New and updated modules are uploaded today (20 August 2011).

The following Bible modules were updated:

  1. New English Translation (NET) - fixed the joined words and punctuators problem and added titles
  2. Coverdale Bible of 1535 - fixed missing verses courtesy of Mark Hawker
  3. Tyndale Bible of 1526 - fixed missing verses courtesy of Mark Hawker

The following are the new Dictionary modules uploaded:

  1. Bridgeway Bible Dictionary - courtesy of Bridgeway Publications (
  2. WordNet 3.0 Complete with hypernyms, hyponyms, etc - Note: very big module (101.4MB installed / 21MB gzipped download)

You may download these by going to the Download page specific to each module type:

Alternatively, you can also download them directly via MySword running in your Android device. Just go to Menu->More->Download modules. Then select the module type, language (if any), then the modules, and start downloading.

Enjoy reading God's Word!