish abbreviation.

What's new in Version 14.7

  1. Notes Editor improvement: added verse/range before the date in Notes Add/Edit multiple notes selector similar to Single notes icon list selection.
  2. Updated the Journal Preferences to include Show notes/journal date similar to Notes Preferences.
  3. Added option to not add date to either Notes or Journal new entry and placed this option in the Notes and Journal Preferences (outside the Editor).
  4. Preferences improvement:
    1. Placed a message to download Bible Animals, Plants or Objects when None is tapped and the dictionary is not available.
    2. Placed a message to download R.M. Atlas or Rumsey when the Bible Maps option is tapped and the books are not available.
  5. Button bar color (Deluxe) for Light Theme affecting Navigation Drawer color:
    1. Lower saturation (25% or lower) will now cause the navigation drawer to have similar saturation and not be fixed at 50%.
    2. Gray (saturation 0%) is now possible and will not be pink.
  6. Old Bible links for WEBME and WEBBME will map to WMB and WMBB in case the new abbreviations of the updated modules are now registered by MySword (e.g. fresh download or Abbreviation cache is cleared).

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.7

  1. Fixed the Editor bugs:
    1. Find in Page should use Find and Replace if no split preview but both should use Find in Page if only Preview is visible.
    2. Find and Replace followed by autosave should not save the Editor search highlights.
  2. For non-Bible modules without entry and Navigation links option is unchecked the message of no entry is found no longer shows up.
  3. Search with Split view (Deluxe) first open should not be full preview without search parameters and results list pane so users will not be confused.

What's new in Version 14.6

  1. New Display Preference: option to show/hide Compact view bottom buttons as well as Navigation links. They are also available in Bible View Preferences.
  2. New Compact mode custom button (bottom) option: Menu. So aside from the top right Menu overflow, it's now possible to set one bottom button to Menu.
  3. Editor improvement: added Material Icon (Premium) to Insert menu.

    Material Icons Editor

  4. Export page (Premium) improvement: option to embed Material Icon font. Browsers in recent versions of Android can no longer reference external font files because the URL now starts with content:// instead of file:// so embedding the font is the best option.
  5. Tag (Deluxe) improvement: added Material Icon whose color and size can be set. Use the menu to add.

    Material Icons

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.6

  1. Quick menu in Bookmarks, Verse list, Tags popup y position is off in devices with cutouts in portrait mode or when MySword is opened in Split screen bottom or Popup view.
  2. Modules deleted by some File Managers are just hidden by adding a dot at the beginning of the filename causing MySword to treat them as .bbl.mybible, .cmt.mybible, etc showing error (Downloaded module(s) incomplete).
  3. Strong's links on text (Deluxe) with Red words and OT quote may cause the red to end on the first quote like in KJV Mat 9:13, 15:4, 9, Mar 7:10, 12:30, 31.

What's new in Version 14.5

  1. Maps improvements:
    1. Fixed the Stamen maps issue being available only up to the end of October 2023.
    2. Added more maps: ArcGIS (Streets and Imagery, for Android Oreo and higher) and Esri (WorldStreetMap, NatGeoWorldMap, WorldImagery).
    3. Option to exclude ArcGIS to speed up Map initial load for slow devices.
    4. Changed the default from Stamen to Esri.NatGeoWorldMap.

    The new default Esri.NatGeoWorldMap (Rev 1:11) and ArcGIS.Imagery (2Ki 23:29-30). With ArcGIS.Imagery, if Bible Maps setting is set to Modern Maps only, the zoom level can be higher and ArcGIS provides zoom level similar to Google Maps (NASA maps can't even reach that level as it's satellite based).

    Bible Maps Esri.NatGeoWorldMap Bible Maps ArcGIS.Imagery

  2. Copy improvement: better support for apps that don't fully support HTML CSS styles as they are not rendered but shown instead. If there are no Red words nor OT quotes and showing them is disabled then no styles will be embedded.
  3. Format (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Option to break words on en dash and em dash or -- equivalent. Please see Preferences in the Format screen. Note that these will be counted as words so the word count will increase and old formats may adjust.
    2. Common start or end will no longer break additional format. Previously, overlap logic included contained but shorter and either flushed to the start or end so the format is broken into 2.

    Gen 1:5 BSB uses em dash (—).

    Format break on en dash and em dash

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.5

  1. Large button Editor shows Split pane to the right even if not enabled.
  2. Format (Deluxe) bug: Color, highlight, box, line containing bold/italic/underlined at the end doesn't work.

What's new in Version 14.4

  1. Detect verse support for European non-English format/punctuation like Polish and French verse references.
    1. Bible references in Polish Bible footnotes using Polish/German format will now be automatically converted to links.
    2. Editor has new option in Menu for Detect verses punctuation: Standard, German/Polish (Mt 7,7-8.15.24-27), French/Portuguese (Mt 7.7-8, 15, 24-27).
  2. Improved Parallel (Premium) view verse mode autoresize columns, especially for mixed languages and differing font sizes. Requires updated Android System WebView to at least version 92.

    Parallel Bible Mixed Languages

  3. Modules with empty file names (e.g. .bbl.mybible, .cmt.mybible) will no longer show errors as they are automatically excluded and deleted.

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.4

  1. Tap word selects verse preference doesn't work on Parallel view in Single column mode.
  2. Scrolled parallel paragraph view (Premium) history navigation doesn't resize columns.

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.3.1

  1. Show Highlights available in the Bible View Preferences resets upon restart.
  2. Tap word selects verse preference doesn't work on Parallel view.
  3. Download update doesn't work if port 4443 is blocked by ISP so default port should be used.

What's new in Version 14.3

  1. Download modules option (via Menu): Use default port - don't use port 4443 as it could be blocked by device or internet provider. When checked, the download MySword update will also use the default port.
  2. New Bible Search option available for Deluxe: Search range type. You can enable via Menu->Preferences. The range types are:
    1. Verse - the default behavior where all keywords must be found in a verse.
    2. Chapter - all keywords must be found in the whole chapter (index will be created).
    3. Verse range - all keywords must be found in the generated verse range index. The verse range can be based on any of the Alternate sources like default.english.hdgs.twm, BSB, ISV, LEB, NET (any Bibles with both OT and NT and titles/headings that break the chapters into topics or verse ranges).

    Note that chapter and range will only work when there are more than one keyword or double quoted phrase and only for Search types Standard, Exact, No accents (diacritics) and Prefix and exact (No accents). Quoted phrases cannot span multiple verses. Also, the indexes can always be recreated which is useful for changing the verse ranges.

    Example: search on NHEB for love self-control results in having 7 entries including Gal 5:16-26 using BSB as range source.

    Bible Search Verse Range

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.3

  1. Page scroll to bottom Parallel view (Premium) with sticky header only scrolls to the next page down.
  2. Parallel view (Premium) paragraph mode no longer autoresize columns.
  3. Search when Strong's links on text (Deluxe) is enabled:
    1. Strong search does not highlight words with found Strong.
    2. Red words only for the first word when preference show Highlights is not enabled.

What's new in Version 14.2

  1. Option for Nice HTML/CSS for CSS Editor for Color Theme and Edit HTML/Style of Editor. Please see Menu of CSS Editor and Menu->Preferences in Editor.
  2. Preview via menu for CSS Editor for Color Theme.
  3. Customize the colors of the Verse Selector books. Please see Menu. Free version can only change default colors while Premium and Deluxe can be fully customized by adding book ranges as well.
  4. Verse List menu action: Remove translation.
  5. Animals, Plants and Objects popup picture can now be tapped to view on external app.
  6. Preview and Search results split pane (Deluxe) improvement: support for tap picture to view on external app.

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.2

  1. Bible Maps can't be set to None.
  2. MySword starts very slow in case there are too many books and Map is previously set to None.
  3. Popup merged XRefs when annotations are shown: no space between poetry lines like in Psalms and Proverbs for Bibles that supports poetry formatting.
  4. Alternate Title source BSB may not show titles in some verses like in Job and Proverbs (e.g. Job 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, Pro 1:1, 2:1, 3:1).

What's new in Version 14.1

  1. Compare/Parallel view improvement: option to show annotations like cross-reference, map, people, animal, plant, object links. The links are placed on top in Compare while on the verse number column in Parallel verse mode (note that commentary link will also be shown here instead of the first Bible column) or first Bible column in paragraph mode.
  2. Merged Cross-references popup improvement:
    1. Option to show annotations like cross-reference, map, people, animal, plant, object links.
    2. Option to show more annotations like titles, formats, tags and notes aside from cross-reference, map, people, animal, plant, object links.

    Hide annotations will work here as well for Extract verses and Compare/Parallel view.

  3. Notes Editor's Edit notes details improvement: From/To verse will now use the first Bible in the list of Compare/Parallel and not the first among all Bibles in case the active Bible is Compare/Parallel.
  4. New Journal preference: option to show edit entry details. The preference icon is on the top bar for non-Compact mode or Navigation drawer for Compact mode.
  5. New Editor preferences accessible via Menu: currently it has Edit scroll to bottom (default checked).

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.1

  1. Animals, Plants and Objects of the Bible:
    1. Popup doesn't show pictures if MySword have not yet shown any picture for fresh install.
    2. All's View more... doesn't work properly in case there is a single quote in the link, e.g. Ship's tackle of Act 27:19.
  2. Verse List, Bookmarks and Edit Cross-References preview may crash in case of too many verses.
  3. Editor preview may crash in case of very large content.
  4. Reading Plan Own Pace Edit entry may cause a crash.

What's new in Version 14.0

  1. Bible Animals, Plants and Objects (similar to Maps). Please download the dictionaries BibleAnimals, BiblePlants and BibleObjects and select them in the Preferences in the section near Bible Maps.
    1. An appropriate icon will be shown at the end of the verse in case there is an animal, plant or object found in the dictionaries.

      Bible Things icons

    2. A list of animals, plants or objects will be shown when an icon is tapped.

      Bible Things list Bible Things plants all

    3. For one animal, plant or object, some pictures, information and verses will be shown.

      Bible Things animal flock Bible Things object Tabernacle

  2. Multiple notes files that can be enabled in the Notes preferences. It's now possible to create a separate file for new notes or for each year or range of years.
    1. For non-compact view, the button for creating a new file and a selector is available at the far right of the top button bar.
    2. For both Compact and non-compact views, the Navigation drawer also contains the menu to create a new file and select the active file.
    3. For Compact view Tablet, a module selector is also available on the top bar but for phones, the Add/Edit long tap can be used to select a file and it also shows the active file.
  3. New Other Look and Feel preferences related to Notes icon in Bible view:
    1. Single note icon (default) - when unchecked individual notes for Multiple notes per verse and ranges are displayed separately with verse or range indicator.

      Multiple notes icons Single note icon at the end

    2. End note icon - place the icon at the end of the verse.
    3. Multiple notes chooser - option for Single note icon that displays count of entries if multiple or * in case it's part of range and tapping opens a chooser.
  4. New Other Look and Feel preference: Parallel stick header (checked by default).
  5. New Popups preference (Deluxe): Window color same as button bar (unchecked by default, Button bar color must not be default).
  6. The Journal Editor title bar now includes the journal title aside from the ID.
  7. Reading Plan (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Import now supports verse range spanning books (e.g. Oba-Jon 2 instead of Oba, Jon 1-2)
    2. Own pace / Progress for New Readings and Edit:
      1. Support for single verse without retyping the book (e.g. Pro 4:7 instead of Pro 4:7-Pro 4:7)
      2. Support for book range whole chapter (e.g. Oba 1-Jon 2 instead of Oba 1-Jon 2:10)

Bugs Fixed in Version 14.0

  1. Sync Backup of Notes Full sync will constantly duplicate entries when notes for the same verse (or range) is inserted on both devices.
  2. Parallel/Compare select saved named from list will cause a crash if it's the first popup shown.
  3. Copy and Copy range in Popup as well as Copy in Bible link and merged xrefs Popup always use the underlying active Bible translation and not the one displayed.
  4. Embedded Bible Translators' notes (Deluxe) are not displayed when the notes tag is inside another tag like in Mat 4:4 NHEB.
  5. Parallel page up/down skips a line of text due to sticky header.
  6. Copy Settings (Premium/Deluxe) bugs:
    1. Complete book name is not properly remembered as it always follows Place verse ref at the end
    2. Copy and Copy range will exclude the translation name when Retain paragraph and poetry is checked
    3. Copy and Copy range may retain CSS and JavaScript when Copy setting Retain paragraph and poetry is set, e.g. GW and BIB+.
  7. The Word or eSword RTF tables break when there is a \pard tag.

What's new in Version 13.5

  1. New Other Look and Feel preference: Tap word selects verse.
  2. Enabled the Preferences menu item in Search so that Show navigator on select and Split view panes can be changed instead of going first to Bible search.
  3. Long tap word dictionary lookup (Deluxe) improvement: faster by taking advantage of multiple CPU cores.

Bugs Fixed in Version 13.5

  1. When a verse number in a popup Bible range or chapter is tapped, the current verse number in the Verse selector may change.
  2. When Select is tapped on a Strong popup the Strong and morphology if any are remembered at the top. However, navigating the dictionary view continues to remember the old entry which is now not matched.
  3. Editor Find and Replace's Replace and All require Find first (Up or Down arrow) to work.
  4. The Popup Bible module could be different when opened via Popup Notes or Journal in Split view.

What's new in Version 13.4

  1. Bible Map improvements:
    1. Updated locations to the 2021 GitHub data of which included some missing locations.
    2. Included a link to details.
    3. Included possible identifications with photos similar to the above site.
    4. BibleMapPhotos graphics module can be downloaded for offline photos.

    Bible Map Location Information

  2. Arrange Compare/Parallel improvement: added Sort.

Bugs Fixed in Version 13.4

  1. Visual bug when Look and Feel preference With verse number spaces is enabled: verse numbers 1 to 9's underline has no space after.
  2. Search dictionary View more does not display pictures (e.g. Morrish and AmTract).
  3. Strong's link on text (Deluxe) with Strong popup navigation: word position misalignment in case of 2 or more consecutive Strong numbers for a phrase.

What's new in Version 13.3

  1. Support for Strong search on MyBible Bible modules.
  2. Verse List and Bookmarks improvement: option to show complete verse text via quick menu, icon or tap verse text (Verse List only).
  3. Editor improvement: added Remove links under Format button.
  4. Bible view preferences improvement: added Swipe page navigation, Parallel swipe page navigation and Swipe for brightness (Premium).
  5. Support for Search Format Line (Deluxe).
  6. Edit Cross-references (Deluxe) change behavior: Select/save will now change to the selected verse similar to Bookmarks and Verse list.

Bugs Fixed in Version 13.3

  1. Text-to-speech Play button switched to stop when moving on the next chapter even though the TTS still plays.
  2. Editor in tablets set for large buttons shows a non-functional pane on the right that is intended for Deluxe only.
  3. Module autocomplete option Search include title is not remembered.
  4. Verse in the module label of active split window don't change when a verse number is selected though other windows in sync are changed (Deluxe).

Bugs Fixed in Version 13.2.1

  1. Standard Verse selector OT and NT shortcuts cause crash.

What's new in Version 13.2

  1. Editor improvement for Highlight: added colored line. Some users overwhelmed by box can use this instead.
  2. Popup, Search split view (tablet) and preview, Editor Split view (Deluxe) and Mini Bible viewer (Deluxe) improvement: menu link for Bible for each verse will be shown if enabled in Preferences. The menu includes Compare, Parallel, Copy and Copy range. It's now possible to have verse copy almost anywhere.
  3. Bible book order option: Default, AFV, Tanakh, Tanakh BHS, Tanakh Masoretic and Tanakh Talmudic.
  4. Volume control page up/down will cause to go to previous/next chapter/page in case the topmost/bottommost is reached.
  5. Format (Deluxe) improvement: colored line. Some users overwhelmed by box can use this instead.
  6. Verse List and Bookmarks new preference useful for many groups (Deluxe): Group selection autocomplete.
  7. Split view pane (Deluxe) label/header improvement: the current verse, word or topic is now included.

Bugs Fixed in Version 13.2

  1. Preferences screen can't be opened due to error if Button size is set to Large.
  2. Editor Detect verses can't properly detect some book abbreviations in other languages (e.g. 1S for 1 Samuel, Jr for Jeremiah and 1Tm for 1 Timothy in Tagalog, Portuguese and possibly others).
  3. The Word and eSword RTF text alignment center and right does not reset to left in the next paragraph when \pard is encountered.
  4. Dictionary Strong search icon (Deluxe) can't select search result.

What's new in Version 13.1

  1. Sync Backup improvements:
    1. Support for Dropbox.
    2. Added option for Overwrite existing files even if newer (only for modes To remote folder and To local folder)
    3. Select Modules path option for fresh install to Restore from Sync Backup (cloud or folder).
    4. Added two groups for Manage folder aside from Default: Backup all, and Restore all.
    5. It's now possible to Restore from read-only folders from the external SD Card (mode To local folder, backup folder is SD Card).
  2. Verse Notes Editor improvements:
    1. Added prevention of verse To less than verse From when saving causing phantom entry.
    2. Editing phantom record is now possible and will correct the invalid verse To. Existing phantom records still can't be shown though as the verse range is invalid.
  3. TheWord RTF/RVF and e-Sword RTF support improvements:
    1. Text-alignment: left, center, right
    2. Font-size
    3. Preference for enabling Font-size as well as Use of original colors instead of being mapped to MySword system colors compatible with themes.
  4. MySword non-Bible modules can now embed video and music using video and audio HTML tags. The source src attribute should contain the data table id entry similar to images.
  5. Editor improvement: new Insert item - File (Deluxe). Formerly, only File links can be inserted but now you can also embed the actual file similar to Insert image.
    1. Videos can be embedded with a link for external video player and full screen.
    2. Music can be embedded.
    3. Other types are embedded as links. Note that MS Office can't open office files as it requires them to be read-write but Google apps can.
    4. Note that inserting a very large file is limited by the memory available to MySword.

Bugs Fixed in Version 13.1

  1. Newly created Journal is not automatically selected and not in the list until MySword restarts.
  2. Editor crashes when the current Bible is in Parallel view and you use Insert hyperlink with text.
  3. Full Sync (Backup) of notes with old entries without date fails.
  4. "Popup failed: lengh=0; Index=-1" for Bible module with Morphology but without Strong and Strongs popup navigation is enabled.
  5. Compare and Parallel popup will not show bibles in case the current Bible's abbreviation contained a plus symbol (+).
  6. Editor Insert icon/symbol should use popup in case split pane is not visible.

Bugs Fixed in Version 13.0.1

  1. In split screen (multi-window), any preference change like Android/Color theme, button size/style and toggle Compact view that requires restart of MySword terminates the split screen.

What's new in Version 13.0

  1. Google Drive, One Drive or local folder backup synchronization:
    1. Select what folders of MySword to include.
    2. Select which files in each folder to include.
    3. Select what sync mode for each folder or file: to remote, to local, two way. Additional for journals and notes: import updates, full sync (per record basis).
    4. View sync history/log.

    Sync Backup Sync Folders

Bugs Fixed in Version 13.0

  1. OT Search results of Hebrew Interlinear like OHB and BIB+ are not right-to-left
  2. Import Notes and Journals may fail to update some entries after a new entry is imported.
  3. Background image in some Themes (Premium) doesn't show up in popups of some new Samsung devices.
  4. Parallel view selection doesn't open on the current Bible view for split screen (Deluxe).

What's new in Version 12.3

  1. Text-to-speech current verse is now in the notification drawer.
  2. Support for some USFM bibles with different header like Malayalam Indian Revised Version Bible from
  3. Copy in non-Bible modules will now only use Wiki text if Editor is not in WYSIWYG for text, otherwise text similar to Share will be used. HTML version stays the same though. Pasting in the Editor using the button will still use text so non-Wiki will not show formatting properly so use long tap instead.
  4. Better support for Apostolic Bible Polyglot (ABP) Strong extensions (please download the Dictionary ABStrong).

Bugs Fixed in Version 12.3

  1. Text-to-speech speaks Strong numbers.
  2. Android R (11) popup maximized has margins all around.
  3. Maps' Location info and People Relationship's Person info popups are not working and displays an error: Processing failed with error: ... LifecycleOwners must call register before they are STARTED...
  4. Module selection autocomplete long title is shrinking the column for abbreviation in Android Pie or lower.
  5. Deleting a Bible module will cause the Compare and Parallel options in the module selector to disappear but restarting MySword restores it.
  6. Interlinear BIB+ with no Strong (Morph only) causes wrong popup navigation and possible popup index fail.
  7. Parallel view (Premium) verse mode containing some modules like EasyEnglish and GW that don't have placeholders for empty verses (possibly caused by paraphrase in EasyEnglish merging verses, or variants in NT like Mar 9:44 GW) will have the verses out of sync.
  8. Parallel view (Premium) Text-to-speech freezes the screen for few seconds if the number of verses is high using Google TTS (Samsung TTS is fine though).
  9. Non-Bible Text-to-speech (Deluxe) freezes the screen for few seconds for very long content using Google TTS (Samsung TTS is fine though).

