New and updated modules are uploaded today (19 April 2012).

The New English Translation (NET) Bible was updated to correct some issues:

  1. Pro 11:1 missing d in elight (last word).
  2. No space after punctuation: Exo 17:10, Rut 1:8, Rut 1:12, Rut 1:13, 2Sa 22:30, Job 32:11
  3. No space between two words: Jos 4:9, Rut 1:8, Rut 1:19, Hos 10:11, Nah 1:4, Nah 3:8

The following are the new Bible modules uploaded:

  1. English Majority Text Version 2011 Edition (EMTV) - Courtesy of Paul Esposito (
    • The New EMTV Greek Study Bible 2011 Edition based on Majority Text. The Byzantine Majority New Testament is extremely literal. The Majority Text Manuscripts which the KJV, NKJV and MKJV all came from are the time-tested, trusted manuscripts that were all this world knew, for some 1500 years; The manuscripts used by Erasmus, Luther, Calvin, and all the reformers.
  2. The Logos Bible (LOGOS) - Courtesy of Paul Esposito (
    • The Complete Apostles’ Bible (Septuagint O.T. and EMTV N.T.), released here as The Logos Bible. The Logos Bible has many revisions, including restoring the text back to “verse format,” subject headings, and quotation marks for the Old Testament. This combination of Old and New Testaments is the first of its kind, pairing the Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament with the “Majority Text,” which is a text compiled out of all the existing Greek manuscripts (over 5000 have been discovered).
  3. The Open English Bible (Commonwealth Spellings) (OEBcw)
    • A modern translation created by editing the Twentieth Century New Testament translation, and derived from the Greek Wescott-Hort text.
  4. The Open English Bible (US Spellings) (OEBus)
    • A modern translation created by editing the Twentieth Century New Testament translation, and derived from the Greek Wescott-Hort text.
  5. The Twentieth Century New Testament (20cNT)
    • An English translation of the New Testament. Originally published in three parts between 1898 and 1901, it is considered the first translation of the Bible into modern English. After further revisions based on suggestions from readers, the final version was published in 1904.
  6. NBG Polish Bible (NBG) - Courtesy of Slaskie Towarzystwo Biblijne (
  7. FIDELA Biblia în limba română (Fidela)- Courtesy of Dr. Brian J. Nibbe, Sr. (
  8. Serbian Bible translated by Danicic (OT) and Karadzic (NT) in ekavian dialect, Latin script (SRL-DK)
  9. Serbian NT translated by D. Stefanovic, Latin script (SRL-DS)

Please note that the above non-English Bibles (Polish, Romanian and Serbian) also included Bible book names in their native language which will be used by MySword 3.1 (to be released soon) in the Bible view display as well as in the Verse Selector. This is one aspect of localization that will be available in the next version of MySword. The other aspect is the localization of the UI via downloadable language modules.

You may download these Bibles by going to the Download page:

Alternatively, you can also download them directly via MySword running in your Android device. Just go to Menu->More->Download modules. Then select the module type, language (if any), then the modules, and start downloading.

Enjoy reading God's Word!

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