NHEB or New Heart English Bible (all versions) and WEB or World English Bible (all versions) Bibles were updated and uploaded today (3 January 2013). The updates were as of last 29/31 December 2012 for NHEB and 2 January 2013 for WEB.

The following is the complete list of the Bibles updated:

  1. NHEB - New Heart English Bible Standard Edition
    • The goal of this work is to provide a modern and accurate English translation Bible based on the latest standard texts for the public domain.
  2. NHEB-ME - New Heart English Bible Messianic Edition
  3. NHEB-JE - New Heart English Bible Special Edition (Jehovah)
  4. NHEB-YHWH - New Heart English Bible Special Edition (YHWH)
  5. WEB - Word English Bible
    • The World English Bible (including the other editions) is a work in progress. Genesis through 2 Chronicles, Esther through Isaiah, Hosea through Malachi, and the New Testament are essentially done.
  6. WEBME - Word English Bible: Messianic Edition
  7. WEBBE - Word English Bible: British Edition
  8. HNV - Word English Bible: Messianic Edition (The Hebrew Names Version)
    • The Messianic Edition is initially called Hebrew Names Version (HNV). This module is exactly the same as the WEBME and is retained for those who liked the abbreviation HNV.

You may download these Bibles by going to the Download page:

Alternatively, you can also download them directly via MySword running in your Android device. Just go to Menu->More->Download modules. Then select the module type, language (if any), then the modules, and start downloading.

Enjoy reading God's Word!