What's new in Version 12.2

  1. Module selection autocomplete improvements of additional options (tap the top left Gear icon):
    1. Show title - shown besides the abbreviation. This is per module type so it's possible to show titles for Bibles, Commentaries and Dictionaries but not for Books and Journals as the abbreviation is already quite long.
    2. Search include title
    3. Search highlight

    Module select preferences

    Again, to enable it, go to Preferences and search for autocomplete. Tap Module selection autocomplete and enter a non-zero number.

    Below we search for description that contains bere (for Berean):

    Module select filter

  2. Availability of Module selection autocomplete in Search for ease of selecting a module in a long list.
  3. Import notes and journal (journal import is Premium). This is useful for synchronizing content between devices in case both files were updated. Place the file to be imported in a folder other than mysword then use the Import journal/notes found in the navigation drawer (via top left button). Note that deletes are not synchronized, thus it can only import updated or newer content; also, embedded images are not imported.

    Below is an example summary log for journal import:

    Import journal summary

Bugs Fixed in Version 12.2

  1. Download modules with Modules path Split no longer works in Android 11 (R) and higher unless Old method is used.
  2. Bible count in the navigation drawer for Compact mode included the Compare and Parallel so it's excess of 2.
  3. Format (Deluxe): b, i, u, em, strong, sub, sub, small and big tags within a word will cause word count issue as it was considered word separator thus breaking a format length.
  4. Bookmark shortcuts in non-Compact mode always have 1 for verse number in case there is a label (Deluxe).

What's new in Version 12.1

  1. New Preferences under Other Look and Feel (as well as Bible View Preferences in main screen):
    1. Full justification
    2. Hyphenate words (only in WebView 55 or higher and may not be supported in some languages)

    Full justification, hyphens

  2. Option to disable swipe page navigation (New Preference under Display Settings).
  3. Option to hide/show Notes/Journal date (under Notes Preferences or Preferences->Other Look and Feel).
  4. Better positioning of the long tap popup menu when text near the center is selected.

    Long tap menu

  5. Added Translators' addition (CSS class .add) to Visual Theme Editor (Premium/Deluxe).

Bugs Fixed in Version 12.1

  1. After searching for Format in Journal, switching to Bible search crashes MySword.
  2. Split window (Deluxe) second row maximized long tap text selection near the bottom shows popup menu as too small requiring scrolling.
  3. Edit Cross-Reference (Deluxe) menu Copy with text and Share are not working.

Bug Fixed in Version 12.0.3

  1. Copy verse range is not working in some devices.

Bugs Fixed in Version 12.0.2

  1. Exiting or restarting MySword while Text-to-speech is playing crashes MySword when you play again.
  2. Changing the verse through Verse selector, bookmarks, verse list, search or other ways while Text-to-speech is playing will always revert back to what was playing.
  3. People Relationship shows help in the main screen after tapping Help, back then Toggle Horizontal/Radial Tree.

Bugs Fixed in Version 12.0.1

  1. Text to speech continue to play even while there is incoming call.
  2. Strong link on text broke Red words in latest KJV.
  3. Strong links next to Hebrew words sometimes don't work in non-interlinear view.
  4. Translators' notes text Numbers don't wrap around after letter z.

What's new in Version 12.0

  1. Popup Strong/Morph navigation improvements:
    1. Support for Compare.
    2. Support for Parallel.
    3. Support for any Bible reference popup.
    4. Support for Search results.
  2. New Preferences:
    1. Strong popup with Morphology. When checked, the popup for Strong will include a compacted version of the Morphology in case the Bible has any (e.g. AFV+, BIB+, OGNT, OHB, etc). Note that it only works in cases where Strong/Morph navigation is also supported.

      Strong pop Morphology

    2. Max merged expand on Popup (in Cross-References). When the merged link is tapped and the Popup shows, if the count of verses is within this maximum all verses are expanded to include Bible text.
    3. Translators' notes text:
      1. Default
      2. Numbers
      3. Letters
      4. Custom - any text including # and @ for automatic number and letter

      Override Bible's option to override the Bible's custom text, numbers or letters.

    4. Show Alternate title/heading in case the Bible doesn't have any (under Other Look and Feel). Also a way to change the Alternate title source default to TheWord's default.english.hdgs.twm (based on TSK) in mydata folder with also an option to select from existing Bible with titles containing both OT and NT (e.g. BSB, ISV).

      KJV and KJVLite don't have titles/headings. The Alternate Title source in the screenshot below is BSB.

      Alternate titles/headings

  3. Improved Module selection autocomplete:
    1. Pressing Back to close the soft keyboard will no longer close the list so it's possible to scroll with larger height.
    2. Option to change how to search/filter: starts with (default and old behavior), contains text.

    Module selector

  4. New CSS-based color yellow and separated Words of Jesus from old red into wjc. Updated Visual Color Theme Editor, Format, and Editor for Horizontal line and box to include yellow.
  5. Increased the paragraph spacing for commentary, dictionary and book for better legibility and visual relief.
  6. Improved Bible view preferences popup:
    1. Sort ascendingly/descendingly
    2. Search/filter - searches through original list; when filtered, the arrangement will not be saved
    3. Rearrange via drag/drop of the left side
    4. Hide via swipe right to left
    5. Reset to Default, Previously or recently saved arrangement, and reset Hidden preferences

    Bible View Preferences

  7. New Embedded Bible commentary (Deluxe) Positions: Top and Bottom. Top and Bottom forces 100% size (full width).

Bugs Fixed in Version 12.0

  1. Links won't work when the Modules path folder name contains a space.
  2. Strong popup with Morphology will make Strong popup not to work in iNT-OGNTe+ or any non-official Bibles whose Strong and Morphology tags are separated by non whitespace text.
  3. Android System WebView 89 update caused the Page Up/Down now to work anymore.

Bugs Fixed in Version 11.3.1

  1. Main Bible view Compare Strong/Morph link as popup not working.
  2. Strong popup navigation's line showing Strong and Morph: the Deluxe search includes an s prefix for Strong making it not to work.
  3. #Number search:
    1. Preference is not properly remembered
    2. Not working on encrypted Bibles

What's new in Version 11.3

  1. New Popups preference useful for smartphones: Strong popup navigation. When enabled and a Strong or Morphology is tapped on a Bible in the main view, the dictionary popup will include a Strong/Morph navigation at the top showing the following information:
    1. Blue left/right arrows for showing the previous or next Strong.
    2. Green left/right arrows for showing the previous or next Morphology or Strong (navigation includes Strong then Morphological codes).
    3. (v#/#) where the first number is the verse number which is also a link to that verse and the second number is the Strong/word position within verse.
    4. Second line showing the Strong and Morphological codes with Lemma, if any (some entries in the OT have multiple Morphological codes per Strong).

    Note: Currently, only MySword, TheWord and MyBible bibles are supported.

  2. New Morphological dictionary preference: Use Bible's morphology dictionary. Checked by default, this will make sure the packaged Morphological dictionary with the Bible is used even if there is no RMAC downloaded. To force a different dictionary, please uncheck.
  3. Improvements on the support for ESword 12.2 bbli:
    1. embedded notes/references using <not>...</not> tags
    2. <red> and <blu> tags
  4. #Number search for Deluxe. Searches for book, chapter or verse numbers given via numbers after #. E.g. #777 will try to look for book 7 (Judges) chapter 7 verse 7, any book with chapter 7 verse 77, and any book with chapter 77 verse 7.

What's new in Version 11.2

  1. Support for RVF entries of The Word dictionary, commentary and book.
  2. Support for ESword 9 and up Maps (.mapx).
  3. Verse List improvements:
    1. Added Import menu item for importing verse lists from ESword .lstx and The Word .vsls.twm. Note that for The Word, only single verses or verse range within a chapter are imported, and specific translation is not included.
    2. Added Highlight menu item for highlighting or removing highlight from all verses in the list.
  4. Tags (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Placed the verse on the title for reference
    2. Added new menu item Verse range: for specifying the range of verses to apply tags for. Note that only common tags in each verse in the range that are not custom positioned will be loaded. Edit note and custom position are disabled.
    3. Added ability to add label or description to a tag common to all verses which is useful for describing icon tags but can also be used for Adhoc and Text tags. By Default, the label is displayed both in the Tag screen as well as in Bible but can be controlled via the Tag Preferences in the menu or Bible View Preferences, respectively.

Bugs Fixed in Version 11.2

  1. A file or folder without extension in bibles, books, commentaries, dictionaries, journals and journalsbig will crash MySword at start.
  2. Create Index fails for ESword, MyBible and The Word dictionary.
  3. MyBible modules can't be properly adapted when Split modules path or private storage is used.
  4. Word Frequency fails for ESword, MyBible and The Word dictionary if there is no Exact Index.
  5. RTF (eSword or The Word) missed some non-Enlish characters:
    1. \'xx encoded characters when followed by a letter or digit, e.g. prika\'9ee will become prika
    2. Unicode > 32,768 which is encoded as negative, e.g. \u-28589
  6. HGPD and SBLGNT Bibles cause a crash in Marshmallow and older.
  7. K&D in Popup commentary list can't be opened.

What's new in Version 11.1

  1. Support for bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and books of other Bible apps. Just place the modules (zipped or not) in mysword folder in the Internal Storage and restart MySword. The following are supported:
    1. e-Sword
      1. Bibles - e-Sword version 9 to 10 (.bblx, RTF-based) and version 11 and higher (.bbli, HTML-based). Formerly, the .bblx can be renamed to .bbl.mybible but if it contained RTF formatting then they will show up in MySword, so converting to The Word then to MySword is the only alternative. But now MySword has basic RTF interpreter. Colors are mapped to MySword standard colors.
      2. Commentaries - e-Sword version 9 to 10 (.cmtx, RTF-based) and version 11 and higher (.cmti, HTML-based).
      3. Dictionaries - e-Sword version 9 to 10 (.dctx, RTF-based) and version 11 and higher (.dcti, HTML-based).
      4. Books - e-Sword version 9 to 10 (.topx and .devx, RTF-based) and version 11 and higher (.refi and .devi, HTML-based).
    2. MyBible
      1. Bibles - .SQLite3 files with optional accompanying notes in commentary file .commentaries.SQLite3. Zip file will also do.
      2. Commentaries - .commentaries.SQLite3 files.
      3. Dictionaries - .dictionary.SQLite3 files.
    3. USFM
      • The zip file name should contain the word usfm. This zip file must contain the individual books with extension .usfm. Try to test USFM zip files from
    4. The Word
      1. Bibles - only UTF-8 encoding is supported (.ont, .ot and .nt).
      2. Commentaries - .cmt.twm files.
      3. Dictionaries - .dct.twm files.
      4. Books - .gbk.twm and .dev.twm files.

      Only unencrypted and unzipped modules are supported (EXE files are not supported).

      For Commentaries, Dictionaries and Books, only RTF content is supported (RVF is not) and compressed modules are supported but not encrypted ones.

    e-Sword, MyBible and non-Bible The Word modules are not migrated into MySword format but instead adapted by adding SQLite views or adding some fields or table. USFM and The Word Bibles are migrated to MySword format and the original file is deleted. All modules are moved into the appropriate folders.

  2. New Text-to-speech (TTS) preference: Skip parallel abbreviation.
  3. New Deluxe Editor preference for smartphones via Menu: Split view panes. This will enable the split view which is only available in tablets for Deluxe. The Split icon is also now avaiable on the right pane and can make the right pane full-width hiding the Editor.
  4. New Deluxe Search preference for smartphones via Menu in Search Bible: Split view panes. This will enable the split view which is only available in tablets for Deluxe. Added also Split icon at the bottom right to cycle the split size similar to the Editor.

Bugs Fixed in Version 11.1

  1. Fixed the bug of Dark holographic theme drop down text hard to read in Android Q.
  2. File Manager tap on .mybible and Open as for .mybible.gz and no longer worked in Nougat and higher.
  3. Search History list tap sensitivity is only for the text and not the blank right of text for initial items.
  4. Edit Cross References should not have Preferences in the menu.
  5. Non-bible content popup may have an invalid creation of Bible link in case a reference pattern is found in the HTML attribute value.
  6. Strong's links on text (Deluxe) don't work on text ending in punctuation marks followed by Strong/Morphology.

What's new in Version 11.0

  1. Strong's number search for Bibles with Strong's numbers improvements:
    1. Standard search no longer requires the tailing > in case the number is less that 4 digits (e.g. G25>) for exact number match.
    2. Standard search result will now properly highlight the searched Strong's number.
    3. Standard, Exact and FTS-Exact (Deluxe) will now show and highlight the searched Strong's number even if the Show Strong's tags preference (Premium) is unchecked. This is very useful if you want to hide all Strong's numbers except the searched ones.
    4. Standard, Exact and FTS-Exact (Deluxe) with Strong's links on text preference checked will now highlight the associated phrase with the Strong's number searched.

    Search StrongSearch Strong link on text

  2. Morphological code search for Bibles with Strong's numbers and morphology improvements:
    1. Standard search result will now properly highlight the whole Morphological code even though only the prefix matched.
    2. Standard will now show and highlight the searched Morphology even if the Show Morphological tags preference (Premium) is unchecked. This is very useful if you want to hide all Morphological codes except the searched ones.
    3. Standard with Strong's links on text preference checked will now highlight the associated phrase with the Morphological code searched.
    4. You can combine Morphological code and Strong search only in Standard because the FTS Exact and Exact does not include Morphological codes.

    Search Morphology

  3. Lemma search for Bibles with Strong's numbers and morphology improvements:
    1. Standard search result will now properly highlight the Morphological code that included the lemma searched.
    2. Standard will now show and highlight the Morphology containing the searched lemma even if the Show Morphological tags preference (Premium) is unchecked. This is very useful if you want to hide all Morphological codes except the searched ones.
    3. Standard with Strong's links on text preference checked will now highlight the associated phrase with the Morphology containing the searched lemma.
    4. You can combine Morphological code, lemma and Strong search only in Standard because the FTS Exact and Exact does not include Morphological codes and thus lemma as well.

    Search Lemma

  4. Search link in Strong/Morphology dictionary for Strong/Morphology/Lemma in Bible in Deluxe for Lollipop and higher. This is useful to search for the occurrences of the Strong/Morphology/Lemma in the same Bible where it was referenced.

    Search link

  5. Floating List Navigator for search results, bookmark or verse list, and popup verse list.
    1. In the Search's menu for Preference there is a new Preference item to enable this. In Bookmark and Verse List, there is a new menu Preference similar to Search.
    2. Upon selecting a search result, bookmark or verse list item and the preference is enabled, a floting list navigator with the following buttons or display:
      1. Collapse/Expand to collapse or expand the navigation bar.
      2. Back and Forward for navigation similar to History (long tap to see Back and Forward list).
      3. Text display for verse reference, dictionary word, book title, journal id of the list item. You can tap this then drag to move the navigation bar.
      4. Preference to adjust the opacity.
      5. Close to close the navigation bar.
    3. Popups of list of verses will have List Nav link at the bottom besides Copy (consequently, Show copy for Bibles in Popups must be enabled).
    4. Only one navigation bar is used and shared among Search, Bookmark and Verse list.

    List NavigatorList Navigator Forward

  6. For fresh install, after selecting Modules path, the main look and feel is asked but you can skip it. You can set if you want Compact mode or not, Classic colored icons or modern, and Light or Dark color theme.
  7. Everytime MySword is started and there is an internet connection, MySword will check if there is an update to the app and ask the user if the new version should be downloaded and installed.

Bugs Fixed in Version 11.0

  1. Non-English languages still has the following in English:
    1. Edit Cross-References (Deluxe) menu items: Copy with text and Share.
    2. Editor's Insert box's background.
    3. Reading Plan (Deluxe) menu item: Style read content.
  2. Preferences' Language don't properly select English as current but always selects the first.
  3. Active edit of Format in non-Bibles (Deluxe) can corrupt the Bible format in case a Bible link was tapped then the changes saved.

What's new in Version 10.5

  1. Export/Import Modules List for ease of downloading all modules selected in old device for the new one.
    1. Export Modules List in the Menu->Copy/Export to export into MySwordModulesList.txt to a desired path. This can then be shared or copied to a new device.
    2. Import Modules List in the Menu of Download Modules screen.
  2. New Other Look and Feel Preference: Show menu/action link in Bible. This is an alternative to long tap to open the context menu.
  3. New Long tap menu for Bible: Add/Edit notes. Useful if you don't want to go to the Notes screen anymore just to add/edit notes. If you can't see it at the bottom of the long tap menu, please go back to Preferences and enable the new menu item.
  4. Editor's Mini Bible Viewer for Deluxe is now a full fledge viewer for all Module types with history navigation. Long tap to use old Bible only viewer.

Bugs Fixed in Version 10.5

  1. Download modules screen Install size overflow to negative when total install size exceeds 2GB but download is just fine.
  2. Invalid verse chapter:verse with number 0 as possibly the result of a Commentary search (chapter 0 and verse 0 are book and chapter introductions, repectively) can crash the Verse Selector.

Bugs Fixed in Version 10.4.1

  1. Popups don't work when Large is selected in the Button size preference.

What's new in Version 10.4

  1. Popup dialog improvements:
    1. Popup can now be dragged around via the title bar.
    2. Ability to show full screen (but not fully immersed):
      1. Toggle full screen button on the top right for Popup with long content. Enabled by default in the preferences Popups section.
      2. Option in the preferences Popups section to always use full screen for long content.
  2. Text-to-speech now supports the language (Details table, language field) set for non-Bible modules (Deluxe).
  3. Split windows (Deluxe) Sync option for Dictionaries in Preferences under Display settings useful for syncing Strong dictionaries.

Bugs Fixed in Version 10.4

  1. Including HGPD (or Bibles with Hebrew OT and Greek NT) in parallel in OT will make English translations right aligned too due to forced RTL.
  2. Arrange Long tap menu don't remember unchecked items.
  3. Copy (current verse via button or menu) in Bible view in Compare or Parallel causes a crash.
  4. Adhoc tags (Deluxe) with long text may pull the commentary, map and people links down the next line but the width of the tag is still full width making the rightmost overflow of the screen to the right requiring a horizontal scroll.

What's new in Version 10.3

  1. New Preferences:
    1. Show paragraph marker - shows pilcrow ¶ at the beginning of the verse in non-paragraph mode.

      Show paragraph marker

    2. Module selection autocomplete - for faster selection of a module in case of long list. Default to disabled.
  2. Popup of Bible in full chapter improvement: tapping the verse number will no longer close the popup.
  3. People selection dialog in case there are many people in a verse no longer closes automatically after selecting a person.
  4. Verse number will no longer be dangled at the end of the line in paragraph mode (Premium).

Bugs Fixed in Version 10.3

  1. Text-to-speech on Popup of Bible bug fixes:
    1. Full chapter skips content if there are map, people links.
    2. (Parallel) and (Copy) links are read though (Compare) is not. All should be ignored.
  2. Popup shows duplicate Compare, Parallel and Copy links for single verse when Compact Bible is set.
  3. Long tap text selection wrong verse number in popup menu in case of new paragraph.

What's new in Version 10.2

  1. Main window Copy (all text or page, current verse, verse range) improvements when WYSIWYG Editor is used:
    1. Copy will include both HTML and plain text versions for the Clipboard. MS Word and Chrome-based apps like GMail supports the HTML version, others just plain text but without the old MySword Wiki tags.
    2. Copy settings for Copy verse range with the following options:
      1. Place verse ref at the end
      2. Complete book name
      3. Verse per line
      4. Retain paragraph and poetry
      5. Make links work outside MySword
      6. Link format
      7. Number format

      Copy settings

  2. Added Copy verse and verse range to Long tap menu. If you can't see the new items at the bottom of the long tap menu, please go back to Preferences and enable the new menu items.
  3. Designate a Journal entry as Scratch pad for Kitkat or higher where you can send text content to from:
    1. Selection in any module type view like Bible, Book, Dictionary, Commentary, Journal and Notes.
    2. Bible verse range with text

    The new Scratch pad icon/button is found near the far right of the bottom bar for non-Compact mode. For Compact mode, you will need to customize the bottom buttons to include it. Long tap the icon for settings with the following options:

    1. Select Journal/Topic as scratch pad
    2. Option to always select scratch pad journal
    3. Option to send link only for non-Bible and non-selection
    4. Link format for non-Bible links
    5. Reset link format to default
  4. Popup and Search/Editor Preview improvement: support for external http/https links.
  5. WYSIWYG Editor improvements (Premium): Insert Bible link and Search Bible's Paste verse type of Verse range with text now has an option to use HTML using copy settings. The Deluxe Split for tablet's Copy verse range (long tap) also have that option.

