MySword for Android version 2.1 is now ready for download. Please go to theĀ Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features are:

  1. Editor (Verse Notes and Journal) improvements:
    • Automatically scroll to the end with added new line when you open the editor.
    • Made the volume control up/down used for scrolling up/down the cursor scroll from one line to one full page.
    • Added scroll up and down button besides the Cancel button.
  2. More shortcut buttons:
    • Bible View: additional 2 bookmark buttons increasing the count to 4; 2 translation (favorite Bible) buttons increasing the count to 6.
    • Commentary View: additional 4 favorite commentary buttons increasing the count to 8.
    • Dictionary View: additional 4 favorite commentary buttons increasing the count to 8.
    • Bottom buttons strip: Preferences and Exit buttons.
  3. Initial support for paragraph mode in Bible View (Premium version only).
    • Note that not all Bible modules have paragraph tags. Modules with paragraph tags: ASV, ISV, LEB, KJV, KJVLite, NET, WEB, YLT. Bible modules without paragraph tags are displayed in the original verse mode. To switch to paragraph mode, go to Menu->Preferences->Paragraph mode.
    • It is also possible to use the default paragraph based on KJV for those modules without paragraph tags. Go to Menu->Preferences->Use default paragraph.
  4. Preference for enable/disable Double tap to toggle Full screen. Go to Menu->Preferences->Double tap Full screen toggle.
  5. Replaced the "Go To" menu by Help menu as the former already had better shortcuts. The Help included: Devotional Tips, Daily Use, and FTS Search. More will be added later.

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Default/ordinary (not FTS) search of Non-Premium users are still functional but the highlight became prefix only. So the keyword ear will match hear and learn but they are not highlighted.
  2. Fixed mispositioned new buttons of the Editor in case they were rearranged in the previous MySword version.
  3. Removed the word Toggle in Preference for "Full screen" (it was formerly toggle when it was in the Menu but now it is in the Preferences window with a check box).

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!