MySword for Android version 2.3.1 is just a bug fix of version 2.3. What was fixed:

  1. Words of Jesus in Red, Translators' notes in green and the Verse Number in black/bold does not show unless you change the Color Theme. New users are affected as well as old users who have not selected a different Color Theme after version 2.2 was installed. If you are seeing the Red letters using version 2.3, then you do not have to install this fix.

Please go to theĀ Download MySword page to download it (or the download directly Market).

The noteworthy new features of MySword 2.3 are:

  1. Parallel Bible view (Premium version only). The non-premium is limited to Chapter 1 only for all books of the Bible as demo.

    Parallel view in portrait mode comparing KJVLite, ISV and NET:

    Parallel portrait

    Parallel view in landscape full screen mode:

    Parallel landscape fullscreen

    Parallel view in portrait full screen mode, smallest font size, single translation (NHEB) showing verse mode on the left and paragraph mode on the right:

    Parallel portrait fullscreen

    Parallel view in a tablet device comparing ISV, KJV, TR and NET:

    Parallel tablet

  2. You can now just drop the manually downloaded module files (*.mybible.gz or *.zip) into MySword modules path (default to /sdcard/mysword) and the modules will be automatically extracted (and the zip files deleted) when you restart MySword.
  3. Adjusted the sensitivity of swipe left/right for navigation so that the minimum distance required is increased by 50%: 113 pixels for QVGA, 150 pixels for HVGA and 225 pixels for VGA. This is roughly around 1/3 of the horizontal screen in portrait mode.
  4. Capability to use an alternate download site for modules.
  5. Added KVJLite (King James Version without Strong's numbers) to the new users' download module list. There are some new users who are not aware that there is a KJV without Strong's numbers.
  6. Ability to export all Notes and whole Journals (the ones you created) into HTML (Premium version only).

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Visual Color Theme Editor do not show the color changes feedback for Heading 1.
  2. Tapping the Create New Journal Entry picture in the Journal content view for new journal without entries yet should not open the Picture Viewer.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!