    Copy HTML in editor

Bugs Fixed in Version 10.2

  1. XRef and Merged Bible references popup's RTL verse link don't work.

What's new in Version 10.1

  1. Editor Paste Special using long tap on the Paste button for HTML/formatted content with the following options:
    1. Paste as is - similar to long tap on the Editor, tap the caret/insert handle to show menu, then tap Paste.
    2. Adapt font sizes - make all hard-coded font sizes, paddings, margins, line height and text indents (px and pt) into proportional to MySword's Text size so it can be zoomed.
    3. Adapt colors - make all text and background colors adapt to MySword Color Theme so it will adapt to different Themes like light or dark ones.
    4. No colors - remove all text and backtround colors.
    5. No styles - remove all CSS styles (formatting).
    6. Text size - default to 100 (%) used by Adapt font sizes option.
    7. Preview - preview before pasting.
  2. People relationship diagram improvement: the Show people link preference now shows the following options:
    1. Hide
    2. All - the old behavior of showing for all verses
    3. Humans only - don't show the link for God as it's already obvious and will clutter the end of verses, especially in Psalms (note that the diagram will still include God)
    4. No single nodes - exclude also persons without named direct ancestor or child like Paul
  3. Replacement of Choose folder using ES File Explorer for Lollipop and higher.

Bugs Fixed in Version 10.1

  1. Embedded translators' notes is not working on notes on titles, e.g. Psa 34:1 BSB.
  2. Split windows (Deluxe) of 3 or more panes with 2 or more non-bible panes of similar type (e.g. commentary or dictionary) but different content will have a mixed up title when Tags are updated in the Bible pane.
  3. Insert File Link in Editor (Deluxe) uses the Internal Storage file in case of same path name as External Storage.

What's new in Version 10.0

  1. People relationship (ancestor/descendant) diagram for Kitkat and higher:
    1. Switch between Regular left to right tree view or Radial view.
    2. Expand/collapse ancestor and descendant line.
    3. Show information about a person including verses he/she is found.

    Enable the feature in Preferences->Other Look and Feel (or just search for people).

    The first image below shows David's family tree in the Default Horizontal Tree view while the second shows Joseph's family tree in the Radial view in Dark mode.

    David's Family Tree Joseph's Family Tree

  2. Navigation bar (bottom for those without hardware buttons) now has the same background color as the Status bar above in Material Theme.
  3. Highlight screen improvement: added Search in the Menu to search the Bible for occurrences of the highlight.
  4. New display preference: Compact view page scroller (show or hide).
  5. New Bible view preference (Deluxe): Hide annotations. Hides notes, tags, custom cross-references, Bible pictures, embedded Bible commentary, commentary links, map links and people links (per split window).

Bugs Fixed in Version 10.0

  1. Red circle location markers in Maps are no longer showing in Chrome/WebView 72.0.3226.96 update.
  2. Dark Holographic Theme for Android Pie shows a menu with black text over dark gray background:
    1. Full screen then tap alternate Menu (upper right).
    2. Overflow Menu (top right) for all screens.
  3. Select Journal entry could crash in Android Pie if the Id box is not focused.
  4. Search Highlight don't remember properly the highlight upon return from the main screen (it's usually one less in color position).
  5. Edit Cross References (Deluxe) crashes on Remove and there are no references.
  6. Format (Deluxe) crashes on very short verse with 10 or less characters (e.g. 1Th 5:17 Korean).
  7. Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe):
    1. Division has ugly blurring if with image background. If using prebuilt Color theme, just reselect it; otherwise, please edit the custom Color Theme, check then uncheck the Tile then save again.
    2. The horizontal scroll bar is thick in some devices like Samsung.
    3. Page navigation does not go to the end in some devices though swiping still works.

What's new in Version 9.5

  1. Content scroll bar improvements:
    1. New Display Preference: Always show scroll bars.
    2. Scroll bar is now visible in white background using Dark Theme or black background in Light Theme.
    3. The scroll bar color can be customized in CSS Editor: .scrollbar{color:rgba(192,0,0,0.5);} Note that this is not available in the Visual Editor but it can be previewed there.

      Scroll bar styling

  2. Search Bible Verse list menu improvements: added Copy and Copy with text to copy the result to Clipboard without going to Verse List Manager and affecting the current Verse List group. The formatting is compatible or similar to Verse List Manager's.
  3. New Popup Preference: Show Copy in Bibles. Bible popups will have a Copy link besides the Commentary and Compare/Parallel links.
  4. Preview (Search, Editor and others) improvement: added Find in page in the menu.
  5. Support for expand dictionary reference for dictionary module like OGNTd.
  6. Margin and padding are removed in embedded commentary for better display (e.g. Psa 119:41, 57, 81, 137 Poole).
  7. Support for embedded RX, FR, FI, Strong tags inside RF tags in Bible modules.
  8. About Module improvements: support for Bible links, display filename.

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.5

  1. Export page crash in case the page is too large like ISBE entry for Jesus Christ or OGNTla Rom 1.
  2. .mybible-shm and .mybible-wal temporary files are not deleted in newer versions of Android.
  3. The HLSA controls of the Visual Theme Editor (Premium) are too compacted in Material Theme.
  4. About Module external links without http(s):// cause a crash.

What's new in Version 9.4

  1. Preferences improvement:
    1. Search/filter to easily find a preference.
    2. Removed the OK button in Search as it is redundant as Back is enough and it's confusing to the search function.

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.4

  1. Crash after download modules in a fresh install in Android Nougat 7.1.1.
  2. Long tap text popup menu no longer appears in Android Pie.
  3. file:// links in journals and notes no longer worked and go to Parallel view instead.
  4. Arrange Compare/Parallel/ Commentaries/Dictionaries named selection arrangement of non-existing module also affects first module and other non-existing modules.

What's new in Version 9.3

  1. Preview and View Clipboard in Bible Bookmark similar to Verse List.
  2. New Popups preference: Compare/Parallel link as icon. This is to make (Compare) and the new (Parallel) link as icons for a more compact view.

    Compare/Parallel link as icon

    The 4 row icon is the Commentary link while the 3 column icon is the Parallel link.

  3. Bible Compare now has a special link to Arrange Bibles for Compare (Free, Premium and Deluxe), and selectable list of named selections for Jellybean and higher (Deluxe).

    Named compare list Named compare selection

  4. New preference Parallel in single column which is useful for smartphones where every translation is in a separate line similar to Compare (but unlike Compare which shows only one verse, the Parallel view shows one Chapter). This was inspired by OGNT-NET that has both NET and OGNT Greek text in the same module. Why not allow users to select what modules to have in a display similar to Compare but for the whole chapter, instead of creating custom Bible modules?

    Single column Parallel view

  5. Bible Parallel now has a special link to Arrange Bibles for Parallel (Free, Premium and Deluxe), and selectable list of named selections for Jellybean and higher (Deluxe).

    Named parallel list Named parallel selection

  6. Arrange Compare, Parallel, Commentaries and Dictionaries now have named selection (Deluxe) similar to Map Locations and Search Selection:
    1. Manage (add/remove/save/retrieve) named selection of modules
    2. Filter the list
    3. Select all/none
  7. Multiple language support in TTS for Popups and non-Bible views (Deluxe). The non-Bible module should have a lang attribute for block tags like p, div, h#, li, td or inline span using 2 or 3 letter ISO language code supported by Android/Java Locale. Compare and Parallel popups already injects the language.
  8. Editor improvement: insert verse with text will now include lang attribute in case the Bible has a specified language so that the TTS will work better supporting multiple languages.

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.3

  1. Text-to-speech in some devices crashes due to IllegalArgumentException or NullPointerException.
  2. Text-to-speech for Bible Compare scrolling is off by one translation.
  3. + sign in the RF tags in Bible (translators' notes) is not displayed in the popup.
  4. MySword restarts in Oreo when the WebView is killed by the system to reclaim memory.

What's new in Version 9.2

  1. Text-to-speech improvements:
    1. New Repeat modes:
      1. Continuous - goes to the next book.
      2. Repeat verse range - repeats a specified number of verses. Deluxe version allows more than one verse.
    2. Support for multiple languages (if it's available in the Default TTS Engine) for Bible modules:
      • The language field of the Details table of the Bible file should be properly set though to the 3 letter ISO code of the language (See About module); or
      • Go to the Download modules so that the mysword_modules.xml file in the mysword/download folder will be created and used as a source of the language mapping; or
      • Update the newly created file tts-module-language-map.txt in the mysword/mydata folder to include mapping for unofficial Bible modules.
    3. Interlinear support for mixed English and Greek or Hebrew for non-parallel view. Hebrew was not tested as it's not yet available in Google TTS.
    4. Support for Parallel Bible view (Premium).
    5. Repeat count for repeat page and verse range (Deluxe).
  2. Option to show commentary compare link on Commentary view at the right of the heading.
    1. On Other look and feel preference, there is Show compare in Commentary.
    2. Commentary link text is the same as in Commentary link for the Bible view.
  3. Dictionary view's heading can now be tapped to see the word in other similar dictionaries for Kitkat and higher similar to popups.
  4. Added Compact mode checkbox in Preferences under Display settings for devices whose Menu/Gear button doesn't work.
  5. Search improvement in selections (Deluxe): management of selections (add/delete/save/retrieve) in case there are more than 2.

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.2

  1. Menu/Gear button not working in some devices.
  2. In Nougat or higher, Dark Holographic Theme, the Search history, Select verse Type selector on top and the module selector of the Editor in Split mode (Deluxe) are not easily readable.
  3. Summary (Deluxe) bugs:
    1. Commentary and map links are included.
    2. Summary sentences don't have the original accents/diacritics where as the Summary highlight have them.

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1.2

  1. Compare, Parallel Arrangement, Compare Commentaries, Compare Dictionaries and Long tap popup menu in Preferences crash in Marshmallow and Nougat 7.0.
  2. Dark Material Theme in Marshmallow and higher has the green in Commentary/Dictionary indicator not easily readable.
  3. Dark Material Theme in Marshmallow and higher has a different color accent.
  4. Talk back: verse selector bible reference and Grid verse selector book are read using abbreviation so not friendly.

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1.1

  1. Tapping Strong link and dictionary popup is not enabled or no popups had been shown yet: Processing failed with error: Attempt to invoke interface method 'java.util.Iterator java.util.List.iterator()' on a null object reference. Please retry.
  2. In Nougat or higher, Select path using ES File Explorer or tapping external links created by the Editor: ... file:///... exposed beyond app through Intent.getData().
  3. In Nougat or higher, Dark Holographic Theme has some combo box items in dark text against gray background and not easily readable (example Search parameters).
  4. In Nougat or higher, Material Theme, Compact mode in phones, the module abbreviation in the selector is tightly squeezed.
  5. In Nougat or higher, Editor's Insert File link (Deluxe) no longer works.

What's new in Version 9.1

  1. Map improvements:
    1. Modern map only option (no overlay of map from Map book module).
    2. More missing locations added (12 Tribes, Israel and Philistines).


    3. Location Information's Root can now be tapped.
    4. Location Information's Comments can now have Alternate coordinates which can be shown upon tapping (e.g Hosah in Jos 19:29, Bezer in Jos 20:8, Baalath beer in Jos 19:8).
    5. (Deluxe) Manage (add/remove/save/retrieve) locations with add locations in verse range (use Location icon below Zoom +/- in upper left)
    6. (Deluxe) Open in Google Maps a location in popup
  2. Notes icon in Bible view can now be styled using CSS (img inside A tag is now dropped). The following are examples:
      content:'note'; display:block;
      font-family:'Material Icons';
  3. Better paragraph mode support (Premium) for Bible verse range Popup and Harmony reference expansion of a short Bible verse range that may not contain paragraph nor poetry tags even though the Bible had them elsewhere.
  4. Export (Premium) improvement: module links like Bible refs can now be tapped and MySword Bible can be selected to open it.

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.1

  1. The Map link icon and the new Commentary link show as long blanks in Kitkat or lower, or Lollipop to Nougat with very old Android System WebView.
  2. Embedded commentary with link to the same commentary does not properly work.
  3. Opening of Map in freshly installed MySword where no picture is yet displayed in Books could display the error: Map file not saved into storage successfully.
  4. About Module does not show in case there is only one Bible.
  5. Commentary link and Dictionary Compare popup's View more does not automatically close the list if Commentary/Dictionary link is not popup.
  6. Editor's Insert link (or paste via search, mini bible viewer or copy from right preview pane) with text (range or not) that use Bible with abbreviation containing + do work (e.g. Byz2005+, Tanakh+)

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.0.1

  1. Embedded Bible Commentary does not revert to None but to Personal Notes in the Preferences.

What's new in Version 9.0

  1. Bible pictures anchored to a verse using Bible picture commentaries (please download Bible Picture under Commentary; the pictures are © Sweet Publishing (, available under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License (3.0)):
    1. Size can be adjusted, even iconized and tapping shows the picture
    2. The position can be left or right
    3. New Bible view preference to show/hide pictures

    Picture Picture

  2. Bible Maps using MySword Maps module with embedded geo-locations (the latitude/longitude of the locations in the Bible are taken from licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license)
    1. Currently, the updated Rand McNally (R.M.) Atlas and the new David Rumsey Historical Map Collection can be used. (Please download under Graphic)
    2. The map modules has a special Bible Map link to show the map with important locations in markers.
    3. A verse with a location will show a Map link (Location icon place), tapping it will show the map immediately or a selection of map options with score/points at the end (the higher, the more locations included and the narrower the width).
    4. The Map uses the MySword Map module picture overlaid on Modern terrain map which will only show if the Internet is enabled. Sliding the bar on the top adjusts the opacity of the overlay. The +/- icon is used to zoom aside from pinch zoom. The modern map beneath can be selected using the upper-right button.
    5. Tapping the location marker fiber_manual_record shows location information. A link to lookup dictionaries is also available for the Deluxe version.

    Below are Bible maps for Mat 4:25; the first uses Rumsey's Palestine Jerusalem at 100% opacity; the second is at 0% opacity using NASA as the modern map; the third is also at 0% opacity using OpenStreetMap.FR as the modern map:
    Mat 4:25 map Mat 4:25 map NASA Mat 4:25 map OSM

    Below are Bible maps for Rev 1:11; the first uses Rand-McNally's Isles of Greece and the Seven Churches at 70% opacity using Stamen as the modern map; the second is at 0% opacity using OpenTopoMap as the modern map:
    Rev 1:11 map Rev 1:11 map Topo

  3. Embedded commentary on Bible (Deluxe version):
    1. Select a desired commentary or Personal notes or none
    2. Translators' notes can also be embedded
    3. Size can be adjusted
    4. The position can be left or right
    5. The number of characters to include can be set, any excess can be view via View more
    6. New Bible view preferences to show/hide embedded commentary and translators' notes

    Note: The Free and Premium version has a demo for ever first chapter of any book.

    Below are screen shots; the first is for John 6 using JFB as the embedded commentary; the second is Proverbs 1 KJV with Embedded Bible commentary as None but Embedded translators' notes checked:
    John 6 JFB commentary Proverbs 1 KJV notes

  4. New default commentary link text based on Material icon font. The old default SVG is now a second option.
  5. Text-to-speech shorter delay at the end of the verse in case the verse ends with space, comma, semi-colon, colon or hyphen.
  6. Verse selector Grid improvement on some phablets: better distribution of columns and rows.
  7. Added menu Share (Premium) in Bookmarks (Bible only) and Verse List.
  8. New long tap popup menu: Highlight word (Deluxe).

Bugs Fixed in Version 9.0

  1. Self links for titles with a space in books work in popup but not in main screen.
  2. Search Journal sets the current book topic to the current journal topic.
  3. KJVLite link in compare goes to KJV. Also true for those with abbreviation that ends with Lite or Full like CUV/S-Lite and CUV/T-Lite.
  4. Auto detect verse (Editor or popup) splits 1/2 Corinthians to use the word or as a separator even though there is no space when it is preceded by another verse, e.g. Pro 1:1, 1Cor 13:1.
  5. The Prev/Next bottom links in Mini Bible viewer of Editor don't work.

What's new in Version 8.4

  1. Arrange long tap popup menu items.
  2. New long tap popup menu: Quick highlight verse - use the previously selected highlight (including remove highlight).
  3. Long tap highlight verse other than the current will no longer scroll back to the current verse.
  4. Support for LG Split windows.
  5. Preferences menu item in Search for the results: Show highlights, Show tags, Collapse adhoc tags. Highlights included formats. Adhoc tags' notes can be collapsed so that very long notes will not clutter the results page.
  6. New Bible view preference: Collapse tags. This will collapse all tags in a verse into one Tag icon for the main Bible screen and the Editor Bible views.
  7. Reading Plan (Deluxe) generation improvement for Gospels in one year and Act - Rev in one year.

Bugs Fixed in Version 8.4

  1. $ in Bible text is rendered as Null inside formatting tags like Red, Italics, OT quotes and Translators' notes.
  2. Viewing images using external app may fail when MySword opened another app, was evicted from memory then was restarted.
  3. Reading Plan Own Pace crashes when adding Reading of single chapter book with chapter number 1, e.g. Oba 1 or 2Jn 1.

What's new in Version 8.3

  1. Highlight's Range now included Bible verse text similar to Verse List.
  2. MySword links now support list of verses like,32;3:1-3,23-24 or,9.10,23_23
  3. New export menu action (Premium): Preview exported file. Printing (Deluxe) and saving to PDF will now be a lot easier.
  4. New option on the Export Page and Notes/Journal to file (Premium): Preview exported file. Printing (Deluxe) and saving to PDF will now be a lot easier.

Bugs Fixed in Version 8.3

  1. Editor's edit image attributes no longer work properly in recent WebView 58 and higher update.
  2. Parallel Bible view's go to Next/Prev chapter does not automatically scroll back to top.

What's new in Version 8.2

  1. Notes and Journal Editor improvement: Extract keywords save as tags in menu.
  2. Non-English language in Android Setting will now only suggest bibles in that language for the first time install in Download modules screen.
  3. New long tap menu action (Deluxe) in Bible, Commentary and Notes views: Search bible verse.
  4. Added Extract keywords (Deluxe) under Stats and other info menu.

Bugs Fixed in Version 8.2

  1. Arrange buttons OK/Cancel are not visible in phones in landscape mode.
  2. Search results bottom page navigation does not automatically scroll to the top.
  3. Search result Split Preview on the right for tablets (Deluxe) does not automatically scroll back to top when changing item in non-Bible search
  4. Search result item tap does not automatically refresh the Split Preview (Deluxe) in NET if the tapped word is an OT quote which is bold or italic.

What's new in Version 8.1

  1. Bookmark and Verse List improvement: rearrange by drag and drop in non-Default Theme (Honeycomb and higher).
  2. Added new Other Look and Feel Preference: With verse number spaces (uncheck for compact verse number but might be harder to tap for single digits). There is still a space between the number and the text after and if you want it removed, you can go to Color Theme CSS Editor and add .verno{margin-right:-0.3em}
  3. Added Copy with text in menu of Bookmarks and Verse list to include Bible text in copy (tab-delimited CSV format).
  4. Parallel Bible header now sticks on the top when scrolled for Jellybean or higher.
  5. Default Theme is no longer supported for Honeycomb and higher in the Preferences. Please use Holographic or Material Theme instead.
  6. New menu Copy no format (Premium) for Preview.
  7. Added new Premium Compare arrangement Preferences: Arrange Commentaries and Arrange Dictionaries.
  8. Tag (Deluxe) drag arrange improvement: can now drag beyond top and bottom edges.

Bugs Fixed in Version 8.1

  1. The Exit menu item is half displayed in Phones on Non-Compact Mode.
  2. Menu (or Gear button) is not working on Large Lollipop and higher tablets using Default Theme and non-Compact Mode.
  3. Format Commentary (Deluxe) does not work on verse range if the current verse is not the same as the starting verse (e.g. MHWBC Mat 4:1-12 and current verse is 4).
  4. Horizontal Scrolling (Deluxe) load of a verse on the next page sometimes does not scroll to that verse.
  5. Tag (Deluxe) bugs:
    1. Edit tag does not reflect on the list but saved and reflected in Bible view.
    2. Filter is not working on Used category.
  6. Popup Select in Split windows (Deluxe) does not automatically change the module type top bar unless content is tapped.

Bugs Fixed in Version 8.0.1

MySword 8.0.1 is just a bugfix and there are no new features added. The following are the bugs fixed:

  1. Some download module problems in Honeycomb and higher.

What's new in Version 8.0

  1. Google Play tablet support compliance. For tablets without physical home/back buttons in Non-Compact mode, the virtual menu at the bottom right is now gone but a new one is displayed at the upper right. This is an alternate to the (Blue) Gear button at the bottom and can be hidden in Preferences->Display settings (can also be shown in phones, though it will cramp the upper buttons area).
  2. New Display setting: Scroll auto select verse. Scrolling that causes the current verse to be out of view will automatically select a visible verse adding to navigation history and syncing also other views in case of split view.
  3. Support for special commentary link/href of the form of 'c-* verse' or 'c-= verse' for Kitkat and higher for module creators:
    1. 'c-* verse' will show a list of commentaries that has entry for the verse, a popup showing the commentary entry will appear when a commentary is selected. In case there is only one commentary where it is found, the list will no longer show.
    2. 'c-= verse' will show a list of commentaries with plain text content (first 500 characters) for the verse, a popup showing the full commentary entry will appear when a commentary abbreviation is tapped.
    3. At the top of the list of commentaries, there is Compare which shows the first 500 characters of each commentary.
    4. The Compare max length default of 500 can be changed in Preferences->Other Look and Feel.
  4. Option to show commentary link on Bible verse which shows a list of commentaries for the verse:
    1. On Other look and feel preference, there is Show commentary link to add a link at the end of every verse. Also added it near the end of Bible Preferences.
    2. Commentary link text can be selected from a list of symbols and emojis or a Custom text can be entered.
    3. At the top of the list of commentaries, there is Compare which shows the first 500 characters of each commentary.
    4. Added Commentary link on Bible verse popup as well as the Merged XRefs and Bible references.
  5. Long-tap verse popup menu now included Commentaries for the verse which list all commentaries with entries and a Compare option at the top of the list.
  6. Better support for Morphology dictionaries:
    1. It is now possible to select a different Morphology dictionary other than the default RMAC (in Preferences). For module creators, add a field to Details table named Morphology and set the value to 1.
    2. Morphology links with codes not found in the selected Morphology dictionary will be automatically looked up on other morphology dictionaries so that different formatting or codes like in BIB can use its internal dictionary instead of the RMAC.
  7. Bibles with many verse rules now load a little bit faster (e.g. BHSE).
  8. Editor improvements:
    1. Support for abbreviation with spaces in dictionary, commentary and book links.
    2. Support for icons subfolders in Insert Icon (Deluxe).
  9. Highlighting/Formatting for non-Bible views (Deluxe):
    1. Select any text range (even partial words) and apply Bold, Italic, Underline, Color, Highlight and Box similar to Bible's Format feature.
    2. Insert after a highlighted text an Adhoc notes similar to Bible's Tag text or Adhoc notes.
    3. Insert after a highlighted text an icon similar to Bible's Tag icons.
    4. Edit the HTML content of the selected text (the whole encompassing HTML element's content).
    5. Enable editing directly of content for direct annotation.
    6. Search also included a new search type: Format


    Note that the edited content is not directly saved to overwrite the original content but only the difference with the original content (diff patch) is saved in format file. If there is a significant change in the original content (updated module), some diff patches may not work because of missing anchor context.

  10. Reading Plan Own Pace (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Picking up created journals for a verse range read is now accurate to the verse number (before only up to the chapter number).
    2. Adding a verse reading now gives a warning when the verse from or to is invalid.
  11. Long tap lookup dictionaries (Deluxe) now included Compare which shows the first 500 characters of each dictionary. The Compare max length default of 500 can be changed in Preferences->Other Look and Feel.

Bugs Fixed in Version 8.0

  1. Nougat Standard Verse Selector bugs:
    1. Selecting NT in Range then selecting a book causes a crash.
    2. Selecting a Jump book then selecting another book sometimes retains the highlight on the previous book.
  2. Error loading bible chapter with a verse containing empty Translators notes: <RF><Rf>; e.g. version 2.3.1 or lower of ASV.
  3. Book/Journal links to itself does not work in popup if the active book/journal is different (e.g. a book link is added to a journal entry).
  4. When Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe) is enabled and in Parallel view, the Scroll Up/Down buttons don't work.
  5. Reading Plan (Deluxe) crashes when checking Rev 22.

What's new in Version 7.4

  1. Search Highlight improvement: added option for All which also shows the highlight on verse references.
  2. Text-to-speech (TTS) improvements:
    1. Better support for TS2009's Hebrew and for other modules as well: This will prevent Hebrew words and other non-English words from being skipped by TTS. A word map file named tts-wordmap.txt is created on the mydata folder. It is initially configured for TS2009 and the associated dictionary with 2 Hebrew word entries mapping to English equivalents, and two quotes used in Hebrew names transliterate to English. Please see the file on how to extend it and use for other modules as well.
    2. Speeds greater than 1 now have proportionate faster pause between verses.
  3. Popup improvements:
    1. Dictionary popups now has a heading that can be tapped to see the word in other similar dictionaries for Kitkat and higher. This is useful for example in Strong's popup and you want also to see it in AHLB without going back to the Main view. For Strong's, the equivalent Hebrew/Greek word or phrase or break down of words in the phrase are also looked up so that Hebrew/Greek dictionaries are also used.
    2. Non-range verses in Merged Bible references now have Compare links (also in Verse List preview).
    3. Auto-detect verses now included the following book abbreviations: Gn, Lv, Nm, Dt, Mr, Jo, Rv.
  4. New preference: Compact buttons opacity. You can now adjust the opacity (default 70%) of the compact mode buttons and page scrollers. Please see the Display settings section.
  5. Support for special dictionary link/href of the form of 'd-*word' or 'd-=word' for Kitkat and higher for module creators:
    1. 'd-*word' will show a list of non-Strong dictionaries where the word or nearest it is found, a popup showing the dictionary entry will appear when a dictionary is selected.
    2. 'd-=word' will only show Strong's in case the dictionary it is used is Strong, all otherwise.
    3. 'd-=word1%09word2%09word3' will lookup the tab delimited words beginning with the leftmost and using exact or no accent (if available) match.
    4. 'd-=Strong' will lookup not only Strong but also Hebrew/Greek dictionaries. Actually all dictionaries will be looked up except those whose abbreviations are in the active settings.mybible tabletsettings table entry for strong.lookup.exclude.list (default to all English/Bible dictionaries).
    5. In case there is only one dictionary where it is found, the list will no longer show.
  6. Better no accent dictionary word (if dictionary has it) support: switching between 2 dictionaries with different accent but same no accent is now possible.
  7. Editor improvements:
    1. Popup notes Full editor now supports images just like the Tag notes editor.
    2. Added Find in Page in Mini Bible viewer (Premium).
    3. Detect verses now included the following book abbreviations: Gn, Lv, Nm, Dt, Mr, Jo, Rv.
  8. File export (Premium) improvement: images under images and icons external folder are now properly exported.
  9. Support for Text-to-speech (TTS) for popups (Deluxe). The play/stop button is on the lower right. You can disable (hide the button) by going to Menu->Preferences->Popups then uncheck Text-to-speech.
  10. Support for dictionary lookup (Deluxe) on text selection for Kitkat and higher for popups, Search/Editor preview, Editor Mini Bible viewer, and Search/Editor split panes on the right. Note that the Display setting/preference Long tap popup menu should be checked.
  11. Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe) new preference: Repeat background into columns. When the number of columns is 2 or more and a background image is set in the Color Theme, you can check this setting so that the image will be duplicated per column. Please see the Display settings section.
  12. Dictionary lookup improvements (Deluxe):
    1. Dictionary lookup in... now properly supports no accent if the dictionary has the special field.
    2. Long tap Dictionary button for lookup new option: List dictionaries instead of using Main/Secondary. This is useful for Jellybean or lower as the popup menu is not supported.
    3. Dictionary lookup in... list will not auto close in case Dictionary as popup is checked.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.4

  1. The Bible verse rule will fail if it is a replacement of empty string.
  2. Backup/Restore does not include verse list, reading plan, synonyms and other custom settings files.
  3. Insert book link in Editor creates an invalid link without book if the current book is different.
  4. Compare link is not working in Mini Bible viewer (Premium) of the Editor.
  5. Reading Plan (Deluxe) bug fixes:
    1. Multiple readings are always ordered by Bible books and not by original tracks like in M’Cheyne (e.g. day 1 should be Gen 1, Mat 1, Ezr 1 and Act 1; Mat and Ezr should not be reversed).
    2. M’Cheyne Aug 4 to Dec 31 should have Psalms first before Luke/John.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.3.1

MySword 7.3.1 is just a bugfix and there are no new features added. The following are the bugs fixed:

  1. Popups do not work properly on Large Button size setting.
    1. An error message is displayed regarding setVisibility or null.
    2. Some popups like Extract verses, Compare via long tap menu, Search results and Editor previews crash MySword.

What's new in Version 7.3

  1. Search improvements for encrypted modules:
    1. For English modules, a use FTS message no longer pops up as it is already made the default.
    2. For non-English modules like ABP and HiSB, the No accent (diacritics) index is automatically selected if available and no use FTS message is displayed.
    3. Create or use FTS message now also includes No accent (diacritics) in the suggestion.
  2. Grid Verse Selector improvement for tablets: chapter and verse now initially scrolls to the current making them visible in case of long list like Psa 78 and 119.
  3. Bible compare improvement: the notes icon (if any) is now linked to the notes.
  4. WYSIWYG Editor copy/insert verse improvements: bold, italic and words of Jesus format are now retained.
  5. Lemma lookup:
    1. Support for Lemma lookup for Bibles with Morphology and parsing info like Byz2005++, GRV, GRVx, TR and TRa:
      1. The lemma link is placed besides the Morphology key
      2. The Greek and Hebrew Lemma dictionaries for lookup can be set on the Preferences. The default for Greek is either LSJ or MLSJ if present. Currently, there is no official Hebrew dictionary that can be used for Lemma lookup yet except SEC of BHSE (which is just based on BDB/Thayer/Strong).
      3. The dictionary lookup is no accent if the dictionary supports it like the LSJ and MLSJ.
    2. Lemma lookup can also be used for Strong's dictionaries: The Original line with Hebrew and Greek words afterwards will have individual word links in case the Lemma dictionaries are selected (multiple words lookup will not do). This is useful for KJV and those with Strong's but no Morphology Lemma entries so you can directly link to other dictionaries like LSJ or MLSJ.
  6. Editor's Mini Bible Viewer (Premium) improvements:
    1. Modern theme is now supported.
    2. Added Copy verse button before the Close button to copy the currently selected verse into the Editor.
    3. In WYSIWYG, taping a Bible link then opening the Mini Bible Viewer will automatically go to that verse and translation.
  7. Tag (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Additional filter types (upper left selector) aside from All, Text and Icon, and changed behavior:
      1. Used - only those that are currently used (use count is not zero). This is useful for making the Tag screen load faster.
      2. External - icons in the external folder (named icons) only. Note only the icons on the root folder are listed.
      3. sub-folders inside the external folder. This is useful for grouping external icons. Please note that in case you manually move icons from the root to sub-folders for organization purposes, take care to update also manually the folder field of the tag records affected in tags.mybible file tags table using an SQLite Manager.
      4. All - note that this does not include the sub-folders for performance reasons.
      5. Text - no longer includes used external folder icons.
    2. Filter type and filter text/key are now saved in the settings database so that they are remembered in case of reboot or MySword is evicted by the Android OS from memory.
    3. Added Menu->Default placement so you can select other than Default.
    4. Delete tag used in verses is now possible but with confirmation code.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.3

  1. List selection highlighting is not properly working in Android Nougat in Standard and Dialer, Editor's add image and the Deluxe Group Bookmark and Verse List.
  2. Search of Encrypted modules like ABP and HiSB always uses the FTS if present even if No accent (diacritics) is selected and index was present.
  3. Notes details crashes in case you are editing a verse of a book that is not available in the active Bible, e.g. editing Pro 1:1 using JMNT which is NT only.
  4. Horizontal Scrolling (Deluxe feature) is no longer working in Chrome WebView 46 and higher (Lollipop and higher) on Search results, right preview pane (tablet) as well as the non-tablet's Preview for search View more and Editor.
  5. Highlight Words (Deluxe feature) crashes when selecting a new highlight color.

What's New in Version 7.2

  1. Find in page for all views in the main screen via Menu useful for locating text within a page for non-Bible modules.

    Find in Page

  2. WYSIWYG Editor improvement: popup link as a new type of hyperlink for popup text which also had an option to use a full WYSIWYG Editor. Formerly, this is only made possible via Custom Link and using prefix r for the link but embedding HTML things is complicated. The new popup link WYSIWYG Editor simplifies that.
  3. Embedded XRefs in Bible modules improvement, support for TheWord's other range formats:
    1. +Interval, e.g. , equivalent to which is already supported
    2. verse 0, e.g. , equivalent to (whole chapter)
  4. Edit Cross-References (Deluxe) improvement: Search for adding verse or range.
  5. Word Frequency Improvement (Deluxe) for Jellybean and higher: added option to show Bubble Chart or Word Cloud.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.2

  1. Text-to-speech bugs:
    1. Stop is not working in Marshmallow and higher but causes to skip all remaining verses then continue to the next chapter.
    2. Play on Commentary, Dictionary and Book (Deluxe) without any module will cause a crash.
  2. Multiple verses (range) notes:
    1. Edit does not display the correct verse to but is always the same as verse from.
    2. Editing the verse to will incrementally add one verse, e.g. 10 becomes 11.
  3. Delete module bugs:
    1. Compare and Parallel is not refreshed so error loading is displayed for the deleted Bible.
    2. When any Bible is deleted, navigating back via history to a Parallel view will cause a crash.
    3. When the last in the list is deleted in Commentary or Dictionary, navigating back via history could cause a crash.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.1.1

  1. Failed to initialize UI after InitializeUI Books - happens if Button size is set to Larger in non-Compact mode (caused by new feature in version 7.1 Multiple notes per verse).

What's new in Version 7.1

  1. Personal Notes improvements:
    1. Optional title and tags can now be added and date/time created edited (similar to Journal entries).
    2. Notes for a range of verses is now possible by specifying Verse To different than From. The notes will be shown for all verses in the range similar to MHWBC (Matthew Henry) Commentary.
    3. It is now possible to have multiple notes on the same verse. The date/time and optional title is used as key in the selection of what to Edit/Delete. Notes on a verse are displayed sorted by Verse From then Date/time.
    4. It is possible to skip the Details entry (old behavior) when editing an existing note by unchecking Enter/Edit notes details or in the new Notes Preferences.
    5. Search now includes search (type) by Title and Tags.
    6. New Notes Preferences to enable/disable Multiple notes and Enter/Edit notes details. See the Preferences icon in the top bar to the left of Delete icon, or in Compact mode see the Navigation drawer.
  2. Android N support:
    1. Multi-window is supported only when Display Preference Orientation is set to Automatic and not Lanscape nor Portrait.
    2. Switching between Multi-window and normal view will not restart any MySword screen.
    3. Switching between Multi-window and normal view will not cause a crash when a popup is shown as there is no longer a restart of the screen.
    4. Long tap popup menu will no longer go to the upper left.
  3. Detect verses improvement:
    1. New verse references separators: &, and, or (e.g. TS2009's translator's notes in Psa 147:19, Deu 12:8)
    2. Original separators are now remembered
  4. Merge adjacent Bible references improvement: &, and, or are now included as separators.
  5. Popup Translators' Notes improvement: detected Bible verses are now merged as well in case the Merge Bible references preference is set.
  6. Verse List Add verse from Compare mode will now add all translations shown in Compare.
  7. Yearly totals in Journals and Notes About Module for Jellybean and higher.
  8. The Full screen and Compact mode bottom right scrollers as well as the Compact mode bottom buttons are now more transparent in Dark themes.
  9. Module's Custom CSS support in Bible Compare and Search results (e.g. for BHSE modules in Dark themes).
  10. Journal Exact/No Accent and FTS Exact (Deluxe) indexes improvement: Accents, diacritics and punctuation marks are now also removed for title and tags similar to content. Please Reindex in Search screen (via Menu).
  11. Own Progress Tracking (Deluxe) summary improvement: added Next cycle column to Estimated days to finish for tracks that will be repeated many times (completed is greater than 100%).
  12. In Editor in Split view (Deluxe), after Search Bible and Paste type selection is displayed, there is a new item "Just set preview" which can be used not to paste the verse as link but just move the preview to that verse. This is not available for other Module types.
  13. Create blank XRef file (Deluxe) in Preferences->Cross-Reference. XRefs can then be added via Edit Cross References.
  14. Search for Diff between two Bibles in Parallel Diff mode (Deluxe). Please note that when you are in Parallel Diff mode view and went to Search, the Type and Keyword is not used as the Search switches to Diff Search. The search will be fast with the following Parallel Diff settings: Ignore case; Ignore accents/diacritics; Don't include titles, notes, XRefs, Strongs; and there is an Exact Index for search. Narrowing the book range also will make it fast so please start with a narrow range.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.1

  1. Editor bug fixes:
    1. Insert link (or paste via search or copy from right preview pane) with text (range or not) that use Bible with abbreviation containing + do work (e.g. Byz2005+)
    2. WYSIWYG Edit link will make the module abbreviation with + not to work
    3. WYSIWYG Insert Compare verse link do not work
  2. Links of Bibles with abbreviation containing + in compare do not work
  3. Search Tags in Journals bug fixes:
    1. Also looks at title and content and not just tags.
    2. Reverts to FTS type when re-opened.
  4. Verse Selector for Honeycomb or higher will crash if the current verse book is invalid, i.e. book number is higher than 66 or zero (which can be caused by invalid bible links in modules; can be tested by long tapping Verse Selector then entering for example 67.1.2 or 0.1.2)
  5. Book self link to anchor on the same page for books migrated from The Word does not work if the anchor ends with - {Until (passage) is [None] in TheWord}.
  6. Chapters of Bibles with Verse Rules will fail to show up in case the rule is applied to a section of text containing $ symbol.
  7. Own Progress Tracking (Deluxe) bug fixes:
    1. Add reading with track that wrapped around to the start has bad verse range.
    2. Summary's table data width became small after System WebView update to version 50.
    3. Summary's table data when latest week speed is 0 shows 2147483647 days remaining and not ∞.

What's new in Version 7.0

  1. Popup loading is now faster. In the old version, Bible popups are slower compared to Translators' Notes or Merged XRefs even for few verses, and worst for the Non-English MySword UI. Now even very long content loads faster.
  2. Long tap text popup for Bible now includes Compare verse to easily compare other verses other than the current verse.
  3. Editor Detect verses improvement: Sng, Zeph and Zech abbreviations for Song of Songs, Zephaniah and Zechariah were added.
  4. Notes and Journal summary charts available in Jellybean and higher accessible via Menu->About->About Module. The count and total size in kilobytes (KB) of the most recent 120 dates with new entries are displayed in a line chart. Below it is a Monthly line chart.
  5. Share Compare Bible (Premium) now allows you to select which translations to share.
  6. Parallel view (Premium) improvement: In non-paragraph mode, the column width can be adjusted via touch and drag of the top header only when the entire width of the table fits because the horizontal panning takes precedence over touch to resize. Touch-drag is better supported in Lollipop and higher.
  7. Reading Plan and Own Pace Progress tracking (Deluxe) (for Froyo [Android 2.1] and higher only)

    Reading plan compact

    1. Reading Plan

      You can create a reading plan with single track like from OT to NT or multiple tracks like OT, NT, Psalms and Proverbs; start any day; specify the number of days; and keep track of your progress.

    2. Own Pace Progress Tracker

      If you do not have specific plan but rather read the Bible at your own pace, you can also keep track of your progress and log the verses you had read for the day. Using the Bookmark labels to identify your tracks, you can easily add reading progress.

    3. Track the number of verses read per day per track as well as link the notes, tags with notes and journal entries written.
    4. Tapping the bottom progress information will give a summary with graph of verses read and notes written per day (for Jellybean and higher).
    5. Print the plan or progress.
    6. Calendar icon for Reading Plan added to:
      1. Bible button bar on top (rightmost)
      2. Compact Mode: Bible view Navigation Drawer and Custom buttons option for Top and Bottom

    A demo for non-Deluxe version is available for 30 days.

    See this article for more details: Using MySword Reading Plan

  8. Summary (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Bible Preference Summary highlight: loading could be very slow for non-Bible content whose size exceeds 32KB so it is not automatically summarized but a message is just displayed.
    2. Popup (on demand summary): in case the size is very large (128 KB or higher for Bibles or 50 KB for others), a confirmation message is displayed if you want to proceed.

Bugs Fixed in Version 7.0

  1. Links within books do not work in some books.
  2. Module shortcuts on the Navigation Drawer does not work in Full screen.
  3. Detect verse bug: Psa 1-2, 5 will give Psa 1-2 and Psa 1:5
  4. When MySword is not running and you tap an unzipped MySword module, opening it via MySword will cause a crash.
  5. Extract verses on Book, Commentary and Dictionary views without modules will cause a crash.
  6. Summary (Deluxe) crashes in popup when there are any of the following characters in XRef Merge text .^$*+?()[{}\|
  7. Switching via Bible Preferences Merge adjacent Bible references or Horizontal Scrolling in Split screen (Deluxe) will make the header of all Bible views similar to the last Bible view.

What's new in Version 6.6

  1. Editor Find and Replace for both Plain/Wiki editor and WYSIWYG Rich text editor.
  2. New Help menu items: Mini User's Guide, Using Deluxe Edition (links to website).
  3. Added Pinch Zoom (Premium) in Search, preview, help and about module useful for print.
  4. Print content (Deluxe) for Kitkat or higher for Main screen, search results, preview (verse list, search view more, editor), word frequency, word occurrence, frequent word sets, frequent phrases, help and about module. Please note that there are no header, footer and page numbers in the print output. In Kitkat, there is no preview and you cannot choose the pages to be printed.
  5. New Search type: Similar for Bible, Commentary and Personal Notes; Similar title and Similar content for Dictionary, Journal and Book (Deluxe). Using word analysis, the most similar verses, titles or content to the current one are searched and sorted by the percentage similarity score (shown at the end of each item) from highest to lowest. You can also type arbitrary sentence on the Search box to look for similar title or content.
  6. New Stats and other info features (Deluxe) for Gingerbread and higher:
    1. Summary - display summary sentences only of the current page; inside the brackets is the rank and score (1 is normal sentence score) then followed by the sentence number
    2. Summary highlight - display the current page highlighting the summary sentences; the highest rank is given a stronger highlight color (search highlight color was used)
    3. Summary of clipboard - display the content of the clipboard highlighting the summary sentences

    Note: The summary feature uses word analysis to group similar sentences, get the centroid and rank them so the probable summary sentences are just extracted from existing ones, never simplified or combined and may not be very accurate. It is not intended to get the most important sentences or get insights from God's word but just to aid study. Please pray for the Holy Spirit for more revelation instead.

  7. New Bible Preference (Deluxe) for Gingerbread and higher: Summary highlight. This highlights the summary sentences in the main screen's content in place without using a popup unlike those in Stats and other info.

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.6

  1. Verse list select verse with specific Bible does not work if the Bible is different from the current one.
  2. K&D commentary as current module cannot be remembered upon exit and also have issues with search.
  3. Top footer link is not removed in Export page to file (Premium).
  4. Deluxe Frequent Word Sets / Phrases error in case of null Bible verse (e.g. Mark 15:28 ISV) and no Exact index created.
  5. Deluxe Horizontal Scrolling is no longer working after Chrome Android System WebView update to version 46 in Lollipop or higher.

What's new in Version 6.5

  1. Extract verses popup via Stats and other info menu (Info icon) used to display all the verses in the page using the current Bible module.
  2. Downloaded zipped ( and .mybible.gz) and unzipped (.mybible) modules can now be opened via File browsers/explorer and MySword can take care of copying the module into the correct modules path.
  3. Better RTL support:
    1. WYSIWYG Editor: RTL languages Locale display name whose first character is a parenthesis (in some devices) is now properly detected.
    2. Personal Notes and Journal that do not use the RTL module flag: RTL is detected using the date or title (only the first letter is used).
  4. New Stats and other info features for word analyses (Deluxe feature):
    1. Frequent Word Sets - given a range of verses/records, minimum number of supporting records, minimum size of the word set and an optional contains filter, all the frequent word sets are extracted sorted by frequency. You can use this to get the most common word pairs, triplets, quadruplets, etc. For example in KJV, the most common pair is {Lord, God} occurring 1600 times, triplet {Lord, Israel, God} 340 times.

      Frequent word sets

    2. Frequent Phrases - given a range of verses/records, minimum number of supporting records, minimum size of phrase and an optional contains filter, all the frequent phrases are extracted sorted by frequency. For example in NHEB, the most common 5 word phrase is "the word of the Lord" occurring 251 times, while the second is "the house of the Lord" occurring 202 times (hey, it is God's word, remember).

      Frequent phrases

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.5

  1. The text color do not work on Color Themes with dark background in Book view and other new modules (TSK, TSKe, KJC, Webster) with null CustomCSS and still shows as black.
  2. Verse detect bugs:
    1. Book names detected should not be preceded by any letters or numbers so that TMK 5 will not be detected as Mark 5 with letter T at the start.
    2. The space after chapter only verse should be excluded from the link.
  3. K&D Commentary not showing green in case there is an entry.
  4. Strong numbers with dots in ABP are not included in the FTS or Exact indexes so are not searchable.
  5. Edit Cross References (Deluxe feature): pasted verses are not saved.
  6. Pipe | in Highlight Words (Deluxe feature) creates highlight for each character making the &nbsp; to appear

What's new in Version 6.4

  1. New Preference:
    1. Settings file - choose the settings file to use (copy, rename, delete and select). This is a shortcut to manually copying the settings.mybible file and renaming it to settings.mybible.
    2. Reset settings file - resets settings file to fresh install state. This is done by deleting the settings file so that it will be recreated when MySword restarts.
  2. Bible Preferences improvements:
    1. Enabled in Free version for 7 options: Show highlights, Show notes, Show tags, Interlinear view, Show transliteration, Show interlinear text and Gradient highlight.
    2. Long tap for the Compact mode left Navigation Drawer now shows the toggle options for Premium/Deluxe if the Bible has like in Byzantine 2005++ just like the tablet's top button or in non-compact mode.
  3. Verse List on Compare/Parallel mode (no active Bible) improvements:
    1. Verses without specific Bible will use the first Bible with OT and NT for displayed text.
    2. Range will also use a similar Bible.
  4. Search improvements for RTL modules like Hebrew: the results as well as the preview are now right aligned.
  5. Editor improvement: Detect verses is now case-insensitive so that MAT 1:1 or mat 1:1 will now be detected.
  6. Merge Bible references improvement: one HTML break (new line but not new paragraph) is now considered a valid separator aside from comma and semicolon. This is useful for TSKe.
  7. New fresh install default settings: Bible, Dictionary and Personal Notes links as Popup are enabled.
  8. Bible Preferences (Premium) list adjustment: moved the Strong's links on text down to after Show title. This is to prevent confusion between it and Show Strong's tags.
  9. Edit Cross Reference (Deluxe) on Compare/Parallel mode (no active Bible) improvement: Verses without specific Bible will use the first Bible with OT and NT for displayed text.
  10. Adhoc tag (Deluxe) display improvements:
    1. Removed excessive bottom margin for verse in paragraph mode with Adhoc tag containing multiple paragraphs.
    2. Added bottom margin for verse in non-paragraph mode with Adhoc tag containing multiple paragraphs positioned before the verse.
    3. Multiple long content Adhoc tags are now left aligned (formerly, all are aligned except the first which is a bit indented to the left).

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.4

  1. Preferences->Button Style is not enabled in the Free version.
  2. Opening Verse List and Edit Cross References in Compare or Parallel mode will crash the Preview and View Clipboard if there are verses because there is no active Bible.
  3. Cross References back links ranges are due to ranges of the forward links; e.g. Psa 32:1 back link from Num 23:21 must only be Num 23:21 and not Num 23:21-22.
  4. ICS and higher using Default Android Theme displays an error when About is opened.
  5. If the Book view is never opened, changing the settings (like Text size and Color theme) causing a reload of the page but not the app shows: loadBrowser failed for type 5. Null
  6. User Color Theme should override the Book's Custom CSS just like the other module types.
  7. Visual Color Theme Editor (Premium) in tablet landscape mode with split screen displays error on opening.
  8. Edit Cross Reference's (Deluxe) Edit verse is not working.
  9. In Search Bible split preview (Deluxe) in compare, the Abbreviation link does not show popup of whole chapter.

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.3.1

  1. Failed to initialize error in Arrange Bible buttons.
  2. Other bug fixes.

What's new in Version 6.3

  1. Only the Free version is now available in Google Play while the one available from the website can be upgraded to Premium or Deluxe version. The website version can always be installed over the Google Play version by checking Unknown sources (Android Settings->Security).
  2. Compact mode improvements:
    1. The 2 custom buttons at the bottom is increased to 4. Note that the 3rd is only useful for phablets while the 4th only for tablets, otherwise they will either be off the screen or overlapping the page down.
    2. Added new top right menu and custom button options: Verse List, Stats and other Info, and short cut to Module types (Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, Personal Notes, Journal and Book). For the bottom custom buttons, if the current view already matched the short cut (for example, you are already in Journal view and there is a Journal short cut), tapping it will switch to Bible so in effect it is a toggle to that view and Bible.
  3. WYSIWYG Editor improvements:
    1. Added Insert Box (via + or Insert button). You can specify the box color, style, size and background highlight/color. You can adjust the internal margin or padding by going to Format->Style parent tag, then adjust the padding which is default to 0.2em.
    2. Added new Format action: Edit parent HTML.
  4. Full screen with double tap and single tap both disabled is no longer allowed as it is hard for many users to exit full screen.
  5. Journal and Book list now follows similar sorting as in other views like the Bible: when Android Language is set to non-English locale, abbreviations in that locale are displayed first after those starting with numbers and before English; but using the English locale will cause non-English abbreviations to be displayed last.
  6. Added new Bible view preference: Old Testament quote. By default there is no style so you have to use the Visual Color Theme or CSS Editor. Note that there are only few Bibles with OT quote tags like KJV.
  7. Edit Bible Cross References (Deluxe) via left Navigation drawer or top right Bible button bar (locate the hyperlink icon). You can add, edit or remove Bible references on the current verse using a UI similar to Bookmark or Verse list manager.
  8. Added Stats and other Info bottom button (i icon; available also in Compact mode bottom menu) which currently have About Module and the Deluxe Word Frequency and Word Occurrence. In the future, more will be added like Extract verses.

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.3

  1. Navigating to a Bible link in Full screen when Show topic in full screen is checked causes a crash.
  2. Compact mode long tap popup menu will no longer show up if the Navigation drawer on the left was partially opened then closed (not fully opened). The only way to bring it back is either to restart MySword or fully open the drawer then close.
  3. Book/Journal entries with title containing # do not show up.
  4. Non-WYSIYWG Editor crashes loading content with length greater than 10,500 and also limits the content to that size in some devices like LG.

What's new in Version 6.2

  1. Search improvements:
    1. New Search types: Title - for Dictionary/Book/Journal; Tag for Journal/Book. Both are plain string searches so prefix, infix and suffix are included.
    2. Tags if present are now included in the search results and preview/view more for Journal/Book
    3. Non-English modules (except Book/Journal) will default search type to No accent if present
    4. Improvement on Dictionary/Book/Journal Search index for No accents (diacritics), Regular expression (No accents) and the Deluxe Exact or Prefix and Exact [all use the same index]: title is now included in case it is not found in the content indexed. You will need to reindex via Menu->Reindex. The Standard type still do not include the title even if it is not found in the content to make searching faster while the Premium FTS and Deluxe FTS Exact already included the title.
  2. Compact mode improvement: you can now add 2 semi-transparent bottom buttons (go to Preferences->Buttons Arrangement->Compact mode custom buttons (bottom).

    Compact mode custom buttons

  3. Merge Bible references will now merge references enclosed in bold or italics.
  4. Popups will now make Bible links those references using underscore to separate book from chapter like Job_3:26 in Strong's H7951.
  5. Editor auto list (typing I. text Enter or 1. , A. , * or -) will no longer have 0 margin on list items so that Custom CSS will work.
  6. Support for anchor/bookmark range in Journals/Books similar to Dictionary LSJ useful popup of short text like abbreviation lookup that is reusable in different entries (also just like in The Word). The anchor name should not contain hyphen (-) as it is used for range. The options are:
    1. anchor name ends with - means text from the anchor up to before the next anchor (if any) only will be included; e.g. ##goal1-
    2. anchor name followed by - then another anchor name means up to before the second anchor name; e.g. ##goal1-goal4
    3. anchor name without - means old behavior including whole content for book/journal but not for dictionary; e.g. ##goal1
  7. Long tap text to show Popup menu improvement in Deluxe: Lookup word in other dictionaries.
  8. Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe) improvement: Previous chapter via swipe, link or button now goes to the end of the chapter.
  9. Strong's links on text (Deluxe) improvement: Morphological code only without Strong's number is now included (e.g. Gen 1:3 ALXX ειπεν link to v-aai-3s; please download the latest ALXX)

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.2

  1. Dictionary popup issues:
    1. Links within the same dictionary do not use the same dictionary but instead the default one.
    2. When Select is tapped on a dictionary popup opened from a dictionary popup, the default dictionary will be used instead of the one used in popup.
  2. Parallel top Prev/Next in Compact mode occupied extra columns in landscape or tablets.
  3. Split Modules Path check box is enabled in some devices even if there is no External SD card present.
  4. Sub menus of About, Copy/Export and Help does not show properly on full screen using non-Default theme.
  5. Share (Premium) content with Horizontal rule (HR tag, e.g. from Journal, Book or Dictionary) still shows the HTML tag.
  6. Share (Premium) content with paragraph embedded in list shows as Wiki.
  7. Strong text as link's (Deluxe) popup's morphological tags do not work on some modules.
  8. Word Frequency (Deluxe) do not work on Large buttons.

What's new in Version 6.1

  1. Long tap text to show Popup menu is now also supported in Non-Compact mode for Jellybean and higher. You can disable the menu in both modes in Display Preferences.
  2. Compact mode improvement: top right menu buttons can now be customized (go to Preferences->Buttons Arrangement->Compact mode menu (top right).
  3. Dark and Light Holographic themes are now supported in QVGA or small devices (with smallest screens like Galaxy Chat, Pocket and Star).
  4. Bookmark and Verse List will now auto select the newly added verse so that if Select/Save is tapped next the current verse will not change.
  5. New Display preferences:
    1. Volume control page change: enabled by default (original behavior) but can be disabled to use volume control in change volume and not for page up and down.
    2. Parallel swipe page navigation: to enable horizontal swipe to change page in Parallel view, good if all columns fit.
  6. In compact mode, added Prev/Next links on the top in Parallel view.
  7. Compact mode long tap Dictionary lookup (Deluxe) will now show as popup if Dictionary link as popup is enabled.

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.1

  1. MySword crashes on Froyo and Eclair. It also crashes on Gingerbread if Larger Button size is selected.
  2. Compact mode crashes on QVGA devices (smallest screens like Galaxy Chat, Pocket and Star).
  3. External MySword links (in SMS, email, etc) and apps linked to MySword (Bible Reading Plan, etc) will cause a crash in case MySword is not running in the background.
  4. WYSIWYG Editor's increase/decrease indent on list create invalid nesting of HTML list even though it is still displayed properly.
  5. Verse list slows down on verse range spanning many verses like Psa 119:1-176.

What's new in Version 6.0

  1. New Compact mode for ICS, Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop and higher: one Action bar on the top and no bottom bar.

    Compact mode

    1. You can switch via Menu->Compact mode and switch back to normal dual button bar mode via Menu->Non-Compact mode.
    2. Upper-left home menu or swipe from left to show the Navigation Drawer similar to the Button style: Drawer top or both. This drawer also contains for Bible: Bible view preferences, Verse list and Parallel. The number on the right of the module type gives the number of modules.

      Compact mode navigation drawer

    3. To the right of the home menu is the Module selector and Topic/Verse selector.
    4. For tablets, the Bible view has two additional buttons after the Verse selector: Bible view preferences and Verse list; the Journal view also has two additional buttons: New journal entry and Edit journal entry. For phones, these actions must be selected via the Navigation Drawer.

      Compact mode tablet

    5. Menu is now on the upper right overflow button in case the device do not have a hardware menu button (it is also still available on the virtual button at the bottom in some devices).
    6. Search and Bookmarks are added on the menu and shown on the Action bar as icons if they can fit (Search only for small devices).
    7. The lower right now have the page scrollers always visible.
    8. The lower left contains the previous/next navigation (long tap for history as usual) and sub-menu button for those actions that are normally on the former bottom button bar: Format, Highlight, Tag, Highlight Words, Text-to-speech, Text-to-speech Settings, Share text and Split view panes.

      Compact mode bottom menu

    9. Long tapping a word content will also show a popup menu (not available in ICS) similar to the bottom sub-menu button actions. In Deluxe, when a word is selected, that word will appear in two menu items: Search word and Lookup word (for dictionary lookup).

      Compact mode popup menu

  2. New Display Preference: Show topic in fullscreen (default to No). There will be a gray text on the top in full screen to indicate the Bible and verse for Bible view or Module name and topic in other views.
  3. Modern system icons are now Material Design compliant: smaller but simpler.
  4. Search Bible View More now have Compare.
  5. Default Action bar color (Free) and Button Bar color (Deluxe) resulting Action bar color for Lollipop's Light Material Design theme is no longer very saturated (bleeding).
  6. Copy current Journal entry into another Journal (Premium). Please see the Copy button on the top bar or the Navigation drawer for Compact mode.
  7. Word Occurrence (Deluxe): given keywords, determine the occurrences per Bible chapter and list from highest to lowest to know where those keywords occur most. Note that this is a string search if there is no Exact / No accent search index for the module, though case-insensitive (in English), it will still include prefixes, infixes, suffixes and words in titles and notes for Bibles. Commentary and Personal notes are per verse while Dictionary, Journal and Book are per entry/topic. See Menu->About->Word Occurrence.
  8. Word Frequency (Deluxe): given a Bible verse range or a verse for Commentary and Notes or a topic for other module types, list the words found and the frequency. See Menu->About->Word Frequency.
  9. The regular hyphen (-), square brackets [ ], curly braces { }, slash (/) and back-slash (\) are also now excluded in the Exact and FTS Exact (Deluxe). Please reindex the modules via Search screen.

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.0

  1. Problem showing menu in full screen of Lollipop because the showing of the virtual buttons hides again the menu.
  2. Starting full screen then switch back in Kitkat and higher no longer shows the status bar.
  3. Editor Insert Link verse range (Premium) crashes if the current Bible is compare.
  4. In Split Modules path, dropping zipped font files on the internal storage modules path does not work as the files are extracted into fonts under the internal storage and not the external storage for split.
  5. Bookmark Commentary and Personal Notes (Deluxe) use the current Bible verse and not the Commentary's or Notes'.
  6. In Search split preview (Deluxe), the Compare in popup does not work.
  7. Bookmarks/Verse List change Group (Deluxe) then save without tapping an item can cause a crash.

What's new in Version 5.7

  1. WYSIWYG Editor improvements:
    1. Added Block quote to H1/Style option. Cannot be used inside lists so use the next one.
    2. Added Insert menu items: Block quote (ideal also for inside lists), Horizontal rule (you can specify the color, style and size).

      Block quote and horizontal rule

  2. XRef and Merged Bible references improvement: references without content (because OT or NT only) now have Compare.
  3. Button Arranger Reset now have 2 options: Previous (reset to previously saved, the old behavior) and Default (reset to fresh install with all buttons shown also).
  4. Dictionary support for relative order so that ordering of Strong words is no longer alphabetical but first by Hebrew sorted by Strong number followed by Greek sorted by number also (please redownload Strong-lite or Strong dictionaries).
  5. Editor's Verse detection improvement: added Ezek.
  6. Drag and drop arranger of Compare/Parallel (Premium) and Tags (Deluxe) improvement: make the center for scrolling as normally used by users so that the drag is only for the left-most 2/5 of the width.
  7. Format (Deluxe) simple support for Strong's links on text. Partially formatting translators' added text or OT quotes spanning a normal text will still cause a broken format.
  8. Parallel Diff (Deluxe) improvement: for ignore tags option, the space followed by an ending punctuation mark is removed so that KJV and KJVLite will show no space difference.
  9. Button bar and border (Deluxe) custom Color Picker improvement: the hexa color number can be entered manually by tapping the text message with hexa color.

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.7

  1. When a translation in a popup Compare is selected then a Cross reference is selected, it should use the selected translation and not the translation in the main window.
  2. Editor insert Bible link with range on last verse on a chapter creates an all link text. This also happens when the active Bible is Compare and you try to insert verse or range with text.
  3. Drag and drop arranger of Compare/Parallel (Premium) and Tags (Deluxe) shows a wrong display drag item on subsequent drags due to Hardware acceleration.
  4. Export Page to file (Premium) still have Prev and Next Navigation links.
  5. Strong's link on text (Premium):
    1. Does not include the single quote so only the s has link in words with 's like brother's.
    2. ABP Strong's numbers with dot do not show content, e.g. Pro 1:16's G1510.2.6 and Pro 1:17's G4420.2

What's new in Version 5.6

  1. Popup of one verse (not range) now have Compare besides View more, and View more popup also have Compare on the current verse.
  2. Bookmarks and Verse list improvements:
    1. It is now possible to paste Bible bookmarks or verse list from arbitrary copied text on clipboard by extracting Bible verses.
    2. Verse list new menu item: View clipboard - see verses that can be extracted before you paste. This can also be used for looking up verses found on copied text to clipboard.
    3. (Deluxe) Copy/paste is now context-sensitive: Copy and pasting among Bible, Commentary and Notes bookmarks are now possible (also from arbitrary clipboard text). Pasting to invalid type will no longer paste bad bookmarks or verse list (e.g. always Gen 1:1).
  3. Copy verse range and Verse list Range now includes Bible text besides the verse number display. Also in the Premium Share Bible verse and Editor Search/Insert link range.
  4. New Navigation Preference: Scroll to verse (default checked). Force scrolling to Bible verse number in back/forward (old behavior) means not remembering the arbitrary scroll position (like other module types). Note that only immediate back/forward is affected as 2 or more steps always scrolls to verse number for Bibles.
  5. Bible popup will no longer close when a non-link is tapped.
  6. New Bible Preference: Strong's links on text (Premium). Each Strong's number will be hidden and the word(s) on its left will become a link for the Strong's number. In case of two or more consecutive Strong's/Morphological tags, all will be hidden and all links are shown in the popup inside brackets.
  7. Bible View Preferences dialog (Premium) update: Long tap on item will not close the dialog to allow multiple preferences adjustments.

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.6

  1. Popup View More then Select does not change the current Bible Translation.

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.5.1

  1. MySword crashes in Lollipop when using Default theme.
  2. Editor in Default theme for ICS and higher hides the tool bar when a selection is made.
  3. Double tap to switch back from Full screen shows half bottom buttons on some devices with physical buttons (not virtual buttons).
  4. Restarting MySword in Full screen still shows the top button bar.

What's new in Version 5.5

  1. Samsung Pen Window (floating resizeable window) support.
  2. Lollipop Dark and Light Material theme support in Android 5.0 devices (see Android/Honeycomb theme).

    Bible Material theme Verse List Material theme

  3. Hide/show top, bottom and editor buttons. Please go to Preferences->Buttons arrangement.
  4. New bottom button: Copy - copy current verse, long tap to copy verse range.
  5. Bookmark Manager improvements:
    1. Copy list to clipboard
    2. Paste list from clipboard
    3. Edit bookmark group name via Menu/Action bar (Deluxe)
  6. Verse list with range capability:
    1. Manage verse list similar to Bookmarks but with specific translation attached to the verse (that can be optionally removed through Edit verse)
    2. See the first part of the verse in the list (what can fit in 2 lines)
    3. Show all verses with Bible text similar to Merged Bible references popup
    4. Add to list from search results
    5. Paste to Editor as Bible references or with Bible text
    6. Create verse list group (Deluxe)
  7. Editor improvements:
    1. Added Numbered list in the Format menu in WYSIWYG which can be used for outline numbering.

      Numbered List

    2. Automatic text pattern in WYSIWYG:
      1. numbered list when you type 1. text then Enter. Also for I. text and A. text all using outline numbering.
      2. h1. text for heading 1. Also for h2. to h6. text
      3. * text and - text for bullets
    3. Added Remove format in the Format menu in WYSIWYG. You can now hide the Remove format icon to lessen the button count.
    4. Added in the menu Rearrange Buttons so you can rearrange, hide or show the buttons without leaving the editor.
  8. Search improvement: new type Search Format (Deluxe).
  9. Main screen will no longer shift down when a long tap for selection is done as the contextual action bar now overlays the top area.
  10. Single choice selection radio button graphic for Holo theme now follows the correct graphic for the theme just like in Bookmarks. E.g. verse range, size selection, font selection, etc.
  11. Parallel view in verse mode option to show Difference (Deluxe). This can be used to compare almost similar Bible versions like NHEB and WEB, an old and updated version like KJV and KJ2000, or different Greek manuscripts.

    Parrallel Diff

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.5

  1. Search does not focus with keyboard any more on blank search text box or zero results in ICS or higher.
  2. Selecting a new verse in Bible in the same chapter then switching to commentary when verse is contained like in EasyEnglish or Matthew Henry does not update the verse number so that when you go to Bible (not using Back button) the verse number goes back to the old.
  3. In Lollipop and some custom Android: Download failed for mysword_modules.xml... unknown format (magic number 3f3c)
  4. In Kitkat, the cursor is not shown after Detect verses but pressing Enter deletes the entire current line; while in Jellybean it always go to the top.
  5. Search Tag does not display images in the list due to Hardware acceleration.
  6. Detect verses in Editor does not work when there are custom fonts.
  7. Custom Tag positioning (Deluxe) does not properly account for the Strong tags.
  8. Highlight Words (Deluxe) limit is properly saved but not retrieved in the selection list as it is using the Dictionary word list limit.

What's new in Version 5.4

  1. RichText/WYSIWYG Editor improvements:
    1. Set Font

      Editor set font
      The date is using Great Vibes (text size 125%) while the other one is using Lobster Two (text size 110%). The new Auto save feature also fired while taking the screen shot.

    2. Edit style attribute (CSS) of current element or its parent. Styling the parent is useful when the Editor injects a span or you want to edit the OL or UL tag of list items.
    3. Edit raw HTML of the current element. This can be used to insert arbitrary HTML content.
    4. Copy via copy button will not copy empty string in case there is no selection.
    5. Detect verses will now allows spaces before/after colon and dash.
  2. Auto-save option in Editor. Default to Never, see Editor Menu.
  3. Switch to other module types within Search for ICS and higher via sliding menu via navigation drawer.
  4. Automatic detection of verses without links in popups now allows spaces before/after colon and dash.
  5. Automatic language file version check against new MySword app version if update is needed.
  6. Visual Color Theme Editor (Premium) new text related styles: Font, Text size and Line height.
  7. Search improvement: synonyms file used in FTS search now supports book abbreviations expanding to text containing spaces (Premium). The spaces must be encoded as underscores (_). In search, use the short no space version, e.g. 1Sa, or use underscore, e.g. 1_Sa
  8. Share non-Bible content (Premium) improvement: better lists (numbers/bullets/indentation) and paragraph conversion to text.
  9. Resizeable split main views (Deluxe). Tap the left/top part of the divider. Long tap the resizer to reset.

    Split resize

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.4

  1. Switching to Commentary view when there are no commentaries downloaded crashes MySword.
  2. Tapping a Strong number in the preview or search results without dictionaries crashes MySword.
  3. Tapping the upper left icon in Commentary and Dictionary without dictionaries and commentaries crashes MySword.
  4. A popup of journal link to another journal will make journal self links not to work because it is looking for the entry in the first journal.
  5. Bookmark selector buttons disappear when one is selected in ICS and Jellybean 4.1.
  6. Custom XRef popup do not Merge XRefs.
  7. Search and Merged XRefs:
    1. Merged XRefs not working in search results Bible link popups.
    2. Search results do not Merge XRefs.
  8. View more in search results highlights the item but does not update the internal current item so clicking Go to selected button gives a wrong item.
  9. Not nice popup and show whole chapter shows CSS elements.
  10. Popup of missing Bible that used a different module should reflect the change in the title.
  11. Merged Bible refs at the start of verse stops the verse highlight short in paragraph mode (Premium).
  12. Insert File Link (Deluxe) in WYSIWYG Editor does not work in pre-Kitkat devices because of the missing file:// in href which could be corrected by editing the link then just tap OK.

What's new in Version 5.3

  1. Link to MySword - open MySword from other apps via HTML link, e.g.
  2. Semi-transparent scroll buttons at the lower right. This can be hidden, shown in full screen (default) or always (even in non-full screen) via Display Preferences. The buttons are also available in popups, preview and Mini Bible viewer which can also be hidden.
  3. Better support for Bibles with verse entry consisting of a range of verses (paraphrased like in EasyEnglish):
    1. Highlight now works in contained verses by highlighting the block.
    2. Properly scrolls to the contained verses.
  4. Better support for Commentaries with verse range entries like EasyEnglish (one chapter per entry) and Matthew Henry: does not reload and scrolls to top in case the new verse is already contained.
  5. Added Check for updates in About and What's New screens for non-Google Play users.
  6. Long press Share button (Premium) for option to share text with link or just link.
  7. Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe) improvement: swipe left/right will move to next/previous chapter/entry in case the page is already at the far end (right-most or left-most).
  8. Bookmarks improvements in Deluxe version:
    1. For non-Bible, the Add/Remove/Module buttons are now equally spaced.
    2. For non-Bible, the scroll percentage is now device independent.
    3. Label a bookmark item by tapping the icon at the far right of each item. You can also just replace the bookmark retaining the old label and sort position.

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.3

  1. Bible links with specified module (e.g. ) when merged do not properly show in popup.
  2. Compact Bible popup does not have top margin.
  3. Password in Journals are bypassed in Journal entry link as popup, edit journal entry, as well as in search result and view more.
  4. Editing Journal entry details will inject merge Bible ref links to content in case there are Bible refs and Merge is enabled.
  5. Bible links created in non-WYSIWYG editor for Tag Notes (Deluxe) does not work in Popups after MySword 5.2 update.
  6. Tag custom position (Deluxe) in Horizontal scrolling cannot be used as the height of display is too small.
  7. Format and Tag custom position (Deluxe) display do not have top margin.
  8. In themes with background image in Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe), short content always have excess second blank page.

What's new in Version 5.2

  1. New Display setting to enable/disable Hardware acceleration. This is for those devices that experience flicker or any problems because of the poor support for hardware acceleration like old devices with custom Honeycomb ROM.
  2. Commentary and Dictionary view improvement: In case there is an entry for a certain module, the Abbreviation is highlighted with green color in the selection list, shortcut buttons and drawer.
  3. WYSIWYG Editor improvements:
    1. New WYSIWYG (Other) Format button for alignment, text size, subscript and superscript.
    2. Insert named anchor/bookmark (used for in-page link) via Insert button. To link to it within the same page, use ##AnchorName as Link. To link to another page, insert first the link and edit to include at the end of Link #AnchorName.
  4. Notes and Journal now supports links to named Anchor/bookmark in another page.
  5. The Word links of the form "tw://bible.*?43.3.16" are now recognized as Bible links.
  6. New Visual Color Theme Editor (Premium) items: Hebrew and Greek.
  7. New Deluxe Display setting: Horizontal scrolling (ICS, Jellybean, Kitkat and higher):
    1. Number of columns. Default means scrolling is vertical, the old behavior; otherwise, the display becomes multi-column and content flows to the columns causing the scrolling to be horizontal like in physical book pages. The number of columns is the number of viewable columns.
    2. Column gap - the number of logical pixels from 0 to 100.
    It is actually possible to have single split window in tablet in landscape mode and have 2 to 3 display columns for visual relief.

    MySword 5.2 Multi-column

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.2

  1. Compare does not style Latin text like in TS1998 when there is Hebrew or Greek styled before it.
  2. Links to named anchor (bookmark) in popup do not work but works in Main view.
  3. Grid Verse Selector for chapter/verse highlights other numbers in Psalms when scrolled.
  4. Bible search indexer does not strip off translators' notes with specified text display (RF tags with q attribute like in NHEB and EasyEnglish).
  5. In Kitkat 4.4.3, non-Bible bookmarks (Premium) do not properly scroll down to the right position.
  6. Parallel view (Premium) with Hebrew that has Strong or interlinear text is not in RTL.
  7. Red letters (Premium) turned off still shows red in some popups like Merged Bible references and Cross references.
  8. Visual Color Theme Editor's (Premium) previous fix affected the initial display of Body (Text), Split Active (Text) and Split Inactive (Text) as the color sliders display the background color instead.

What's new in Version 5.1

  1. Download Manager improvements:
    1. Each module now displays the download size and the install size (in parentheses).
    2. The total download and install sizes are also displayed at the bottom.
  2. Support for Split Modules path for Kitkat which splits the Modules path to two:
    1. Internal storage for settings/mydata files, journals and notes (NOT deleted upon uninstall)
    2. External SD card for downloadable Bibles, books, commentaries, dictionaries, fonts and languages (DELETED upon uninstall).

    This is recommended for Kitkat devices with small internal storage and a large external SD is available.

  3. New Preference: Merge adjacent Bible references. Embedded XRefs in Bible as well as Bible references in other modules can now be merged to have one popup that expands all the verses similar to Custom XRefs. It is available under Look and Feel with label Bible References, just after Cross-Reference. Other settings:
    1. Merge text - default to (refs%s), where %s is the placeholder for count of references
    2. Show merged references (Bible or Other modules) - show or hide the original Bible links merged
  4. Search improvement: exclude word/phrase (NOT IN) using hyphen (-) (FTS double quotes does not support exclusion/NOT, only a whole word can be excluded). Example, this will search for the verses with the word understand but without the word understanding (Standard search): understand -understanding
  5. Better/smoother content scrolling in ICS, Jellybean and Kitkat through hardware acceleration.
  6. Accented Greek is now properly displayed in the Dictionary Word button and Selector. Hebrew with diacritics are also supported for Kitkat or higher.
  7. Support for verse rules in Bible modules and Details.ParagraphIndent field (0 for none, 1 for default) for module creators.
  8. Long tap Bible Preferences button will show Toggle Verse Rules special features of the Module provided by module creators.
  9. Strong links (with the internal s command) will now always use the Selected Default Strong's in Premium version even if the current dictionary has Strong entry. For example, a Strong link in your Notes or Journal will use the Selected Default Strong-Lite even if your active dictionary is Strong.
  10. Editor Split view (Deluxe) setting is now remembered and saved.

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.1

  1. Some chapters in SBLGNT are showing as one big paragraph in verse mode (non-paragraph mode); E.g. Mat 1.
  2. In journal, tapping a link to a different journal opening a popup will cause the opening of the Topic Selector to use the latter journal.
  3. Book does not refresh when some settings like color theme, font and text size changed.
  4. Visual Color Theme Editor (Premium) has problem changing underline, bold and italic states of the Morphological tag if the states of Translator's notes or Cross Reference were initially set for Themes: Linen, Parchment and Light Golden Rod preset.

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.0.1

  1. Some Kitkat devices crash on start up.
  2. The following load with error in Eclair and Froyo: Verse Notes editor, Mini Bible viewer on Journal editor, and Tag Notes editor.
  3. M&E is not detected as already downloaded in the Download screen.
  4. Chinese localization of word Book in Main, Download screen and Editor's Search select type.

What's new in Version 5.0

  1. Main UI button bar facelift (Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly bean, Kit kat):
    1. Button styles: classic, flat, modern, drawer (overflow)
    2. Button bar border color
    3. Button bar styles (Deluxe): default, border, gradient, gradient pingpong, gradient border, one color
    4. Button bar background color (Deluxe)

    On the left screen shot below is Display Preference Button style set to Drawer Both - Classic that uses the Classic MySword icons while on the right is set to Drawer Both - Modern using the Modern MySword icons which are flat and monochromatic. The one on the left is in Deluxe version so it is possible to set Button bar style (set to Gradient) and Button bar color (set to Pink).

    MySword 5.0 new UI

  2. New Verse Selectors (Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly bean, Kit kat): Dialer, Grid, Text. You can select the type of verse selector to use by selecting from the top combo box for smartphones or tab for tablets or by swiping the screen left and right.

    MySword 5.0 new verse selectors

    MySword 5.0 new verse selector large landscape

  3. New WYSIWYG (Rich text) Editor for Kit kat. Jellybean is also supported but with some limitations. ICS requires hardware keyboard. To switch between editors, inside the editor, tap Menu->WYSIWYG/Text editor. Please check also How to use the new WYSIWYG MySword 5.0 Editor and the Limitations.

    MySword 5.0 WYSIWYG Editor

  4. Better localization support.

Bugs Fixed in Version 5.0

  1. Detect verses in the editor will not work in case when there is a comma or semi-colon separated list of verses and a reference other than the first do not have a verse number but has book and chapter. E.g. Pro 1:1, Psa 1
  2. Translator's and tag notes with Hebrew/Greek/Latin do not use the set fonts and sizes.
  3. Module selection in Fullscreen in Kitkat automatically closes the list.
  4. Bible links nice popup sometimes jitters, shakes/scrolls down then up.
  5. Search keywords with RegExp symbols making invalid RegExp (e.g ? only) will cause a crash even if used in Non-Regular Expression searches.
  6. Select modules path with a read-only folder will exit MySword, cannot change the path and the only solution is uninstall.
  7. In case of an internal error in save Journal entry, succeeding save will show database lock.
  8. Search Journal/Book/Dictionary crashes on orientation change if there are no results yet.
  9. Search Journal Sort button is not large in Large button setting.
  10. Download list for Books and Graphics no longer highlights (green) existing modules.
  11. Strong popup can be blank if the current dictionary is Strong but is only OT/Hebrew or NT/Greek.
  12. Search Selection crashes (Deluxe).
  13. Tag notes insert image (Deluxe) with copy to images folder no longer rescan the folder so the copiend image no longer appears on the Gallery in Kitkat.

What's new in Version 4.4

  1. Kit kat support:
    1. Full screen is now fully immersed (the virtual navigation bar is invisible if present).
    2. Fixed not working Notes and Journal links, and popup View More.
    3. Fixed Bible popup not scrolling to the verse sometimes.
    4. Fixed the text selection dictionary/search long-tap lookup (Deluxe).
  2. Clearer large button icons in xhdpi and xxhdpi devices like Sony Xperia Ultra Z as well as hdpi devices like HD tablets.
  3. Editor improvements:
    1. New Highlight selector now includes colors and boxes.
    2. Highlights inside highlight (Custom CSS span class) are now allowed, e.g. %h1 Hello %h2 world%!%
    3. Multiple CSS class names is now allowed by using + as separator, e.g. %bx+bx1+h3 Hello world!%
    4. Added menu action Detect verses which can automatically make Bible verses references as links. Type the Bible references without and this feature will automatically enclose them all in .
    5. Insert Icon (Deluxe) CSS style is changed from width:32px to min-width:32px;width:1.5em.
  4. Search improvements (available for Free version):
    1. Each search result item can now show different fonts for main text, Greek, Hebrew and Extended Latin.
    2. Added search type: Prefix and Exact (No accents). Using the same index used by Exact and No accents search types, it is similar to No accents search but it does not allow suffix and infix matches. For example: kill will not match skill but will match kill, kills, killed and killing.
    3. Added search type: Regular expression (No accents). Using the same index used by Exact and No accents search types, Java Regular Expression pattern matching is used on the app-side and not the database-engine side unlike the other search types so this is slower (4 to 5 seconds in Nexus 7 2012 edition searching ISV). But you can achieve exact search for example: \bcry\b will only match the exact word cry as \b is for word boundary. This search is for advanced search.
    4. Added Help in the Menu or Action bar which explains the differences among the search types. Examples are given as well.
  5. Show (Personal) Notes icon is now separated from Show Translators' Notes.
  6. Tag Notes (Deluxe) now use the full editor by default:
    1. In Tag screen, go to Menu/Action bar, select Preferences and uncheck "Use full editor for tag notes" if old editor is desired.
    2. Insert image button will not save the image into any module but may ask you to copy the file into mysword/images folder.
    3. With Adhoc notes tag, you can now easily insert pictures and show them in the Bible.
      Hebrew Bible
      For example, you can place the promises, visions and dreams the Lord had placed in your heart.

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.4

  1. Clear abbreviation cache in Preferences is disabled in Free version.
  2. The Main view content freezes in ASUS Jelly bean after Search, Editor or About but refreshes again after popup.
  3. Wrong previous/next navigation in some Commentary entries, e.g. Barnes Psa 3:1 and Bridgeway 1Co 10:23. This is caused by non-sequential ids.
  4. Search result does not highlight non-prefix keyword if search type is non-FTS but FTS index is present.
  5. About Module with large content like Wight Manners causes a crash.
  6. TS1998 search results and preview does not properly show accented characters even if the result is using the Extended Latin font.
  7. Search result preview will not properly use the Hebrew, Greek or Latin font if those words (Hebrew, Greek and Latin) are part of the keywords searched.
  8. Verse Selector book name wraps in Large Font and displays only one line so 1 Thessalonians reads 1.
  9. Included the Single high-reversed-9 quotation mark (‛) which looked like grave accent in Latin font so that it can be properly displayed in some Strong's transliteration when using ordinary font as the main font. E.g. H6098 עצה ‛êtsâh
  10. Popup of Merged XRefs for Greek and Hebrew text do not use the font and font sizes.
  11. Links of modules with abbreviation containing + does not work.
  12. Does not allow overlapping words of Jesus in red and format highlight (Deluxe).
  13. New tag save, update then save again will create two tags.

What's new in Version 4.3

  1. Custom cross-references inline courtesy of Costas Stergiou of The Word. It is disabled by default and can be enabled via Preferences->Custom Cross-Reference->Enable custom cross-reference.
    1. Selected XRef file. The default file is default.xrefs.twm located at mydata folder and can be replaced by any xrefs file from The Word.
    2. Bidirectional (include back links)
    3. Merge references in one link (one for normal and one of back links)

    The screen shot on the left shows the Enabled Custom cross-references that are not merged while the right shows merged. XRefs

  2. Bible link as popup improvements:
    1. New preference - Show whole chapter in Bible popup.
    2. Added 'View more' link to show whole chapter for Bible popup showing only the verse range.
  3. Improved accessibility for old people:
    1. Increased the maximum text size from 300 to 500%.
    2. Added Fonts preference: Bold.

      Note that this is also useful for Hebrew text; and if you do not want the non-Hebrew to be bold, you can choose a font without bold like GentiumPlus.

  4. Added Clear abbreviation cache in Preferences under Modules management section near the bottom. The module abbreviations cache makes MySword start faster. Clear the cache if you had updated an abbreviation in an SQLite editor outside MySword. When MySword restarts, the cache will be recreated.
  5. Bible link improvements:
    1. Added the following Bible book shortcuts:
      1. Gn - Genesis
      2. Pslm,Psm,Pss - Psalms
      3. Ezk - Ezekiel
      4. Jnh - Jonah
      5. Mr,Mrk - Mark
      6. Lk - Luke
      7. Jhn - John
      8. Phil - Philippians
      9. 1Jhn,1 Jo,1 Jn,1 Joh,I J,I Jn,I Jo,I Joh,I Jhn,I John - 1 John
      10. 2Jhn,2 Jo,2 Jn,2 Joh,II J,II Jn,II Jo,II Joh,II Jhn,II John - 2 John
      11. 3Jhn,3 Jo,3 Jn,3 Joh,III J,III Jn,III Jo,III Joh,III Jhn,III John - 3 John
      12. Rv - Revelation
    2. Allowed a period after a book name/abbreviation, e.g. Psa. 23:1
  6. New Bible Preferences (Premium): Show Cross-references, and Custom Cross-Reference.
  7. Format Bible verse words with bold, italic, underlined, highlight, color and box (Deluxe version).

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.3

  1. Multiple chapters verse range popup in ISV displays only the first verse.
  2. Multiple words quoted search for Non-Standard search type does not highlight the result in case there are tags in the verse like italic. Introducing the Strong's, morphological tags and translators' notes links as popups in the search improvements of MySword 4.2 caused this issue.
  3. In the Dictionary word selector and Journal/Book topic selector, characters with glyphs below the baseline like letters g, p, q and y are clipped when Android is set to Large or Huge font size.
  4. Words of Jesus in Red preference (Premium) when turned off is not off in Search results and Popups.
  5. Parallel view (Premium) bug fixes:
    1. Navigating through the same chapter via history, bookmarks or verse selector does not change the current verse and scroll to it.
    2. MySword 4.2 feature allowing different fonts for main text made relayouting of paragraph badly proportioned.
  6. Export page and Notes/Journal to file (Premium) containing Latin marks are not displayed properly due to UTF-8 not being automatically detected by some browsers. Greek and Hebrew though are properly detected though.
  7. Export file name (Premium) with / will fail, e.g. CUV/C. The / should be converted to _.
  8. Search Split preview (Deluxe) Bible links are using the memorized Bible module when you search from a Compare/Parallel view.

What's new in Version 4.2

  1. Bible view can now show different fonts for main text, Greek, Hebrew and Extended Latin. Also, it is now possible to set the relative size of Greek and Hebrew in the Fonts preferences.
  2. Bible link as popup improvements:
    1. Hebrew and Greek now also scales using the relative font size set in the Fonts preferences.
    2. Interlinear is now properly formatted.
    3. Strong's, titles, translator's notes and cross-references (if any) are now displayed.
    4. New popup preference: Compact Bible popup, defaults to checked. When unchecked, verses are displayed in verse mode (Free version) or paragraph/poetry mode (Premium or Deluxe) causing also the notes icon and tags to be displayed.
  3. Search improvements:
    1. Bible search results now include Strong's, morphological tags and translators' notes links as popups.
    2. View more Popup (Free and Premium) and Split Preview (Deluxe) now shows the tags.
    3. View more Popup (Free and Premium) and Split Preview (Deluxe) links now show as popups.
  4. Editor improvements:
    1. Preview links are now enabled as popups.
    2. Mini Bible viewer (Premium) Strong's, morphological tags and translators' notes links are now popups.
    3. for Deluxe's Split view:
      1. Popups are now enabled for links.
      2. Navigation is now animated if it is enabled in the main MySword views.
  5. Verse Selector new preference/option: Do not reset chapter/verse to 1 when book/chapter is selected. The Range still resets the chapter and verse though.
  6. Better paragraph indentation support for Bible modules that included such formatting like ISV.
  7. Support for in-page links in the Editor:
    1. [[#dest|Go to dest]] - will be converted to HTML <a href='#dest'>Go to dest</a>
    2. [[@dest]] - will become HTML <a name='dest'></a>
  8. New Visual Color Theme CSS styles (Premium):
    1. Interlinear Transliteration and English
    2. Split Active and Inactive text and background (Deluxe)
  9. Tag improvement (Deluxe): notes now allow multiple paragraphs.

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.2

  1. Single chapter book verse range popup is wrong when using short notation, e.g. 3Jn 2 and 3Jn 2-5.
  2. Navigation history with Compare or Parallel is not saved so the old history is always restored on restart.
  3. Interlinear paragraph mode has an unnecessary indentation for the original language line.
  4. Preview Clipboard in search shows theme background image fully opaque so the text is hard to read.
  5. Changing the name/abbreviation of a journal does not effect upon restart because the cached abbreviation is not updated.

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.1.1

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. MySword 4.1 update Crash on start for some users.
  2. Books shortcuts when changed are not remembered.
  3. Journal link to other journal does not work if non-popup.
  4. Some embedded titles in LEB are displayed before the verse like Mark 6:6 an 1Jn 5:4. In popup, share or copy text, embedded titles in LEB are removed but there is no space replacement.
  5. Book bookmark (Deluxe) does not work for active book though it worked for non-active books.

What's new in Version 4.1

  1. Separation of Books from Journals.
    1. A new Yellow B icon for Book is made available for the Bottom buttons.
    2. The new Book view Top bar buttons is similar to Dictionary and has 8 shortcut buttons.
    3. The Editor will now use k for Book link instead of j which is now used exclusively for Journal. Old Notes and Journal entries with j links to books will still work though.
    4. There are new Preferences for Books as they are now separated from Journals: Modules Management and Buttons Arrangement.
  2. Popups improvements:
    1. Other links as popup: dictionary, Strong's, commentary, notes, book and journal. Consequently, the Preferences section for these and Nice popup are now moved to second level named Popups.
    2. Added Close All button on popups to close all popups in case of popups are opened from popups.
    3. Added Preferred OT and NT translations for Bible popups.
  3. New Bible view preferences for Interlinear Bibles (Preferences->Other Look and Feel, or in Premium Bible view Preferences button):
    1. Show transliteration
    2. Show interlinear text
  4. Faster subsequent initial loading of MySword by caching the basic module information into the settings database. MySword with 100 modules that loads for 3 seconds in Nexus 7 now loads for 2 seconds. Users with hundreds of modules and slow SD card (internal or external) will benefit much.
  5. Search Personal Notes with blank or empty keyword will list all notes.
  6. Support for Samsung Multi-window feature.
  7. Temporary SQLite files are automatically deleted:
    1. At start up while modules are picked up from folders.
    2. After search index creation.
    3. Save and delete Personal Notes or Journal entry.
    4. Save tag, bookmarks and highlights.
    5. Upon exit, settings temporary file is deleted.
  8. Better fresh install button arrangement.
  9. Share improvement: option for No verse numbers for each verse in multiple verses (Premium Feature).
  10. Editor improvement: Insert Journal link in Personal Notes now always includes the journal name (Premium Feature).
  11. Tag (Deluxe Feature) improvements:
    1. Tapping the notes preview text in the list will automatically launch the Notes Editor.
    2. An icon with notes now has an underline indicator at the bottom.

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.1

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Bible links as popup does not use the specified Translation in the link (e.g. will still use the current translation even if it is not KJV).
  2. In full screen mode, tapping the tag icon with notes toggles the display of the buttons.
  3. Save navigation history limit of 100 or higher slows down the startup. Galaxy Y with 175 entries almost hangs it while Sony Neo L with 200 entries slows down to 120 seconds start. Faster devices are faster.
  4. Note and journal Bible links in languages whose book name is in Greek or contains extended Latin characters do not display and work properly.
  5. Tapping pictures to be viewed in Android Gallery crashes the gallery in some devices running ICS 4.0.4 like Sony's.
  6. In the Editor, if there is a !" followed by another ! after some text, that will be treated as an image so it looks like the text is cropped.
  7. Creation or recreation of search index for Books fails because of null tags.
  8. Paragraph mode (Premium feature) for Bibles without paragraph tags (e.g. BBE) becomes just one paragraph per chapter.
  9. Share (Premium feature) of non-Bible content contains the simplified footer navigator in case the word version did not fit in the view.
  10. Share and insert Bible link with text (Premium feature) will not strip off official MySword tags like HTML font tag found in some third party created modules.
  11. Copy verse range sometimes uses the Bible in another split view (Deluxe).
  12. In Compare mode, adding or editing a tag's custom placement causes a crash because the translation to use is not known.
  13. Non-FTS Exact search (Deluxe) and Non-FTS No accent search (Free) for books do not return any results.
  14. Multiple rows split (Deluxe) where one view is maximized, tapping a Bible link only restores the current row and the other rows are not made visible.
  15. Tag icon with notes (Deluxe) does not display embedded icons, e.g. Notes with !{width:32px}Face-smile.svg!

What's new in Version 4.0

  1. Personal Notes now supports embedded images similar to Journals. Please note that the images are saved in the Notes database so small image sizes are recommended.
  2. Image Selector of Journal Editor improvements:
    1. Saving of thumbnails of big images for faster loading of the preview.
    2. Option to resize a big image before saving that added image. The default is resize for big images that are bigger than the device screen size.
  3. Editor improvements:
    1. Bible links now support specific module/translation using the format .
    2. Bible links now support alternate text display using the format . Other examples: [[44.3.16|John 3:16]], [[44.3.16.KJV|John 3:16 KJV]], .
    3. Hardware Search button opens up search dialog.
    4. Wiki for image now supports embedded CSS style via {}, e.g. !{width:32px}image.jpg!
    5. File links now supports opening of PDF and Office documents (Premium feature).
    6. Added Icons (graphical symbols) via the Insert button (+) (Deluxe feature).
  4. Tags in Bible view:
    1. Free and Premium version: add one kind of icon tag: Face-smile.
    2. Deluxe version:
      1. Add text tag, icon tag or custom adhoc note.
      2. Any tag can have an associated popup note.
      3. Any tag can be positioned relative to the verse: before, at the beginning, at the end or after.
      4. Any tag can also be custom positioned: after any word in the verse (only the word number is saved so this is translation-specific).
      5. Any icon tag can have a custom size.
    3. Ability to add multiple tags in the same verse, even the same tag multiple times.
    4. Ability to change the size of the icon tag.
  5. Search improvements:
    1. X button on the right of the Search Keyword input for clearing text.
    2. Search highlight by selecting the highlight color.
    3. Search tags by specifying the tag and/or keywords in the note.
    4. The number of items per page default to 10 can now changed via Menu.
    5. Strong's numbers in the Bible search results are now distinguished using the same color as Strong's numbers link in Bible view.
    6. synonyms.txt is now also used in Commentary and Dictionary search for FTS search - Standard (Premium) and FTS Exact (Deluxe).
    7. Better support for Bible links in FTS search by considering also the Short verse version when the text is different. For example, in v.1 link text, the actual verse cannot be matched so the actual verse is also appended to v.1 like v.1 Joh 1:1. This requires reindexing the FTS Standard or Exact.
    8. Enable/disable double/single tap for full screen setting is now respected.
  6. Preference option to make Bible links popup.
  7. Preference option to use Nice popup where text can be selected and copied and links tapped.
  8. Preferences grouping/rearrangement: the long Look and Feel is now divided into common items directly displayed (themes, size, language), Other Look and Feel that contains most check boxes, and Fonts containing the 4 font selections.
  9. Navigation back history is now saved upon exit up to a default limit of 25 which can be changed in the Preferences. The Preference can be set to Do not save history.
  10. Animated page navigation (page transition). This is disabled by default and can be set in the Preferences, Display section.
  11. Interlinear view preference. Bible module tag support for Q, E and extended WH/WG used by interlinear Bibles like The Apostolic Bible Polyglot (ABP).
    Interlinear ABP 
  12. Bible view support for poetry tags in paragraph mode (Premium). Currently only WEB (all versions), NHEB (all versions), ISV (new) and LEB have those tags. The old version of ISV and NET only support basic poetry but is sufficient.
  13. New Bible Preferences (Premium feature): Show Notes, Show Tags.
  14. Highlight words similar to Search highlight but for the main views (Deluxe feature). This is useful for temporarily highlighting words you are studying.
  15. Export Page and Notes/Journal to file now supports optional include images (Premium feature). Icon tags and Notes indicator can also be included for Bible chapter export.
  16. Faster search by automatically using the selected text or the Clipboard text similar to fast dictionary lookup (Deluxe feature). Select a text in any view then long tap the Search button at the bottom.
  17. Split screen sync/unsync setting is now remembered (Deluxe feature).

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.0

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Add Current Verse button/menu does not include line separator for previous content making the text one continuous paragraph. This feature is available in Search as button or menu and in Mini Bible Viewer (Premium).
  2. The editor when loading notes or journal with images always converts the file names to lowercase. If the image is located in the internal memory or any folder that supports case-sensitive file names, the image may not be properly displayed.
  3. Index creation for KJV and other Bible modules with Strong's tags creates a corrput index because the word before the Strong tag is joined with Strong. This makes both unsearchable.
  4. Sometimes, the initial load of a Bible verse other than verse 1 still do not scroll down properly in ICS and Jelly bean.
  5. Bookmark manager for Deluxe version for Tablet's Group selector on the left pane do not change highlight in Jelly bean 4.2.
  6. Image selector for Editor bugs:
    1. The selected item does not highlight in Jelly bean.
    2. The image preview in the list does not show if the Journal is just created and a restart of MySword is required. The image is also not displayed in Journal view without restart.
    3. The selector may crash if the images added and listed are very big in terms of width and height dimensions due to Out of Memory problem. Several 5 MP pictures may cause a crash.
    4. In the Save Picture dialog, a big image that is added has a bad preview requiring a scroll down.
    5. In case there are many big images and it did not crash, display and scroll can be very slow.

Bugs Fixed in Version 3.5.1

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Verse Selector / Text-to-speech Settings bug:
    1. Slow load due to reinitialization of settings and module manager. The original load time of less than 1 second to 1 second became 2 or 3 seconds for regular devices or even as long as 70 seconds for installations with hundreds of modules or slow SD card.
    2. Reinitialization causes having two instances of the managers that are not in sync causing the Personal Notes Editor to be locked on the initial verse and the Journal Editor to crash.

What's new in Version 3.5

  1. Download improvements:
    • Module list file is now cached under the download folder inside MySword's modules path.
    • Better Download Manager for Gingerbread and higher that is Android Download-Manager-based, more resilient to timeouts, disconnects and can self-resume downloads.
  2. Added optional password for Journal.
  3. Search improvement: Added View More for Bible to view the entire chapter.
  4. Added user-configurable list limit in Select Journal Id/Topic via menu useful for Books with hundreds of topics. Note that limit higher than the default 100 could slow down list retrieval and display in slow devices.
  5. Added user-configurable list limit in Select dictionary Word via menu useful for listing all entries. The new default is increased from 20 to 25.
  6. Footer navigation changes to arrow ASCII symbols if normal text will not fit.
  7. Recall previous copy/export and backup/restore paths.
  8. Share improvement (Premium): dashes and quotes that are non-ASCII are reduced to ASCII to reduce the number of bytes useful for SMS. For example, John 1:12 NET is now 1 SMS instead of 3.
  9. Text-to-speech for commentary, dictionary, personal notes, book and journal (Deluxe version).

Bugs Fixed in Version 3.5

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Copy Verse Range list is not visible in some Gingerbread or lower devices as well as in Honeycomb and up using Default Theme for Honeycomb Theme.
  2. Deluxe Split view scroll issues at start up (only but fine during normal use):
    1. The leftmost split view does not scroll properly and is always at the top.
    2. The other split views in types other than Bible does not scroll at the correct position in high and extra high pixel densities (Nexus 7 and 10 tablets) but is fine in medium (most tablets).
  3. Text-to-speech: ndash (NET, LEB) and mdash (ASV, ISV, LEB, NHEB, WEB) are read as hyphen by SVOX.
  4. Editor restarts with Failed to initialize null if Android reclaims memory when you switch to other apps.
  5. Other screens restart with Failed to initialize null or crash if Android reclaims memory when you switch to other apps.

What's new in Version 3.4

  1. Text-to-Speech support for Bible view.
    • Note that the Text-to-Speech engine of Android must be setup first properly before this will work.
    • Also, it is advisable to use advanced human-like engines and voices like the paid SVOX Classic or the currently free-while-in-beta IVONA.
    • Long tapping the Play button will show the Settings where you can set the volume, pitch, speed, repeat mode (repeat page or continuous), and background instrumental music.
  2. Button icons are optimized and made clearer/sharper for low (ldpi), medium (mdpi) and extra high (xhdpi) pixel densities. Some icons are also optimized for high (hdpi) pixel densities. The following devices will benefit most:
    1. ldpi - Galaxy Y, Pocket, LG L3 and many low-end devices
    2. mdpi - Galaxy Ace, Sony Xperia Go, Miro, Tipo, LG L5, HTC Explorer and most tablets
    3. xhdpi - Galaxy Notes I & II, Galaxy S III, LG Nexus 4, Optimus Vu and other high pixel density devices
  3. Notes icon in Bible verses is optimized and made clearer/sharper in high (hdpi) and extra high (xhdpi) pixel densities just like the above for Gingerbread and higher.
  4. The editor bottom buttons height is adjusted to normal taller height for 4 inches or higher screens. It was originally intentionally made shorter for small screen devices like Galaxy Y.
  5. Search improvements:
    1. Added Reindex menu item to be able to recreate the Exact, No accents (diacritics), Full-text search (FTS) - Standard, and FTS - Exact / No accents indexes.
    2. Made the Exact, No accents (diacritics), Full-text search (FTS) - Standard, and FTS - Exact / No accents indexes case-insensitive for non-Latin characters like Greek. You will need to Reindex indexes created in old version of MySword.
    3. Search Limit (Premium and Deluxe) is now saved so that when you exit MySword, it is remembered the next time you search.
    4. Search history is now sorted such that the most recent search key is on the top and not at the bottom. This is very helpful for many items in the list requiring scrolling. Reusing an old key will move it to the top.
    5. Search history is now saved (into the settings database) so that when you exit MySword, it is remembered the next time you search. Only the most recent 50 search keys are saved. Long tap the Search History button (down arrow) to change the limit.
    6. Added clear search history button in the Search history dialog. It also clears the saved history.
    7. Unmatched double quotes can now be used: if ends only with a double quote, a beginning double quote is automatically added; if starts with double quote or there is one double quote somewhere in the middle, an ending double quote is automatically added.
    8. If you will be launching search from Bible Compare or Parallel, the Bible translation that will be selected (default to the first in the list) will now be remembered.
  6. Editor improvements:
    1. Added Delete line in the Menu.
    2. Added Insert Insight template via the Insert button (+) and Edit template in the Menu.
  7. Verse Selector improvement: clicking the verse will now automatically go to the verse so you do not have to tap Select.
  8. Share content now includes all apps that can handle text/plain MIME type like Email, SMS/Messaging, Google+, Twitter, etc (Premium Feature). Facebook does not support Android Share action so please use a proxy or aggregator like TweetDeck or Seesmic.
  9. Copy/Export->Copy Verse Range improvement: option for No formatting tags (Premium Feature).
  10. Added Delete module button similar to Journal for Bible, Commentary and Dictionary. It is also now possible to delete read-only Journals/Books.
  11. Faster scroll for Bible chapter with too many gradient highlights by limiting the border blur to a maximum of 3 pixels.
  12. Included 4 inch width Editor in split view for Deluxe. 7 inch tablets have approximately 4 inch width in portrait mode. You can still go to full editor mode by tapping the Split button twice.
  13. Support for Jelly Bean tablets' multi-user mode.

Bugs Fixed in Version 3.4

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Personal Notes bugs:
    1. Insert Personal Notes entry triggers a "table commentary2 has no column named toverse..." error if an Exact or No Accent index is present.
    2. Insert Personal Notes entry triggers an "error code 19: PRIMARY KEY must be unique" error if an FTS index is present.
    3. Delete Personal Notes entry will not delete the FTS Exact index entry which causes insert error for the same verse.
    4. Create FTS may insert wrong rowids so any updates are not reflected in the index.
    5. Updating notes whose verse is not the same as the current Bible verse (may happen if you select verse or use the previous/next buttons) will change the internal current verse to that of the Bible's because of wrong refresh of the Bible view, so the next Add/Edit will show a wrong verse (the current Bible verse).
    6. FTS (Standard and Exact) search result for Personal Notes is not sorted by verse but by record order. The fix requires reindexing.
  2. The editor bottom buttons height is too short in Deluxe Split View for tablets with high pixel densities (hdpi or xhdpi) ASUS Pad Infinity, Acer Iconia Tab A700, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (hdpi) and Nexus 10 (xhdpi).
  3. Fresh install leaves empty folders in the default path if different path is chosen, and the default path as well as the new path previously do not exist.
  4. Search and Download screen when closed by Android to reclaim memory if you open other apps may cause a forever spinning progress dialog when you go back to MySword and Android restores the Search or Download screen. Clicking back is not possible and a Force Close in Android Settings->Apps is necessary to restore original behavior.
  5. Only the default user is supported in Jelly Bean multi-user tablets because only the default's data path is accessed so other users will throw permission denied exception.

What's new in Version 3.3

  1. Search Improvements:
    1. Changed the FTS search type check box and Create index to a combo box to accommodate more index types.
    2. The following are the 5 index types (search types):
      1. Standard - the original non-FTS search (available in all versions)
      2. Exact - (new!) non-FTS exact word/phrase search (Deluxe version)
      3. No accents (diacritics) - (new!) for accent/diacritic free search (available in all versions). This is useful for Greek, Latin and other European languages
      4. Full-text search (FTS) - Standard - the original FTS search (Premium version). This utilizes Porter Stemmer for root word search.
      5. FTS - Exact / No accents - (new!) FTS search not using Porter Stemmer so it behaves like exact word/phrase search; this is also an accent/diacritic free search
    3. Clear search text menu/button which replaces Select text in Gingerbread and up.
    4. Synonyms for FTS search in Personal notes and Journal. The synonyms.txt file is located under the mydata folder which can edited and expanded using a text editor. The file initially contains bible book abbreviations. This feature is useful for search like this: "Prov 4:7 which will also match "Pro 4:7", "Proverb 4:7" and "Proverbs 4:7". Note that this feature is disabled when NEAR operator is used.
    5. The FTS boolean keywords AND and OR and proximity operator NEAR are no longer highlighted.
    6. Strong's tags are now displayed in the Bible search result and included in the FTS search (you will need to regenerate the old FTS in KJV and other modules with Strong's by redownloading the module). They are also included in the new Exact, No accents (diacritics) and FTS Exact / No accents searches and indexes.
    7. Toggle Bible Compare button in the split preview (Deluxe version)
  2. Added All, OT and NT range as well as Jump to book shortcut in Select Verse to speed up the selection.
  3. Added button to open ES File Explorer to choose a folder for Select Modules path, Backup/Restore and Export page/journal/notes to file.
  4. Bibles, Dictionaries and Commentaries lists are now sorted by Abbreviation and no longer by file name.
  5. Fonts selection list is now sorted alphabetically.
  6. Added new Preferences:
    1. Alternate Greek Font. You can now use a font that do not support Greek for English and for the Greek text in the Bible or other modules, the Alternate Greek Font will be used if specified.
    2. Alternate Hebrew Font. Note that because of ICS and Jellybean bug, Roboto font is used in case of nikkud.
    3. Alternate Extended Latin Font. This is useful for TS1998 as well as the transliteration in Strongs dictionary.
  7. Moved even the secondary/tertiary titles at the front of the verse to be displayed before the verse number.
  8. The Editor's Insert Bible Link now memorizes the previously selected or searched verse.
  9. Cross-references in Bible and journal links in Journals should open in other split windows in Deluxe.
  10. Added more symbols in Insert Symbol / special character (some requires special font) and added Hebrew characters (Premium). The symbols display now uses the selected font.
  11. Custom CSS @font-face with relative URL (no file://) is now automatically set to the fonts folder of the modules path.
  12. Exposed the Editor menu items Toggle fullscreen, Save and Preview Notes icons in the Action Bar for Honeycomb and up.

Bug's Fixed in Version 3.3

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Select Modules Path not properly registering a different one other than the default in 3.2 or 3.0 Deluxe in Split mode. It is able to change the path but the old is displayed and used in export, backup, restore as well as create new Journal.
  2. Restored back the Bible abbreviation display in the header for single translation parallel view lost in version 3.1.
  3. Last Hebrew word in TS1998 verse will swap with the next verse's number in paragraph mode if there is no paragraph break.
  4. Copy verse sometimes have <CI> and <RX...> tags.
  5. In Premium or Deluxe, the Bookmark screen will no longer open when there are no modules in either Dictionary or Commentary view which can cause a crash when a bookmark is added.
  6. Preview of content with table is not properly styled in Search and Editor making the header text not readable in some situations (dark background).
  7. Tables in Dictionaries and Commentaries are not CSS styled properly.
  8. Editor Preview menu icon is showing Preview Clipboard and not Preview Content.
  9. Editor Link Verse Compare always use the current verse even though a different one was selected in the Verse Selector.
  10. Change Highlight window sometimes display the current verse of the other split window and not the active window.

What's new in Version 3.2

  1. Added sort button to Journal/Book Select Topic screen to sort by id or title ascendingly or descendingly.
  2. Included the verse number in Copy/Share verse range.
  3. Long tap Highlight button to apply the previously selected highlight (or remove highlight) to the currently selected verse.
  4. Added a new Preferences: Gradient highlight, Screen always on.
  5. New Color Themes with tileable background images:
    • Free and Premium versions - Linen
      Theme Linen 
    • Deluxe version - Bamboo, Butterfly, Grass, Linen Blue, Parchment, Stone Mosaic, Sunrise, Water, Water Falls
      Theme Bamboo   Theme Butterfly
      Theme Grass   Theme Sunrise
      Theme Parchment   Theme Stone Mosaic
    • The background image can be replaced for the free version using the CSS Editor.
    • The background image can be replaced for the Premium version using the Visual CSS Editor. There is a new check box for Tile.
  6. Long tap Preferences button to directly go to Select Color Theme Screen.
  7. Bookmarks improvements:
    • Added sort button to sort the Bible bookmarks by bible book order. Tapping again sorts descendingly. For Premium, Commentary and Notes bookmarks are sorted similarly, Dictionary by word, Books by title and Journals by id or title.
    • Grouping of bookmarks (Deluxe feature). You can add or delete a bookmark group, show specific group or show all. The old bookmarks are placed under Default group.
    • Show all bookmarks for all modules for Commentary, Dictionary and Journal/Book types (Deluxe feature).
  8. Search improvements:
    • Shows a spinner progress dialog for searches exceeding one second.
    • Added sort button to Journal/Book Search screen to sort by id or title ascendingly or descendingly or by relevance (Premium feature). The original behavior is just sort by relevance.
    • Added the ability to search several modules of the same type (Bible translations, Commentaries, Dictionaries or Journals/Books) at the same time (Deluxe feature). The result is sorted by Bible book order for Bibles and Commentaries with the module abbreviation placed besides the verse. For Dictionary the result is sorted by word then module while for Journal by chosen sort order in the sort button.
  9. Added Insert Table to the insert button of the Editor (Premium feature).
  10. Added Insert File Link to the insert button of the Editor that launches an external File Explorer like ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager or AndExplorer to select a file (Premium feature).
  11. Faster dictionary lookup by automatically using the selected text or the Clipboard text and selecting the setting-specified dictionary (Deluxe feature). Select a text in any view then long tap the Dictionary button at the bottom.
  12. Added to the Bible view preferences list: Show highlights, Gradient highlight.
  13. Better automatic column width adjustment for Parallel view in Paragraph mode. The old is based on the Web Browser default which is determined by the first paragraphs only and not the whole content.
  14. Auto-refresh the Notes/Journal Split view (Deluxe) in Editor when it is displaying the currently edited content and the Save button is tapped.
  15. Added CSS class for common text colors: orange, brown, yellowgreen, green, bluegreen, blue, violet, purple, pink, gray. Note that red is already available and used for Words of Jesus in Red. This is very useful for module creators so as not to hardcode colors to make the display compatible for different themes. This can also be used in the editor, e.g. %orange This is orange%.
  16. Allowed a space before or after the colon in Bible verse reference, e.g. , which is needed to support RTL tweak so that the chapter and verse will properly be in RTL. Consequently, references in copy/share verse includes a space after the colon for Arabic/Hebrew UI language.
  17. Stretched the UI buttons (bottom and top except the Notes) to fill in the gap in large tablets.
  18. Initial install in ICS or higher with normal size screen now defaults to Dark Holographic Theme.

Bug's Fixed in Version 3.2

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Bookmark force closes in Premium/Deluxe version when there is no entry in the active Journal.
  2. Cursor is invisible in the Editor when in light holographic theme and black background color theme.
  3. Enter Verse Dialog crashes when no text is entered and OK is tapped.
  4. Some force close scenarios reported on Google Play.
  5. Translators' notes popup in Editor's preview bible for Deluxe shows error when a font is selected.
  6. Copy verse range in Editor Split view (Deluxe) can change the current verse to the last verse number selected.
  7. The Prev/Go to top/Next navigation is included in share dictionary, commentary, notes and journal/book entry.
  8. Parallel view in paragraph mode highlights only the first column unless the whole page is reloaded.
  9. Background image is not shown in Search and Preview (search and editor's).
  10. Opening the Editor without split (Deluxe) then changing to landscape with split causes a crash.
  11. Journal Ids and Book titles (which are internally the same as their Ids) with unmatched parentheses, square brackets and curly braces will cause a crash when those topics are selected. E.g. Eder.-History's "17. Jehoiakim..."
  12. Verse Selector highlight is not moving when new book, chapter or verse is selected in Jellybean.

Bugs Fixed in Version 3.1.1

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Sometimes the Bible do not scroll properly to the currently selected verse in Bible link tap, Verse select, Translation selection and History navigation. This more often happens in ICS.
  2. Fresh install does not create the 7 default journals if Sample Journal is downloaded.
  3. First load of Sample Journal shows does not go to the Table of Contents (-TOC).
  4. When all Bibles are selected and sorted alphabetically in Parallel View Arrange screen, Parallel View will not work as the setting is cleared.

What's new in Version 3.1

  1. New Preference: Single tap in Full screen - enable/disable the single tap in full screen to temporarily show the buttons.
  2. Support for Language specific Book names in Bible modules displayed in the Bible view as well as Verse Select screen.
  3. UI localization support using downloadable language module. Currently, the following languages are available for download: Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Tagalog.
  4. Improved book identification in verse link that can be used in manually typed verse link in [[]] or Enter verse dialog (long tap of Verse Selector). Common shortcuts like Lv for Leviticus, Mt for Matthew and so on are added. Also, verse link that is solely book name with space is now properly linked like 2 Kings.
  5. Links with comma are now properly linked like which goes to Mat 4:5 instead of Mat 4:1.
  6. Simple external file link support using http:// and file:// in the editor (links that starts with www. or / are converted into http://www. and file:///, respectively). For file://, Android native file extensions currently supported are: png, gif, jpg and jpeg for image; mp3, ogg and mid for audio; mp4, mpeg and 3gp for video; and others are treated as text/html MIME type. Appropriate applications must be available in the Android device.
  7. Added smcaps CSS style for small caps that can be used in the Editor as well as other modules.
  8. New Bible view button: Bible view preferences - short cut for paragraph mode, words of Jesus in red, show Strong's tags, Morph tags, translators' notes, title and with verse line spacing (Premium version only).
  9. Reference/Translators' notes popup text now follows the zoom level higher than 125% (Normal). It is scrollable for long text.
  10. Insert date, date/time, symbol/special character (Premium feature). Premium shows the symbols in popup up dialog while the Deluxe in split view over the Module preview on the right.
  11. Support for Bible tag <FU><Fu> for underlined (used in Wilbur Pickering New Testament WPNT) and <FO><Fo> for OT quotation (currently only used by KJV and the new KJVLite and must be manually formatted for CSS using style name .ot; you can enter: .ot{font-weight:bold} ).

Bug's Fixed in Version 3.1

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Swipe left/right to go to previous/next page also fires in diagonal swipes which some users had noted. The sensitivity is now limited to 30 degrees or below (with respect to the horizontal) diagonal moves.
  2. Create new Journal does not fire an error if the file already exists causing duplicated entries in the Journal spinner (drop-down list) even though a new journal is not created.
  3. Initial install then download of modules always fail on the Sample journal because of wrong file name. However after restarting MySword the next try will work because the downloaded file list has a correct file name.
  4. Link tap in Deluxe version does not look for similar module type on the right view first but always from left to right.
  5. Highlighting and add/remove Personal verse notes in ICS may not scroll back to the current verse.
  6. There is an unwanted space at the beginning of the table if it was preceded by a list (bullet or number) when loaded to the Editor. This causes the table to be broken when saved.
  7. Problems with Select Modules Path other than the default path:
    • Fresh install cannot use non-default path because MySword 3.0 is still using the default path.
    • MySword cannot run if the default path cannot be created (/sdcard is not writable if the there is no SD Card in some models).
    • Upgrade from MySword 2.4 which used non-default path cannot use that path because MySword 3.0 is still using the default path.
    • Reinstall (uninstall/install) cannot use non-default path because MySword 3.0 is still using the default path.
  8. View settings like navigation positions are not saved sometimes upon exit.
  9. Some force close due to NullPointerException.
  10. Fresh load of MySword then going to a new book for the first time will show there are no entries and suggests to create one. This may also happen when a link to a journal entry is clicked and you switch to a new book.
  11. Fresh install of MySword may create 2 copies each of the 7 default journals, one copy in the journals folder and another in the journalsbig causing "Failed to initialize UI. Invalid location -1, size is 0" in the first run. The latter folder is supposed to be empty. The duplicate only happens if the file system is not FAT32/VFAT and file names are case sensitive (SD Card is normally formatted as FAT324). Succeeding runs will show duplicate entries in the Journal selector.
  12. Reference/Translators' notes popup long text is not scrollable if font is specified.
  13. Reference/Translators' notes with ' (singly quote) are cropped (e.g. NHEB Act 23:9 c, LEB Mat 17:22 2nd + one more, KJV Gen 20:3 + 40 more) while those with % shows Processing failed... (e.g. Mat 1:25 WPNT 2).
  14. There are some remaining Bible or HTML tags in Share verse.
  15. The Journal Id and Dictionary Word selector buttons are too narrow in Holographic Theme for High density screens and a little narrow for QVGA.
  16. Table header text is not visible in Black background because the CSS is hardcoded. It should just follow the Parallel table color.

What's new in Version 3.0

  1. New Preferences:
    • Orientation (Automatic, Portrait or Landscape). Some tablet devices default to Landscape when Auto-rotate screen is disabled but if the user wanted Portrait, the Auto-rotate sometimes is distracting. This preference will select the preferred orientation.
    • Button size (Normal, Larger). The larger will be very useful for tablets like Galaxy Tab 8.9/10.1 especially for people having difficulty with small icons.
    • Honeycomb Theme (Default, Holographic Dark or Holographic Light) for Honeycomb and up tablets. Honeycomb and up tablets now default to Holographic Dark but the user still can change the theme. Galaxy Tab 8.9/10.1 users will be happy to see the UI especially button text to be easily readable. The UI is now better integrated with Honeycomb.
  2. Main screen improvements:
    • Changed the Previous/Next Chapter/Verse buttons on the top from Up/Down to Left/Right arrows to be more intuitive.
    • Split screen where each view can have its own module type (Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, Journal/Book, Notes) which can be in sync or unsync. This is Tablet Deluxe version.
  3. Search screen improvements:
    • Added Go to selected and Scroll Page up/down buttons at the bottom.
    • Split screen with search details and item results on the left pane (MySword 2.0 or lower) and preview of whole Bible chapter and contents for other types on the right. This is Tablet Deluxe version.
  4. Editor improvements:
    • Added unlimited undo/redo capability for the editors (Premium version only). Added undo and redo buttons.
    • Added cut button.
    • Added highlight button that displays the highlight colors that can be used to highlight selected text. This uses the %classname text% MySword textile wiki syntax.
    • Improved the Bold, Italic and Underline button action behavior so that when there is no selection the cursor is placed in between the Wiki tags and not at the end so the user can just type the text he wanted to be emphasized.
    • Split screen where the orginal editor is on the left with a Module viewer on the right (the Premium version Mini Bible viewer is just a Bible viewer but this right pane can display also other module types). This is Tablet Deluxe version.
  5. Reorganized the modules and database paths by moving all the databases to the modules path's specific folder per type: bookmarks.mybible, highlight.mybible and settings.mybible go to mydata folder; versenotes.mybible goes to notes; all bibles formerly on the top folder are moved to bibles folder, books to books folder, commentaries to commentaries folder, dictionaries to dictionaries folder, and journals to journals folder. This will now easily enable easy folder synchronization with Cloud storage servers and thus sync your PC notebook/desktop backup and your Android devices.
  6. Removed the (-)Lite/Full in the Bible Abbreviation copy/share verse.
  7. Added long tap/click Verse Select button for Enter Verse Dialog via keyboard. Spaces are optional for fast entry and you can use dot instead of colon. E.g. ma = Mat 1:1, ma5 = Mat 5:1, ma5.10 = Mat 5:10, 1j = 1 Joh 1:1.
  8. Added two CSS Color Themes: Dark Olive Green preset and Light Golden Rod preset (Premium version only).
  9. Changed the fresh install initial Bible from KJV to whatever can be found first in this list: ISV, NET, NHEB, WEB, BBE, KJVLite, KJV.

What's new in Version 2.4

  1. Added Move to SD Card for Android 2.2 and up.
  2. Select highlight screen improvements.
  3. Share content (Bible verse, verse range, notes, journal entry and other content as well) via Email and SMS (Premium).
  4. Added swipe left column for brightness adjustment and pinch-zoom for font-size adjustment (Premium).
  5. Added Bookmark capabilities for all other module types: Notes, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Journals/Books (Premium).

What's new in Version 2.3

  1. Parallel Bible view (Premium). The non-premium is limited to Chapter 1 only for all books of the Bible as demo.

    Parallel view in portrait mode comparing KJVLite, ISV and NET:

    Parallel portrait

    Parallel view in landscape full screen mode:

    Parallel landscape fullscreen

    Parallel view in portrait full screen mode:

    Parallel portrait fullscreen

    Parallel view in a tablet device comparing ISV, KJV, TR and NET:

    Parallel tablet

  2. You can now just drop the manually downloaded module files (*.mybible.gz or *.zip) into MySword modules path
  3. Adjusted the sensitivity of swipe left/right for navigation
  4. Ability to export all Notes and whole Journals (the ones you created) into HTML (Premium).

What's new in Version 2.2

  1. Color Theme management

    Edit color theme

  2. Four additional Color Theme Presets (Premium).

    Color theme presets

  3. Added What's New under the Help menu.

What's new in Version 2.1

  1. Editor improvements
  2. More shortcut buttons
  3. Initial support for paragraph mode in Bible View (Premium)
  4. Preference for Double tap to toggle Full screen

What's new in Version 2.0

  1. Full-text search (FTS) support for Bible, Commentary, Dictionary and Personal Verse Notes
  2. Initial RTL (right-to-left) support
  3. Journal/Book View. The Journal allows you to create notes not necessarily attached to one verse, instead each entry is a topic.

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